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BountyHunters 101

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2003 11:19 pm    Post subject: BountyHunters 101 Reply with quote

hey folks! limited data on bountyhunting because i'm really not sure about the mechanics of rewards (what one collects/sees of a bounty is different for everyone depending on many variables)
    even heard a rumour of an old (chronic, never fixed?) exploit of hundreds of millions of credits made...probably one of those rollback times just after patch
anyways, how to be a bountyhunter is pretty straight forward and any dimwit rookie knows how to exploit the "vigilante" culture we've had since beta6. What i'm posting below is a "what not to do" when wooping it up vigilante style...
FatalShadows squadie wrote:
Shocking news....
looks like support really doesnt give a flying turd, what is happening with PIErat(es) atm. This happened to me a week ago...still no reaction from our beloved GMs....
Incubus wrote:
dude what is your problem? I will fix jossh this weekend and Fatal Shadows will be added to the war list. I know you won`t accept but here are some reasons (ic wise, not all the ooc reasons i _could_ have)
  • Civ ountyhunting (hm yeah 5 fighter, 1 TOW, all civ)
  • Donīt think you can use empty tow to hunt our pilots and if you fail you dock and load some comods and itīs griefing, forget it.
  • Spying
  • Active pirate hunting (even in civ)
  • forming temp. alliances with other squads to hunt us
That makes you as active in pirate hunting as EVIDENCE and JG-Police and those squads decleared war on us (of course, its their RP). we have the right to defend us.

of course, for devil's advocate, that PoD as dialogue for an excuse to assassinate an enemy is pretty shabby excuse for RP...I'm not painting pirates in a good OOC light at all here, and i'm damned sure this is routine "good roleplay LOLOLOL!!!11"...*shrug* until /give is removed and "self-defense" coded neither pirates nor vigilante scum will get anything more than a kick in the teeth both.
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