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Youngbeard's n00b tips (re: mission types)

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2002 8:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

YoungBeard wrote:
  • Scout missions: "Anomaly scans" missions give more XP than transport missions. "Taking picture" missions give more money, but less XP. (Be sure to equip a MODX camera &/or MODX scanner or you'll feel really dumb when you get there.) Try to get ones close to your start or destination station. Avoid the level 2 and 3 missions, they'd have you fly all over creation.

    Anomaly scanning tip: You have to be <200 away from it [AND targeting it] to use the scanner. But the anomaly will damage you if you get closer than 190. So... rather than wasting time precisely flying yourself 191-199 from the anomaly [you must be moving to take more than one scan], just fly right through it at full throttle whilst holding down the Afterburner AND Scan keys [Page 8 of your manual]. You'll be okay! Mission accomplished!

    Picture scanning tip: All you have to be doing is have the mission waypoint targetted and be moving while you hit the snap picture key. (range doesn't matter...just be sure you have MODX camera installed) A camera also enables you to use the ZOOM function. [Page 8 of your manual]

  • Faction mission (Current one for Octavia.): Take one at Great Pillars or Oct Depot for Oct Core. Then get a broker to give you the goods when you get there. I believe the f5 channel is o5fm for the oct one. There should be a broker on duty to help you out/explain things. [ for complete instructions and insight into FactionMissions]

  • non-mission related XP: Beacon flip. Keep a MODX BCU [of your faction's color] on your ship while doing other missions and if you come across a grey one, flip it! Those things give you a lot of exp, and the traders will thank you for the tax break!

  • And of course, there's always fluxing...

There's mining, but that topic's covered pretty well elsewhere in this forum (see " levelling tips" thread for details)

There's patrols, but these REALLY SUCK. why? cause the developers put in a really neat idea that made this mission really challenging, but they didn't increase the reward...making patrols a hi risk/low reward TIMESINK

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2002 3:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, I've been immortalized by Muffy! What an honor. :)

Just a couple nitpicks:

1) If I hold down my 'S'can or 'P'icture key, I get only one Scan or Picture. (It doesn't repeat.) I have to press it repeatedly.

2) The oct size 5 powerplant channel F5 :o5fm is long dead. Check or ask in faction booth (F5 :oct :sol or :qbld) to find out about current faction missions (if any).

Everything else OK. Why do those patrol missions suck so bad? I don't think I've EVER taken one, even in my clueless newbie days...


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