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SOLs versus QDA (with guest appearance by the preacherman)

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2002 5:55 pm    Post subject: SOLs versus QDA (with guest appearance by the preacherman) Reply with quote

ND general forum FLAME WAR [Reference0128]
I'll spare you the agony of reading stuff like "j00 f@gg0t 1 r @$$ r@pp0rz y3r mUM" "did not" "did to" etc...and post the relevant parts that shed light on what the hell's really going on here:
(this will pretty much look like a carbon copy of my earlier parody)
  • Rottweiler: petulant demand.
  • Ex-DSA: Thumps bible!
  • PandionKnights: "Heretic!"
  • Ex-DSA: Technobabble; continues thumping bible
  • AQMjr wrote:
    So if I'm to understand this correctly, if one person uses a station to civ rip from, it is ok to strip that station, thus hurting all the pilots that use it? I just want to make sure I get this, as I head to Wake in my tow.

  • AQM*: Nihilistic masturbation
  • AQM: Counts some beans
  • Ex-DSA: Long sermon and righteous spittle doth spew.
  • AQM: The black pot calls the kettle out
  • AQMjr: Impeccable logic spoken from side of mouth.
  • Rottweiler: Starts rolling a boulder down a hill wearing a santa costume
  • Ex-DSA: pound pound
  • AQM: jumps into phone booth and voila! another santa starts rolling that boulder
  • DSA: sticks head into thread, wags finger and funny enough is just happening to be wearing a santa suit too.
  • AQM: throws eggs at the preacherman
  • AQMjr: "yeah, boss! good throw!"
  • Rottweiler: starts having fun rolling the boulder.
  • IONinsheepsclothing: when i was yer age...
  • Rottweiler: stfu grandpa
  • Ex-DSA: starts ranting about shoe size
  • Sheep: Baaah!
  • AQM: throws black pots at kettle
  • Ex-DSA: "sticks and stones may break my bones..."
  • LawnMower: big phat raspberry
  • AQM: first reference made to *RL* and the first semantic clarification
  • Rottweiler: HAHAHA
  • =EoR=: Second use of Impeccable logic spoken from side of mouth; second use of a *RL* reference; first edit mark
  • LawnMower: another raspberry
  • DSA: surprisingly, mr.righteous is still here and still in that santa suit
  • LawnMower: Semantic counter-clarification
  • TheGang: Startling break from character into Llama-dom
  • AQM: Semantic counter-counter-clarification (hence forth known as SCCC)
  • LawnMower: SCCC
  • PrideofSoria: blows this big phat balloon
  • AQMjr: *pop*
  • LawnMower: trys jumping OFF the current SCCC bandwagon but misses
  • LawnMower: if at first you don't succeed to fail...pretend to try again...then give up cause no one buys the act.
  • (SOL)Navy: Apologizes for being late and makes up for it with pr0n. (first use of highly edited chat log)
  • DSA: denies wearing a santa suit; denies fact he's in thread
  • (SOL)Navy: MORE PR0N!!! (second use of highly edited chat log)
  • AQM: SCCC with feeling this time.
  • =EoR=: first use of a german swear word, "scheisse kopf" (see dictionary)
  • AQM: This SCCC session will henceforth be known as BDSM
  • PandionKnights: drops his pants and places a curler on the pulpit
  • LawnMower: BDSM - also first use of edited fu<b></b>ck!
  • AQMjr: BDSM - gets weirded out by the kinky semantic session...starts putting on latex; first use of subject line - first use of flame in subject line (combo bonus point!)
  • AQM: BDSM - "whip me beat me make me count to 10"
  • LawnMower: BDSM - *cracks whip*
  • Ex-DSA: pound pound pound pound...rails against the lascivious pu...."WTF? there's fucking shit on my goddamned hand!"
  • Random Oct: *munches on some baby bits*
  • LawnMower: *crack*
  • LawnMower: *CRACK*
  • =EoR=: semantic clarification (compared to earlier semantic plot twist this guy looks positively virgin)
  • LawnMower: semantic counter-clarification (ie. he tongues the virgin)
  • Carebear: Completely clueless n00b complaint about pvp rules in unreg (first use of eyesore signature; first use of color - combo bonus, i think not)
  • =EoR=: turns the second semantic session into a menage au trois
  • =EoR=: anal probes the carebear
  • AQM*: continues to nihilistically masturbate
  • AQMjr: Someone from the first semantic session gets in on the second...will this be an orgy?
  • Yggdrasil wrote:
    Most people seem do be missing the point. The point is Not how many noobs this and that pilot has downed.
    The point is: If you think a noob-rip justifies stripping an entire station, don't even dare to whine when you get stripped.

