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Alshain's Tragic Romance

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2002 9:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Originally posted by Alshain
The gentle wind runs through his hair as he takes in a deep breath filled with the perfume of his fiancee standing ever so close, holding him in a tight and almost intimate embrace.

He takes in the moment and holds her away, giving just an instant to take in her beauty.

"Carmen, you are all that matters to me. You are my love, my heart, my entire life." He takes his hand and moves the soft black curls of hair from the side of her face. Her golden skin glitters in the light of the twin suns. She looks at him with her deep brown eyes, witch begin to tear up as emotions tend to bring out even more of her sensitivity "Alshain, you know you hold my heart and I will follow you anywhere. There will never be any other, ever." A few tears begin and he takes a carefull hand and brushes them off. For a moment they hold eachother tightly, there would be nothing else for these two as they fall into the flowers made into a bed this day, alone in the valley as they consomate their marriage.

After many hours of intmacy they lay there soaking in the rays of the fraternal suns. Alshain looks over to see that she has drifted off into a peacefull sleep and after several minutes of studying her immense beauty he falls asleep as well, in her arms.

Hours go buy and they are both startled awake. The sound of a thousand lions roaring in sinc forces its way into their ears. The darkened sky lights up in fire as a inhuman fight is waged in the atmosphere.

Three ships battle, one goes up in flames but an escape pod decends to the surface roughly a thousand meters away from where the two had laid. It crashes feircly into the hillside. The other two ships continue to battle.

"We must go to him and see if he is hurt!"

Alshain shakes his head no, "It is not our business Carmen, we should let the officials take care of it."

"But Alshain, he may be hurt! We cant let him be!" She begins to tear up again and he knows his argument is lost. "Ok my love, lets go see what we can do." They begin their way over the slope.

When the two reach the site of the wrecked pod it becomes apparent that nothing could of survived this. Yet Carmen runs up to the shattered pod and begins struggling to pull something free. "No Carmen! What in the name of heavens are you doing?" Alshain rushes to her side.. "Help me free him Alshain, he is still breathing."

Alshain looks down at the plates of what looks like black armor covering this being, and yes... indeed the chest plates are heaving slowly as breath still rises through this man!

They manage to drag the man away from the wreckage and Carmen quickly rips a peice of her garment and uses it to stop the blood flow on his badly mangled leg. A jell like substance that must be his blood slows down its passage of escape from the wounded soldier's body.

The man moans... and Carmen removes his helmet. But something goes wrong. The man starts shaking violently. Blood starts to seap from the corners of his mouth and he shouts the word "OCTAVIUS!" and a sound of something like a light whistle passes by. And he slumps down, life gone.

Alshain stares at him wordlessly. Then looks over to Carmen who now has a dazed look on her face. Oh Carmen, I am sorry you have to see this... he thinks to himself. "Carmen?" "Carmen?"

Something is wrong, she is kneeling as she was but a new look, a dreadfull look is on her face.

He grabs her by the shoulders... "Carmen whats wrong?"

"I am so sorry my love." She looks down and he follows her gaze. Blood starts to drain down from her midsection where the soldier had fired his last shot.

Carmen looks one last time into the eyes of her now husband. Love, compassion and now her last breath is with him.

Alshain awakes, shakes his head to clear it and looks over to the holopic of his lost love. Would this memmory continue to plague him. He doesnt know.

He toggles the power of his Solrain Intensity Fighter named "Ironic Justice"...and throttles it up. The heavy fighter comes to life and he moves it from behind the semi-roid he had parked here to get some rest.

Somehow, these memmories must end.
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