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Automated vet/n00b context reply

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2002 12:23 pm    Post subject: Automated vet/n00b context reply Reply with quote

Originally posted by bai
I know how a newbie thinks, I was one at one point. I will say it again - if a pilot ignores warnings, they accept all consequences of entering that area. Messages don't pop up left and right when playing jumpgate - if one pops up you should READ IT, not just dismiss it immediately. If they "can't comprehend" the simple fact that they MIGHT BE KILLED (I can't remember exactly what the warning message says, if it doesn't mention explicitly that you may be killed then it needs updating) if they go there, and they aren't willing to interact with their fellow pilots and ask about the dangers of unregulated space, they're probably not the kind of pilots we want flying around in our galaxy.
that's exactly the attitude that this forum is infamous for. you know how many pilots DON'T come here to lurk even? A hell of a lot more because of statements like that, mister. (you're also on F5:help alot too, aren't you? that would explain the kind of scenario i saw MANY TIMES:)
N00b: help
someone: blah blah and then that loser MS spammed me yadda yadda
somedude: HAHAHHA
N00b: someone just griefed me
Speak of the devil: I did not. griefing is jumpgate is impossible because .....rules lawyer speel...
N00b: ? dude. you shot me and i didn't even know your name before now. why did you grief me?
Speak of the devil: stfu and RTFM!
N00b: what does stfu and RTFM mean?
someone roflmao!
somedude: HAHAHHA
I've seen 25 peepz online. i've seen how desperate the Dev's get. i've also seen the type of folk they listen to...i have no hope they'll reverse this. in fact, i'm pretty certain they dismiss me offhand as a wynar. (good linkbot, but that's about it)
Originally posted by bai
eh, it's not a single player game. Either they participate in the community or they try to seperate themselves from it. I'd rather see them participate. Your hypothetical newb is exactly the type of player people dislike when they grow older - one who takes actions without considering the possible outcome or effect it could have on others.
participate? participate in what? you won't believe how many n00bs don't ask the same questions the braver one's do because they've SEEN the ridicule that's bestowed upon them by condescending schmucks on F5:help who'd rather spam away about confusing issues and wait to suck up to the random GM that pops in to get his/her ego stroked.

community? what community? they're too busy trying to not crash into random things that jump at them and figuring out what there is to do and how to do it than RTFM and STFU.

You don't get it, do you? you know that 90% of the MMOG "community" doesn't usual bother RTFM because they'd much rather learn handson with someone helping them on the IRC chat thingie - THAT'S COMMUNITY. (unfortunately, you seem to be under the impression a n00b absorbs information in excess of his current question)
    let me repeat that.

a n00b personifies the statement:
Answer what's asked - therefore they will not understand even a blatant popup (because they misunderstand what they cannot comprehend becuase they have zero experience)
and you know what? that mutual admiration society on F5:help that prides itself in doing so actually goes exactly like this:
n00b: there's levelling in this game?
somedude: yeah
n00b: okay, i want to buy something. what's the best way to make money?
elitist: ask for a handout
somedude: fluxxing, cargo, mining pure, rad, semis
(n00b shuts up cause even if he doesn't understand the second reply, he knows BOTH were condescending as hell)
did i mention most new people quit within the time it takes to realize the PvPveterans on help forget they think a "little" differently than your average MMOG customer)
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