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Automated reply to Innominate

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2001 12:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Regarding: "Generic Factions"
Yah know, i hate to say this, but whoever thinks that octavia won't mount the same kind of BS whining Innominate succeeded at is gotta be smoking some baaaaad shit. (I'd like to see the octavians go off. i'm sick of all the crap they have to endure and not even an official storyline about the lousy equipment.)

I say they have a revolt and make nasty "TRI corruption" storylines and roleplay the hell out of it. (oh wait, their ships suck...well, maybe have a simulator riot! yeah! that's the only place octavians stand a chance)

pffffffffft! I dunno when the dev's had it in for this game. maybe they hate it after so many years and wanna take it out on us? And don't you love that BS innominate's pimping about the Octavian's not really being the "warrior" faction? hahahahaaaaaaa (oh right, they are "explorers" now...uhm. k. that makes total sense! i'll go over to ARES F*CKING PRIME and instruct those baby eaters on how to map a sector...riiiiiiiight)

*Muffy starts to wheeze after ranting so much* *pant* *pant* *passes out*
Octavian homeworld = Ares Prime
Ares = God of War.

Nuff said.

Thraawn of Quantar
The octs being the warrior faction 01
The octs being the warrior faction 02

Devil's Advocate
The octs being the explorer faction 01
The octs being the explorer faction 02
(The dev's once promised that the octavians would be the new "explorer" faction, but all they got was this stupid peregrine T-shirt)

Amateur intel officer
Professional Troll

Warchest trophy; innominate's dead thread
Muffy flames Innominate again

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2002 7:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Regarding the UBERtens "fix" ideas
Originally posted by ND Jumpgate Team
Please give your thoughts on the new ship changes here as it became a bit too hectic addressing them all online :smile:
I'll only say this once. If innominate gets away with bamboozling this entire BS forum and convinces you guys to change stuff that doesn't need changing, i'll laff my head off.
  1. Intensity WAS uber to begin with since release without the damned patch41 dragfactor decrease
  2. We Quantars did not ask for PowerPlant4, yet you gave us one. why? The only logical conclusion was to offset the Ten's speed boost
  3. When you took away the phoon'sPP you forgot to take away the tens' dF bonus
  4. Innominate knows full well he's gotten away with murder here. I shit you not, the Tens is still uber, and within a week people are gonna stop sucking c*#% and realize we're back at square one - with or without innom's "brilliant" idea.
Do you forum members realize what's going to happen when everyone figures out how f&^%^ screwed the intensity will be if ND codes his "brilliant suggestion to fix everything"?? (All he wants is to keep his new top speed. period.)

The Phoon has a 3% speed advantage and a crippling powerproblem that's 63% of the ten's power (68% with inno's "brilliant idea") which gives it's extra size3gun slot absolutely no advantage in pursuit WHAT SO EVER.

Innominate. I have not bitched about ship balance to this date, but i'm warning you i'm gonna seriously lose it if you continue to pimp your UBERtens, your "point and click" aiming fix, and your pedantic CONDESCENDING instigator pablum. (there's no way in hell you'd let the tens have a size3ppslot for more than a millisecond before you do a 180)
    Though i'm sure i don't matter worth $%#$% cause i have no kills. and ND listens to people with hundreds of kills, right inno?
Original thread here

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2002 11:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

*deleted rant*

  1. Innominate loves generic factions and generic ship types and generic equipment. I'm tired of dealing with the guy. he's a freakin broken "generic stuff" record.
  2. Hey, innom. can you tell me the story about how the phoon's patch41's "size4 pp bug" almost ruined the day? That's a nice bedtime story.
  3. Oh, before i forget to ask, tell me again how the UBER tensity was balanced in any way shape or form with the Phoon simply by giving phoon size3 cap? (i'm sure i'll be fascinated with a link to your suggestions to nerf the Ten's powerplant. Really. i'm all ears how serious you were about nerfing)
  4. Hey, innom. can you tell me the story about how the old old 20th century Intensity's size4 engines were so UBER they needed a nerf (and who were the people who bitched the most to keep them?)
  5. And tell me how player roleplaying has ANYTHING to do with ship balance?
  6. OH OH! and lastly, what has NetDevil's distinct factions have ANYTHING to do with player roleplaying????????
Maybe you're about to get into a rant about how ships don't kill people. pilots do. And anyone unskilled at pvp should STFU?