    With RangerW's logic, Wake should be stripped clean once for every two noobs that has been ripped by pilots stationed at Wake. Anyone want to keep count? If that's the kind of game you want to play, you're on. Reap what you sow, Solrain.

  • AQM: squeals at being whipped; manages to turn the carebear anal probe into full on gangbang
  • Yggdrasil: second semantic session will henceforth be known as Orgy
  • PandionKnight: clueless statement about the hype surrounding n00b ganking propaganda in current affairs (duh! no more disco-king flame bait to use - use of n00b gank/station strip excuses increase in proportion to loss of disco-king excuse)
  • Ex-DSA: tries to wipe the shit off his hand
  • space monkey: "Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who"
  • CareBear: "all pvpers are evil newbie rippers who never help people!!!!" (thanks to Bai for that paraphrase)
  • Ex-Gargamel: wanders in and goes completely offtopic...then oogles the orgies going on
  • AQMjr: glares at the newcumer
  • DSA: another santa-suit-wearing-boulder-pushing-freak jumps into thread
  • PandionKnight: The devil himself makes an appearance. *the crowd goes wild* (funny enough, his negative PR is suspiciously absent from the statement he makes; luckily devils don't have noses, so he gets away with it)
  • PandionKnight: punches the preacher in the mouth
  • Pride of Soria: Not learning anything from last time, he blows a new balloon
  • =EoR=: w00t! *pop* "teletubbie again again!"
  • OEC: HAHAHAAAA "buncha amateurs!"
  • Ex-DSA: Preacher man, using his shitty hand, returns the favor to the Pandionknight - "eat shit and die!!!" - then calmly adjusts collar and pounds the pulpit again, spraying shit everywhere.
  • PandionKnight: tries to wash his mouth out with soap
  • Pride of Soria: curiously aroused by popped balloons, this guy blows another one up *huff *huff*
  • AQMjr: starts licking up all the shit
  • Ex-DSA: "thanks for cleaning up, dude!" (hints he's also full of shit now)
  • DragonIce: Wanders in and beams with pride over his squad's GHEY name.
  • DSA: finally admits he's actually wearing a santa suit and joins in on the boulder rolling fun
  • RedGuard: says something OT that we're not reaaaaally sure isn't an insult.
  • DSA: Wanders in and beams with pride over his Avatar's GHEY pic
  • PandionKnight: "FAG!"
  • LawnMower: "Hey! I resemble that remark!"
  • =EoR=: tries a sneaky hint at the fact that the n00b gank really wasn't (bets are off as to whether everyone soundly ignores this sobering thought)
  • Cataclyme: "OMG GG FAGS! UNF UNF!"
  • Rottweiler: *POP* roflmao
  • DSA: first usage of the word "SCALE" (though not the first time someone's misused it)
  • Rottweiler: first use of a royofCA reference - aimed at the suspicously clean preacherman. (bonus points for correctly matching context)
  • RedGuard: PilotStat's lead anchorman makes a guest appearance and makes a *RL* reference, a sexist one too. oooooooo...then he does that tired, cliched news piece about local pets. (ducks in this case)...follows it up with another *RL* reference (worldwar1 ??)...snubs his nose at the stunned audience and then exits stage left
  • AQM: preemptive strike at next balloon
  • Rottweiler: "Want some candy?"
  • PandionKnight: Holds his breath cause noone's paying any attention
  • Rottweiler: "Want some candy?"
  • PandionKnight: "ooooooo candy!! yummy!"
  • DSA: "hey! that's my candy! gimmie gimmie!"
  • PandionKnight: "Gimmie gimmie never gets!"
  • DSA: third session of semantic clarification begins
  • AQM: camera pans back towards the BDSM session. *spank spank spank*
  • PandionKnight: first use of outsourced quote (UMEC classified)
  • OSC*: ...speak of the devil...
  • Newbie: completely misses the fact the ripped n00bs were of an opposing squad. A squad at war with the ripper's squad...(bets are off whether people pay any attention to mr.gullible)
  • DSA: gets in on the third semantic session...will this be a true menage au trois?
  • Pride of Soria: *pop* after his third balloon bursts, people start figuring he's using that to mask his heavy breathing. *huff *Huff*
  • DSA: threatens to shoot somebody, but we're not sure who
  • DSA: makes a cryptic comments about roids, humping and voyeurism
  • DSA: "Hi 5, d00d! k3wl! lolololol!!!!1"
  • AQM: "fuck the Orgy! give me more balloons to pop, bizsnatch!"
  • Independent: first completely clueless rant about altruism
  • RedGuard: finally, someone actually starts a ©*Flame War™
  • (SOL)Navy: cowardly takes advantage of clueless independent dude to pimp more ghey ass propaganda.
  • DSA: jumps on that bandwagon faster than you can say "DITTO!"
  • (SOL)Navy: Having psyched himself up, tackles the ©*Flame War™ by ignoring the fact the "victims" were were IN a squad war. (and thus missing an opportunity to nip the real flame war in the bud; but bets were off on that happening. lol)
  • Ex-DSA: joins in the ©*Flame War™ (also ignoring the irony of the squad connection for BOTH "victims") and pounds his spotless pulpit.
  • OEC wrote:
    The situation does not look that bad when viewed by an outsider: Chlorman rips two noobs that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rangerw is pissed, however deals with an in game situation in game, taking equip from KH (no matter how low a tactic it is, it IS within game limits, and carries considerable risk to pull off). However some people can't deal with Ranger's actions in game apperantly and decide to post "DSA is stripping waaaaah". It is when you take an in game thing to the boards that things get nasty and personal.

