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Abbreviations (glossary)

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 28, 2002 11:39 am    Post subject: Abbreviations (glossary) Reply with quote

Thanks to Alphabet we have a no-nonsense abbreviations glossary for the internet. This list isn't specific to JumpGate, and for those types of glossaries i'd like to recommend two threads.
This one and that one. There's also an AirForce Slang glossary here.

?           |What?
@COLL       |At College
@HM         |At Home
@SCHL       |At School
@WRK        |At Work
^)^ ^(^     |People Talking
~~~c___     |Beach
:-|:-|      |Deja' vu
1DAFUL      |Wonderful
2           |To, Too, Two
24/7        |Twenty Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week
2B          |To Be
2BCTND      |To Be Continued
2D4         |To Die For
2DAY        |Today
2L8         |Too Late
2MORO       |Tomorrow
2NITE       |Tonight
4           |For, Four
4E          |Forever
7K          |Sick
8           |Ate, Eight
A/S/L?      |Age/Sex/Location
ACTIV8      |Activate
ADD         |Address
ADN         |Any Day Now
AFAIAA      |As Far As I Am Aware
AFAIAC      |As Far As I Am Concerned
AFAICT      |As Far As I Can Tell
AFAIK       |As Far As I Know
AFAIR       |As Far As I Remember
AFAIUI      |As Far As I Understand It
AFK         |Away From Keyboard
AI          |Artifical Intelligence
AISB        |As I Said Before or As It Should Be
AISI        |As I See It
AIUI        |As I Understand It
AIW         |As It Were
AKA         |Also Known As
ALIWANISU   |All I Want Is You
AMAP        |As Much As Possible
AML         |All My Love
ANYTNG      |Anything
AOB         |Any Other Business
ASAP        |As Soon As Possible
ATB         |All The Best
ATK         |At The Keyboard
ATM         |At The Moment
A3          |Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
ATTN        |Attention
ATW         |At The Weekend
AU          |Australia
AVDB        |Alles Van Die Beste
AVG         |Average
AX          |Across
AYOR        |At Your Own Risk
AYT         |Are You There?
B           |Be, Bee
B/C         |Because
B2          |Back To
B2B         |Back To Business
B4          |Before
B4N         |Bye For Now
BBB         |Busy Beyond Belief
BBIAB       |Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF       |Be Back In A Flash
BBIAM       |Be Back In A Minute
BBIAS       |Be Back In A Second
BBL         |Be Back Later
BBS         |Be Back Soon
BCNU        |Be Seeing You
BCUM        |Become
BD          |Big Deal
BF          |Boyfriend
BG          |Big Grin
BION        |Believe It Or Not
BN          |Been or Being
BFN/B4N     |Bye For Now
BOL         |Best Of Luck
BRB         |Be Right Back
BRT         |Be Right There
BTA         |But Then Again
BTDT        |Been There Done That
BTM         |Beats Mee
BTR         |Better
BTW         |By The Way
BWD         |Backward
BYKT        |But You Knew That
C           |See
CZIN        |Season
C%D         |Could
C%L         |Cool
C&G;        |Chuckle & Grin
CUL8ER/CUL8R|See You Later
C/O         |Care Of
CID         |Crying In Disgrace or Consider It Done
CIO         |Cut It Out
CN          |Can
COS/COZ     |Because
CR8         |Create
CSG         |Chuckle, Snicker, Grin
CART        |CAn't Remember a Thing
CU          |See You
CU @ 7      |See You At 7
CU2MORO     |See You Tomorrow
CU2NITE     |See You Tonight
CUS         |See You Soon
CUZ         |Because
CYA         |See You
D           |The
DD          |Dead
DINR        |Dinner
DK          |Don't Know
DL          |Download
DM&         |Demand
DOIN        |Doing
D/L         |Download
DAMHIK      |Don't Ask Me How I Know
DIKU?       |Do I Know You?
DIM         |I'll Do It Myself
DIY         |Do It Yourself
DK          |Don't Know
DNA         |Did Not Answer
DON         |Doing
DQMOT       |Don't Quote Me On This
DUCWIC      |Do You See What I See?
DUR         |Do You Remember?
DV8         |Deviate
DWB         |Don't Write Back
DXNRE       |Dictionary
EG          |Evil Grin
EMFBI       |Excuse Me For Buttin In
EMSG        |E-mail MeSsaGe
ESP         |Especially
EZI/EZY     |Easy
F?          |Friends?
