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PJG voting booth (re: squad warfare tools)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2002 7:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Should squads be allowed to set a "war state" with eachother to fight w/o regards to Civ or HG tags?"
A bit unclear on what having this function will achieve. Surely if you feel this strongly about being in a state of "permawar" then under the current system you will never leave station without your HG tags on. The only difference under the new system is that your enemies will be forced to wear HG tags all the time as well (or something similar), except they wont. As the declaration of war will have to be a mutual thing (I dont believe anyone is proposing that it should be unilateral) then if your enemy doesnt want to be wearing HG tags all the time he simply doesnt declare war. When he is looking for a fight, he just flips his HG tags as per normal. In effect then, all you appear to be doing by implementing this is forcing your own squad to wear HG tags all the time, whilst allowing your enemy to do as he chooses (in one scenario presented above).

I also notice a number of statements to the effect of "Its war..tough". Not terribly realistic, practical or fair really. Speaking for my own squad, most of the experienced pilots are in their mid twenties or older, have day jobs, families and other commitements. We get on when we can, but in many cases this is not as often as we like. Are you seriously proposing that we effectively make the squad untenable for our younger and newer members by placing ourselves in a situation where they can get shot at all the time, and we are unable to provide protection due to Real Life (thats the one thats more important than Jumpgate for those of you who have forgotten) issues. The only squads I can think of that we would possibly consider going to war with are the ones that civ rip our newbies wherever and whenever they can, and then hide behind civ status when the rest of the squad catches up with them. And I strongly suspect that the last thing any of those squads would do is agree to something that would take away that protection.

At the end of the day, I suppose the implementation of this sort of thing isnt going to make that much difference to us. As Souleater said, we just wont declare war on anyone. Not because we are afraid of any squad out there, but because the system is unworkable for Quantar's Sword. I guess I just dont see the point in it for other squads. It doesnt seem to be achieving anything more than can currently be achieved by use of HG tags.

Hot damn. that about sums it up.
Pimping my Squad diplomatics
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