    As for the noobs? They're both in Sol Navy now, and probably had their most exciting day of Jumpgate, and probably they would want to take revenge on Chlorman.

    Conflict is what makes this game exciting. Cheers.
  • Ex-DSA: pound pound pound! "repent! the end is nigh!"
  • AQMjr: *burps shit all over (SOL)Navy*
  • =EoR=: first peacemaking overture
  • (SOL)Navy: magically the shit rebounds, "Right back atcha!"
  • OEC: first reference to the Disco fix patch...(the end of the flame war is in sight after it just began in earnest)
  • TRIClassified: first use of inactive account to post anonymously. (attempted hijacking of thread into full on "griefer" blame game)
  • Yggdrasil: slam dunks stupid anonymous ploy (glares at the Orgy participants who make themselves scarce)
  • (SOL)Navy: gangbang on the shitlicker
  • The Drakhai: makes this abstract post that's so surreal, it's mindboggling.
  • AQMjr: happy as a pig in...
  • TRIClassified: sticks foot in mouth so severely, one wonders if he's in want of a boot
  • PandionKnights: beats the stuffing out of the preacherman with a boot (i was gonna say shit, but there's none, right?)
  • Pride of Soria: *huff *huff*
  • TRIClassified: grabs some rusty nails and tries to make a pin cushion.
The thread died because it's pretty obvious fighting a flame war with a 2nd account is equivalent to roleplaying a flame war in FanFiction forum...and every hardcore pvper gets turned off that idea.

Last edited by MajorFreak on Wed Oct 30, 2002 8:01 am; edited 4 times in total
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US Advisor
US Advisor

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2002 7:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Muffy, every time I read one of these synopses you make, I can't help giggling uncontrolably the whole time. They're amusing, they're witty, and they're so true to life - both JG and other RL conventions of morons.

Keep writing! :)
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2002 8:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hehe...thx. it'll probably be argued that the "victims" weren't (SOL)Navy when attacked, but that's gotta take alot of Chutzpah to say.
    plausible deniability went out the window the minute they joined up, not the other way around...but, i never bought that line in the first place. lol.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2002 10:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

MajorFreak wrote:
hehe...thx. it'll probably be argued that the "victims" weren't (SOL)Navy when attacked, but that's gotta take alot of Chutzpah to say.
    plausible deniability went out the window the minute they joined up, not the other way around...but, i never bought that line in the first place. lol.

There is no arguement... being podded by Chlorman created to life long enemies out of dedsquirrel and alphabet, who happen to be RL friends - these events lead them to join Navy after the fact.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2002 6:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

*shrug* ah well, the intrigue adds a bit of depth to the tale. I guess it's total coincidence you two joined (SOL)Navy within 24hrs.
Machiavelli wrote:
Revenge is a dish best served cold
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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2002 8:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wheewww!!! spin :eyespin:

I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. Almost got hickups! lol
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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2002 11:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I hurt myself.
too funny.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2002 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Priceless, Muffy. lol

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2002 2:22 am    Post subject: This is great stuff! Reply with quote

Muffy, this is priceless!!!

I see you quoted Nemy. :)
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