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Solrain levelling tips (probably obsolete)

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2002 10:40 am    Post subject: Solrain levelling tips (probably obsolete) Reply with quote

disclaimer: before gallivanting about the TRI universe make sure you've read this n00b primer (click me)

note: all links to JOSSH are to the US server, so if you're from the EU server please remember that most of the info is the same. (here's the link to MG's JOSSH)

Solrain Recruit Training
Solrain's culture emphasizes cold, business-like efficiency. As a result, teamwork is usually highly organized but less than 100% loyal. Join Solrain if you like taking care of business with like-minded associates.
- 5000 credits signing bonus
- extended cargo
- better shielding

  1. Choose a transport mission to Solrain Depot Station.
    (left click on mission tab in the command module, you'll see a scrollable destination list, scroll down and click on solrain depot station, then click on transport mission and finally, click "ACCEPT"...You will see this window confirming your choice of mission.
  2. Buy some water from market (placed into inventory on purchase) by left clicking on market tab in the command module, left click on commodities section and scroll down to find water, left click on the water icon in the commodities section, adjust amount to 3.0, then click "ACCEPT" to complete transaction...
  3. you'll see your Water next to your mission cargo in your inventory.
  4. After mission and merchant cargo, you'll open up the map to manually set your waypoints to your destination by left clicking on "Narrow Canel" and "Tranquillus Minor" as shown in this example, here. (you'll need to reset this every trip, since they are temporary and disappear if you quit the game or enter a waypoint sector.)
  5. Now launch!

    As soon as you leave Solrain Core you might want to take some time to sightsee (it's a beautiful station) before you head for your first waypoint ("Narrow Canel").
  6. A few points to remember: a) You need to toggle [F5] function key in order to type a sentence in the help chat booth. (You must repeat that command each time you want to talk, unlike sitting in station; Also you might want to read up on communications at JOSSH.)
    b) Your ability to target and orient towards objects (excluding asteroids, for now) is dependent on your [T] & [Y] or [mouse scroll wheel] or [JoystickButtons 4 & 5] for "radar tgt cycling" (if you're unfortunate enough to use a mouse with no scroll wheel &/or middle button, i'd suggest either using a custom control setup, or modifying "target next/previous" and "zoom" using the options panels)
  7. utilizing a jumpgate: Rule #1 of n00bs - a jumpgate swirl does NOT automatically engage your must press [J] or [JoystickButton 8] when your "Jumpgate Indicator" on your CDDR lights up near a JG.

  8. utilizing a jumpgate: Rule #2 of n00bs - If you use a Joystick you MUST zero your throttle before you engage the jumpdrive...otherwise you maintain the same vector on the other side (and those cute 'JG Pylons' are very unyeilding...dubbed, "Death Petals")
  9. Once you've successfully jumped into "Narrow Canal" go on your way to "Tranquillus Minor" and then on to "Solrain Depot Station"
  10. Once inside Depot station's sector you'll begin your approach to dock. (You might be able to target a "Docking Beacon"...if so just get into it's vicinity and you'll be docked automatically) Although you might want to practice your manual docking instead: a) target the station and approach the depot like so (shown here)... b) those green rings will appear at less than 6000m from station. you'll want to aim for those rings... c) once you're close enough, cut your throttle, spin 180 degrees and apply thrust to slow your ships velocity to ~5v, then apply your brakes [Numberpad 3] or [JoystickButton 7] to bring your ship to a full stop. (study the CDDR data at JOSSH to help you orient and successfully master the tools that will help you get inside those green rings.)... d) Once you've come to a FULL STOP inside the green docking rings, you simply turn towards the dock port and accelerate into dock, making sure you don't exceed 100v or you go boom.
  12. Choose a transport mission to Solrain Core Station...and you should see a confirmation of that mission here
  13. Sell your water you still have in inventory (simply left click on the water icon to initiate a "sell popup")
  14. Your first duty once you've sold your water at Solrain Depot market is to explore an *IRL* webpage designed to aid you in profiteering: JGW Market Lister (EU server)
    Now, this i've set it to your Approx. Taxation (2.0%), surplus cargo space (3), and credit balance (12320).

