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Automated Cross-Teaming reply

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2002 8:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Originally posted by Mr_Scary
I think it would be a good idea if Solrain squads support Solrain.. Oct squads support Oct and Quant squads supporting Quant.

I mean whats the point of having Factions if its a Cross breed.

Multifaction squads should be considered Either a Pirate faction with no priviledges of there default home factions - Sol / Quant or Oct.

- There has been times when you have to figure if a Sol pilot with no Squad tag is your Enemy or Not. I think this has to be dealth in someway..

Does Faction Pride mean anything? :smile:
Originally posted by CatzCradle
What you are proposing is a fundamental change to the way some people play. We are not a PvP squad. We are multifactional to

a. make it easier to refit other factions equipment.
b. allow the members of our community decide what faction they want to play. Or to switch, but to always be part of the squad.

We transcent 8 differerent gaming worlds, and our pilots have bonds that far outweigh a Jumpgate Faction
Originally posted by GM_Savant
Personally, I like the freedom that's currently in place. It allows for everyone to roleplay and be a part of whatever squad they want. If you want to create a faction-only squad, then you have the full rights to, as it should be... I don't see why restricting your options for people to fly with would be a good thing.
I totally agree with the above two quotes...Besides, simply restricting squads to single factions will not answer the issues Mr.Scary brought up
  1. Cross-Teaming (useful factional bonuses)
  2. Generic ship gear (exclusive factional gear)
  3. Faction warfare (political atmosphere sliders that mean something)
  4. Factional pride (versus the TRI 'Reconstruction Initiative')
There was a time in our past that an exile (mostly) solrain squad FatJawBadness was forced out of Solrain space by the old Solraid Guard...they first set up shop at EveningEnd (very short lived, but memorable to my n00b mind)...They then proceeded to be THE DRIVING FORCE behind F5:qbld
    Anyone remember Unver? i still have a ministatue of him in my cockpit to honor Quantar's first and greatest Broker
Lest we forget

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