F2F         |Face To Face
F2T         |Free To Talk
FAQ         |Frequently Asked Question(s)
FC          |Fingers Crossed
FIFO        |First In First Out
FIOFY       |Figure It Out For Yourself
FISH        |First In Still Here
FOCL        |Fell Off Chair Laughing
FONE        |Phone
FST         |Fast
FTAC        |Fantasy
BTBOMH      |From The Bottom Of My Heart
FTBL        |Football
FTL         |Faster Than Light
FUNE        |Funny
FWIW        |For What It's Worth
FYA         |For Your Amusement
FYI         |For Your Information
G2CU/G2SY   |Glad/Good To See You
G2G/GTG     |Got To Go
GA          |Go Ahead
GAFIA       |Get Away From It All
GAL         |Get A Life
GBH&K;      |Great Big Hugs & Kisses
GBH&KB;     |Great Big Hugs & Kisses Back
GD&R;       |Grinning, Ducking, and Running
GF          |Girlfriend
GFN         |Gone For Now
GG          |Go to Go or Good Game
GJ          |Good Job
GL          |Good Luck
GMAB        |Give Me A Break
GMT         |Greenwich Mean Time
GNR8        |Generate
GNRLE       |Generally
GONNA       |Going To
GOWI        |Get On With It
GR8         |Great
G9          |Genius
GT          |Good Try
GTG         |Got To Go
GUDLUK      |Good Luck
H2          |How To
H2CUS       |Hope To See You Soon
H8          |Hate
HAGN        |Have A Good Night
HAGO        |Have A Good One
HAK         |Hugs And Kisses
HAMRD       |Hammered
HAND        |Have A Nice Day
HB          |Hug Back
HH          |Holding Hands
HICA        |Here It Comes Again
HIG         |How's It Going
HOAS        |Hold On A Second
HOPR        |Hang On, Phone's Rining
HOUER       |Hanging On Your Every Word
HOWRU?      |How Are You?
HP          |Home Page
HTH         |Hope This Helps
HV          |Have
IB          |I'm Back
IC          |I See
ICAM        |I Couldn't Agree More
IDGI        |I Don't Get It
IDTS        |I Don't Think So
IDTT        |I'll Drink To That
IIRC        |If I Remember Correctly
IJLS        |I Just Like Saying
IKWUM       |I Know What You Mean
AM          |I Am
IMBO        |In My Biased Opinion
IME         |In My Experience
IMHO        |In My Honest Opinion
IMI         |I Mean It
IMMOR       |I Make My Own Rules
IMNSHO      |In My Not So Honest Opinion
IMO         |In My Opinion
IMPOV       |In My Point Of View
IMPRS       |Impress
IMS         |I Must Say
INT         |I'll Never Tell
IOU         |I Owe You
IOW         |In Other Words
ISC         |I Stand Corrected
ISO         |In Search Of
ISTR        |I Seem To Remember
ITUFIR      |I Think You yoU'll Find I'm Right
ITYM        |I Think You Mean
IUSS        |If You Say So
IUTKATS     |I Used To Know All That Stuff
IWIK        |I Wish I Knew
IYDKIDKWD   |If You Don't Know, I Don't Know Who Does
IYD         |In Your Dreams
IYKWIM      |If You Know What I Mean
IYQ         |I Like You
IYSS        |If You Say So
IYSWIM      |If You See What I Mean
J/K         |Just Kidding
JAM         |Just A Minute/Moment
JAS         |Just A Second
J4F         |Just For Fun
JIC         |Just In Case
JIT         |Just In Time
KC          |Keep Cool
KHUF        |Know How You Feel
KIA         |Know It All
KISS        |Keep It Simple Stupid
KIT         |Keep In Touch
KOC         |Kiss On Cheek
KOL         |Kiss On Lips
KWIM        |Know What I Mean
KYHU        |Keep Your Head Up
L           |Laugh
L8          |Late
L8R         |Later
LALL        |Live And Let Live
LAN         |Local Area Network
LCH         |Lunch
LDN         |London
LKIT        |Like It
LLTA        |Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause
LMA         |Leave Me Alone
LMC         |Lost My Connection
LMK         |Let Me Know
LO          |Hello
LOL         |Laugh Out Loud
LTM         |Laughing To Myself
LYN         |Lying
M8          |Mate
MBRSD       |Embarrassed
MFG         |More Friendly Garbage
MFI         |Mad For It
MHM         |Members Helping Members
ML          |More Later
MNC         |Mother Nature Calls
MOB         |Mobile
MorF        |Male or Female
MT          |My Time
MTE         |My Thoughts Exactly
MTF         |More To Follow
MYOB        |Mind You Own Business
N           |And or No
N1          |Nice One
NA          |No Access
N/M or NM   |Never Mind or No Matter
NADM        |Never A Dull Moment
NAGI        |Not A Good Idea
N/A         |Not Applicible
NBD         |No Big Deal
