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[EU] OPGhost on bans (pjg forum)

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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2002 6:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OPGhost wrote:
Expecially sins i got banned for harassing poeple. Wich i did not except for the ones not bein able to understand that some of us just want to talk dutch from time to time and not lose sight of whats going on in :eng
Its simple, if I was on and you were talking dutch, you are being as disruptive to the players speaking in :eng as it would be for the german players to flood that channel with germanand vice versa. The german players all stay in :ger and those who can speak both languages and come into :eng have the decency to speak English. Its a multilingual server so it just takes the slightest ounce of common sense to realise that everyone doesn't speak the same language. You can speak English, so the fact you were speaking Dutch was just an example of your ignorance and proof of your attempts to be disruptive to those who can only speak english.

Bans fly arround faster then ever these days.
No, bans are now being distributed where a ban is due. It wasn't always enforced but now MG have got a bigger and more active OP and GM team, people are now surprised that they aren't getting away with breaking the rules.

And yes a op is volantary but that does not mean that i have to listen to him all the time.
So would you have listened to a GM if he had asked you? Yes, an OP might be voluntary. I love this game and I put a fair bit of work into it and the community, but we are also there to enforce the rules and keep peace on the server. What you are effectively saying is that an OP should have no ability to moderate which is just a crazy suggestion. Us OP's work hard at making Jumpgate a fun experience for all and when someone thinks they can do what they feel like on the server and ignore the requests of the OP's or GM's then they have an attitude problem. Most people have the decency to respect the language ettiquette on the channels. I suggest instead of leaving the game, you exercise a little more restraint and stick to the language of the channel you are in and you wont be bothered by the OP's or GM's any more.
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