Original Thread here
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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2002 9:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Loxly wrote:
Luke wrote:
Vagrant logoff 04-29 19:00
TTelephone logon 04-29 19:00

TTelephone logoff 04-29 19:10
Vagrant logon 04-29 19:10

TTelephone logoff 04-30 16:20
Vagrant logon 04-30 16:30

Vagrant logoff 05-02 17:50
TTelephone logon 05-02 17:50

This is data from just 4 days. Amazing set of coincidences considering the very small time frame isn't it? After that the tracker was made public and also how to fool it, surely enough here is a rather pathetic attempt to do it:

Vagrant logon 05-03 09:20
TTelephone logon 05-03 10:10
Vagrant logoff 05-03 10:20
TTelephone logoff 05-03 10:40

Unless Innominate doctored the data (which doesn't appear to be the case since several other second accounts confirmed data is correct and my own login and logout times appear correct as well) you are either lying or are a victim of a VERY VERY improbable coincidence. I'm leaning towards the lying version :smile:

amazingly stupid yet good at PvP Luke

LOL Its really hard to find logon time coincidences, since innom's system seems to round times off to the tens.

TTelephone logoff 0 05-03 10:40
ravenhart logon 1 05-03 11:30
ravenhart logoff 0 05-03 14:50
TTelephone logon 1 05-03 15:00
TTelephone logoff 0 05-03 15:10
ravenhart logon 1 05-03 15:10
TTelephone logon 1 05-03 15:50
ravenhart logoff 0 05-03 15:50

or how about

TTelephone logoff 0 04-30 16:20
Jaraz logon 1 04-30 16:20

Jaraz logoff 0 05-02 17:40
TTelephone logon 1 05-02 17:50

not to mention

Albo logoff 0 04-29 19:00
TTelephone logon 1 04-29 19:00

Albo logoff 0 04-30 15:20
TTelephone logon 1 04-30 15:40

Albo logoff 0 04-30 21:00
TTelephone logon 1 04-30 21:20

And the "specifically done to fool innos tracker trick"
Albo logon 1 04-30 21:30
TTelephone logon 2 04-30 21:40
Albo logoff 1 04-30 21:50
TTelephone logoff 0 04-30 22:40

But wait theres more!
Albo logoff 0 05-02 17:50
TTelephone logon 1 05-02 17:50

Albo logoff 0 05-02 21:40
TTelephone logon 1 05-02 21:40

Albo logoff 1 05-03 16:22
TTelephone logoff 0 05-03 16:22
*look that one has purty details*

have i made my point yet?

EDIT: Pretty Confident, well guess what, the PRICE IS WRONG LUKE!
incredibly fascinating stuff. Hmmm...Well, i checked that site out and played around a bit with "MajorFreak" stuff, but really didn't get Like Loxly pointed out, that program's nothing more than a hysteria's very own flame bait generator.

PJG general forum thread
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US Advisor
US Advisor

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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2002 7:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Does this mean I can flame Innom to my heart's content now? He certainly needs it.
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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2002 11:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

gee...i dunno. never stopped me from getting on his KOS list.
    the funny thing is i tend to switch to HG &/or fly in unreg when someone's publicly got me on their KOS list...i don't disco either (and i have a a SOLID reputation of not hiding being 2nd accounts and forum pseudonyms)...and yeah, i tend to get ganked
*shrug* They never press the point because i'm so damned honorable. (plus the fact i try not to fight. that excites them)

You know what happens? after a while they just cruise by my HG ship without engaging, that's when i switch back to Civ.

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