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350k Instigator boost (re: patch'52)

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 6:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

8,200k output is above my stated requirements. The fact they've thrown in a cheaper 7,000 powerplant just blows my mind.

First off, you've got to realize the new instigator DOESN'T give just 350k calc in the pint's 96% efficiency and the 2551k before capacitor. you do the math. (for the impatient, that works out to 336k/sec EXTRA)

2449k surplus after capacitor will power two shark lasers at full fire rate (owing to game engine idiosyncrasies)...unfortunately, two thorns will eat through a pint's capacitor charge fast.

I expect a FEW phoon pilots will grow a brain real f*ckin fast and slot 2sharks/2thorns (damage per second differential is only 81% for shark compared to thorn)

though, i'm sure most of you combat jockeys won't care and simply like the fact you'll get an improved full thrust fire rate and a marginal decrease on throttling down. (4 thorns forced a pre-'52 phoon with guzzies and instig to cut throttle by 86% to get full fire you need to cut by 80%)

That's a ~8% decrease in our throttle down HANDICAP
so bloody sorry the cost wasn't decreased, but life's an Abyss and then you dive. (ie. forget the damned pink elephants, they won't go away - we need a damned handicap, cause a cheap/fast/firefullthrottle ship would be f*ckin UBER)

EDIT: f*ckin typos

EDIT EDIT: ewwwwww...note to self: learn grade3 math

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