    OR, you can simply buy 3 units of magnesium, silicon, aluminum or zinc (or a combination of any)
  15. Your pre-launch inventory
  16. Set your map waypoints
  17. Launch
  18. Travel to SC sector and approach dock manually (or take advantage of the "Docking Beacon" if one is available)
  19. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE BEEN PROMOTED! Here's your spiffy medal
Repeat steps 1-18 until you have more than c70000 credits.
  1. Sell cargo you hauled in
  2. buy three commods (Water or Mg/Si/Al)
  3. Accept transport mission
  4. Set waypoints
  5. Launch, travel to destination sector and dock
  6. lather, rinse, repeat until you have more than 70,000cr (usually complete by the 7th mission and you are docked at Solrain Depot Station)

    There is an alternative to shipping's Organic Foods (This is reserved for when you reach level 2 and can afford this cargo commod; See the Market Lister here) (EU server)
  1. Right then, you've just completed 7 transport mission successfully and have at least 70kcr to spend on two excavator mining lasers in the gun section of the market.
  2. Once you've bought your 2 excavators, you'll need to learn how to equip these in your ship configuration menu. (read up about it on JOSSH)
  3. Once you've got your mining gear equipped sell your old laser in your market inventory
  4. After that it's now time to turn our attention to a new transport mission destination: Wake (near the border with Octavian Empire)
  5. Check your pre-launch inventory (note there's no purchased commods to haul; don't buy any. you'll be mining ore enroute)
  6. Set your waypoints (Tranq minor, The Fields, Morian Harbour, and Purian Lake)
  7. Now then, you're going to practice mining in the simulator before you launch, k? (i recommend the "Random Asteroids" zone to be your selection of choice...practice firing your mining laser to roids. your gun range is 50m and safe collision speed is <10v)
  8. Once you're confident you won't crash while mining "for real", launch
  9. Once you enter The Fields sector there are some asteroids REALLY close to the jumpgate you occupy...I want you to mine exactly c1.000 units of common ore (excluding your transport cargo and other ore types)
  10. Use /cargo (comm line command) until you see this...The aim is to have enough for a single lvl1 mining mission that you can complete WHILE docked if you have the ore already in cargo.
  11. Once you've done that you're going to be searching for pure roids. (here is a thread on pure roids 101; and here is a thread on Price/Mass lists)...Now, the really nice thing about the route from The Fields to Purian Lake is that you'll spot the pure roid within sensor range of your arrival JG in each sector along the route. (hope that not too confusing)
  12. Mine whatever you find if it doesn't look like a normal common brown rock...use /cargo to detect what kind of ore you're mining (and sorry, we can't target roids yet, nor can you "scan" a roid composition yet...NetDevil hasn't coded them in. and probably won't for a while)
  13. Once you can't hold any more cargo from all that mining go dock at Wake (becareful, you're going to be damned heavy and sluggish to maneuver)
  14. Once you dock, before you do ANYTHING ELSE, take a level one mining mission for Wake destination
  15. After that sell your entire current inventory (you'll notice you'll have a commodity(ies) (from the pure roid(s) you mined) and five types of ore: Common, Ice, Precious, Semifluxor, and Radioactive
  17. After cleaning out your inventory, you're now free to spend alot of cash on upgrades for your ship. I'd suggest avoiding your purchase of the Premia XL and buy these items for your starter ship: Contender PowerPlant, TWO Money Engines, Hall Monitor Radar, Mantra capacitor, FlatIron shield, TWO Spear missiles, and an Optima modx
  18. After you've equipped all these new toys, sell your old gear
  19. Then take a transport mission to Solrain Depot
  20. check your inventory
  21. And launch!
  22. On your way back to Solrain Depot mine pure roids exclusively (don't bother with mining 1 unit of common, because lvl3 now requires 2.000 units of common metals. bleh)
  23. Just keep doing that transport+mining pure and you'll be stinking rich in no time flat
with the camera modx you installed you can now use ZOOM key ([Z] or [Middle mouse button])

Your goal? To make enough money to buy whatever gear you want (i'd suggest waiting till you reach lvl4 then buying the more advanced contender pp, then purchasing the travant engines)...After that your next major step is the purchase of a Premia SC ship. :smile: Enjoy.

BTW, here's the website location of online pilots in the JumpGate universe:

(UMEC's version of JOSSH recruiting posters)

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2002 6:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Evil Asteroids Comix
Smurfs can laugh too, you know. :D

For advanced Solrain recruit powerlevelling i'd suggestion concentrating on SuperNova medals (political ratings) (of course, you can always choose one of the other routes)

Lastly, there's always the handy dandy Economics 101 to browse.
    please note this is all highly biased by faction stereotypes and doesn't dictate the best route to reaching Optimus (rank50)
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2003 9:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

EU server only. (mightygames, not Themisgroup/Netdevil)
_Nellie wrote:
Greetings New Solrain Pilot
Welcome to your new life.

Looking to assist Solrain and benefit the Reconstruction Initiative and 5 systems as a whole?

CAPAC has multiple openings for keen new Solrain pilots of all abilities, whether a graduate of the TRI-Rookie school or a brave new pilot seeking his own way. Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and participate are more important than raw ability at this stage of your career as full training will be provided if required.

Cornea Arms Propulsions and Commodities have openings for Escort pilots, Miners, Traders and Explorers/Cartographers with plenty of scope to change roles as desired.

Want to know more? Contact any CAPAC pilot in flight, enquire at CAPAC Networks or apply directly through our JOSSH Portal (direct signup)

CAPAC, Solrain's Finest
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