NBTD        |Nothing Better To Do
NC          |No Comment
NCASE       |In Case
NDM         |No Disrespect Meant
NE          |Any
NE1         |Anyone
NED         |Need
NITING      |Anything
NLT         |No Later Than
NMP         |Not My Problem
NMS         |Not My Style
NN          |Night, Night
NO1         |No-One
NOOTO       |Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
NOYB        |None Of Your Business
NP          |No Problem
NRN         |No Reply Necessary
NTG         |Not To Good
NUFN        |Nothing
NYI         |Not Yet Implemented
NVM         |Never Mind
NWO         |No Way Out
O           |Over
O4U         |Only For You
OATUS       |On A Totally Unrealated Subject
OBTW        |Oh, By The Way
OIC         |Oh I See
OMG         |Oh My God
ON4IT       |On For It
ONNA        |Oh No, Not Again
OO          |Over & Out
OT          |Off Topic
OTT         |Over The Top
OTTOMH      |Off The Top Of My Head
OTW         |On The WHole
OVA         |Over
OW          |Oh Well
PEST        |Please Excuse Slow Typing
PLMK        |Please Let Me Know
PL&         |Planned
PLONK       |Person with Little Or No Knowledge
PLS/PLZ     |Please
PM          |Pardon Me or Private Message
PO$BL       |Possible
POAHF       |Put On A Happy Face
POV         |Point Of View
PPL         |People
PRT         |Party
PTMM        |Please Tell Me More
PTMY        |Pleased To Meet You
Q           |Queue
QED         |Quite Easily Done
QPSA?       |Que Pasa?
R           |Are
RE          |REgarding or Nice Seeing You Again
RUOK?       |Are You OK?
RSN         |Real Soon Now
RTM         |Read The Manual
RUMF?       |Are You Male or Female?
RU OK?      |Are You OK?
RUUP2IT?    |Are You Up For It?
SAL         |Such A Laugh
SAT         |Sorry About That
SC          |Stay Cool or Shivan Cruiser
SEC         |Second
SETE/SE2E   |Smiling Ear To Ear
SHTSI       |Somebody Had To Say It
SIT         |Stay In Touch
SITD        |Still In The Dark
sme1        |Someone
SOT         |Short Of Time
SOVS        |Someone Very Special
SNERT       |Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager
SO          |Significant Other
SOHF        |Sense Of Humour Failure
SOL         |Sooner Or Later
SOTMG       |Short Of Time Must Go
SPK         |Speak
SRY         |Sorry
STATS       |Your Sex and Age
STS         |So To Speak
ST2MORO     |Same Time Tomorrow
SUM1        |Someone
SUP         |What's Up
SWDYT?      |So What Do You Think?
SWL         |Screaming With Laughter
SWYP        |So Whats Your Problem?
T+          |Think Positive
TAFN        |That's All For Now
TANJ        |There Ain't No Justice
TBC         |To Be Continues
TBE         |To Be Expected
TC          |Take Care
TFTT        |Thanks For The Thought
THX         |Thank You
THN         |Then
TIME        |Tears In My Eyes
TMI         |Too Much Information
TMIKTLIU    |The More I Know, The Less I Understand
TMOT        |Trust Me On This
TNX         |Thanks
TNT         |Till Next Time
TTBE        |That's To Be Expected
TTBOMK      |To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTTT        |These Things Take Time or To Tell The Truth
TTUL        |Type To You Later
TYT         |Take Your Time
TYVM        |Thank You Very Much
U           |You
U2          |You Too
U/L         |Upload
UGTBK       |You've Got To Be Kidding
UOK         |You OK?
UP4IT       |Up For It
UR          |You Are
URLCM       |You Are Welcome
USU         |Usually
UWOT        |You What!?
VBG         |Very Big Grin
VRI         |Very
W/          |With
W4U         |Waiting For You
W8          |Wait
W84ME       |Wait For Me
WAN2        |Want To
WAYD        |What Are You Doing?
WB          |Welcome Back
WCKD        |Wicked
WEN         |When
WENJA?      |When Do You?
WERJA?      |Where Do You?
WERUBN?     |Where Have You Been?
WK          |Week
WL          |Will
WN          |When
WOT         |What
WTG         |Way To Go
WTM?        |What Time?
WU?         |What's Up?
WUF?        |Where You From?
W/O         |Without
Xlnt        |Excellent
Y           |Why? or Yes
YA          |You
YBS         |You'll Be Sorry
YIU         |Yes I Understand
YKWYCD      |You Know What You Can Do?
YL          |Young Lady
YM          |Young Man
YR          |Your
Z           |Said
ZZZZZ       |Sleeping
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