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Recruits and low level pilots; (re: PvP)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2002 2:39 pm    Post subject: Recruits and low level pilots; (re: PvP) Reply with quote

In Character (IC)
Dear pilot;

You are urged in the most urgent manner to be aware that piracy and terrorism is a REAL risk when donning the proud Honour Guard registry colours AND/OR entering Neutral Sectors...

Both of these activities are unregulated by bounties, political ratings penalties, GM administered penalties & (most importantly) sympathy from your peers; Any, and all acts of violence (generally perceived as "griefing/PKing" if the victim is a "low level unbountied Civilian in Regulated space") inflicted upon your vessel in unregulated space, &/or when you are Honour Guard, will receive retribution according to how well you manage to convince others to help you seek revenge...In short, it is your roleplaying (reputation and ability to motivate others to avenge you) that affects the pirate/terrorist.

My suggestion to a newbie who continues to fly HG/enter neutral space is to join a PvP oriented squad and learn to hunt the hunter as he has hunted you!
    DISCLAIMER: any fool thinking he can flip beacons in a foreign faction's territory wearing HG is welcome to his screaming death
The "player created rules" state no HG in foreign space, yeah?
It's pretty darned common sense. WHY the flying %&$% would you head into a foreign active faction's space wearing HG tags?
  1. You're on squad warfare biz, and you're expecting to be a) cleared through; b) meet resistance; c) feared.
  2. You're stealing beeks, and you're expecting to be a) ignored cause you're in a scout and noone can catch you; b) fighting anyone who tries to stop you; c) feared.
  3. You're a total idiot, and you're expecting to a) fool people into thinking you're a n00b; b) you really believe everyone else are computer players; c) feared.
  4. You forgot to switch back to Civ before heading into foreign space, and you're expecting to be a) treated like a poor wittle baboo; b) treated with mercy for forgetting; c) feared.
  5. You have a bounty, and you're expecting a) nobody to be online at 5:30am pst to shoot you down; b) nobody to clue into the fact you've got a bounty for the 4 missions it takes to clear it; c) feared.
Out Of Character: (OOC)
I find it reprehensive that certain members of the veteran PvP community should lecture confused newbies who visit F5:help for answers to why they were killed in PvP situations. I strongly urge OFFICIAL disciplinary action for any veteran PvP who act like spoilt bullies...They are cutting their nose of to spite their face. (and this behavior WILL lead directly to carebear servers...Causing grief to a newbie in HELP booth while telling them they WEREN'T griefed is an insult to any intelligent paying customer of JumpGate!!!)
    DISCLAIMER: There is a comm line command to discover your current registry. it's "/reg" (without the quotes)
Crossreference to another "Risk versus Reward (FM context)" rant and here's another one dealing with a pirate context.

There's another thread that's more appropriate for "the dangers of Unreg" in an *IC* context. see that here
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