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GM_Josh on the recent Economy server side fix

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2002 11:48 am    Post subject: GM_Josh on the recent Economy server side fix Reply with quote

Economy Changes Made 3-29-02
GM_Josh announces a server side fix that will impact the economy.
    Economy Changes Made 3-29-02
  1. All commodities sold to a station are now placed into a backup inventory which the station will use to produce new items that consume those commodities.

  2. The reboot was just for maintainance, however I decided to make the economy change at the last minute since I had time.

    What happens now is that any commodity that you sell to a station is placed in a backup inventory that only the station can use to make equipment (and composite commodities).

    What used to happen is that when you sold a commodity it would just put it in the market, which allowed players to control the supply and demand of certain commodities to make outrageous amounts of money.

  3. The backup inventories for stations will be available soon on the web site, but not in the game.

    Backup inventories do not directly affect the price of an item.

    No equipment is ever and cannot be placed into the backup inventory.

    Stations naturally produce certain base commodities so the commodities production center would be a good place to look for FM cargo.

    This change was not 'willy nilly' and has been planned for some time.

    Also as for losing our credibility, as I posted earlier in this thread the server reboot was done for unrelated reasons and I decided that it would be a good opportunity to get a planned change done.
and you can find the classified UMEC thread here

NEWS FLASH!!! The above was reversed almost immediately.

JOSSH 4-10-2002 wrote:

All stockpiles of items in the market are now subject to decay if the stockpiles are large enough. If a station has over 500 units of one commodity or over 5000 units of a single type of equipment the stockpile will begin to decay. The rate of decay is 1% of the stockpile per hour.

When commodities are sold to a station, the station will now keep any commodities that it has a demand for and place them in backup inventory. Items that are not in demand will be placed into the regular market and are immediately available for purchase.

A station will have demand for a commodity if the station needs to produce anything made from that commodity and does not already have the needed commodities in backup inventory.
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