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Automated reply to Fatsan

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2002 12:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Originally posted by Fatsan:
ND there is only 1 balance issue
The size 4 PP on the Tensity.

With that PP it has no weakness.

Give it a juiced up Insty and hell even ditch the size 5 PP when ya do it. The only reason a size 5 is needed for the Nix is because ya messed up when ya put the Sport+ on the Tens.

Tensity is fine with a size 3PP. I have seen many battles in beta with pilots who knew how to fly it with a size 3 PP(most notably HEL and quialo was good in it with hitman and barraks before it had a size 4PP).

I understand that money is the main reason for producing a game like this and that keeping people happy(paying majority) is important, but come on.

OK, this is my whining thread
Originally posted by MajorFreak
JEZUZ H CHRIST, FATSAN! get back in the game and stop pretending you're an expert're making baby jesus cry!
    speed is the problem, NOT POWER!!! jeezuz flippin...omg like you are sooooooooo ticking me off!! argh argh freakin aaarhsdf
Originally posted by Fatsan
If the Tens is put back at the Insty (as it is now) the Nix has no need for a size5 PP to be effective. I will be online alot in the very near future. I make my opinions about the Nix because I have always been Octavian and always flown a Nix. My only point is that the balance was there at the end of the beta and for some reason (alot of whiney e-mails) they screwed it all up.

Originally posted by MajorFreak so funny. I suppose you used my argument against me. (sorry, but i don't feel like adding pages of disclaimers just to preempt nit pickers out to poke fun at people's ghey. it's about as low as correcting someone's grammar)
    Speed as in now that the oct has been unnerfed, the intensity/phoon dynamic HASN'T CHANGED A BIT. (and someone tell me capacitor balanced the issue. plz. i dare you...if you do i get to say i told you so once you start whining again about the tens uberness hasn't changed a bit over the phoon)hehe. look, i'm sure you're ecstatic about them unnerfing for once. just like i am. It's amazing to think they've turned a corner on this whole balance issue please don't let it go to your head. I need help here, not giddy low-priority suggestions. jeez.
BTW, for anyone totally clueless as to how a pint/deepol capacitor affects a single thing in this equation please go into the sim and try the old spore capacitor (without using a damned serializer/nova plz - jeeezuz save me from the grammar nazis)

go ahead, fatsan. have your laugh knowing that the more you throw nerfballs like you did, and everyone else spamming the same blinkered viewpoint, ensures the status quo remains in place. (i loved your silence while a few of us pimped the size5pp. really thankful for your help, dude)
Originally posted by fatman
I think Netdevil is just afraid to upset the Sols since they have the most subscribers. If Netdevil would grow a pair and give the tense its size three PP back, we would probably be alot closer to balance than the current situation. If giving the tense the size 3 PP is to much of a nerf, well I guess the sols can take thier turn at the bottom of the Fighter ranks, and ND can change the balance in 4 months or so.(like the octs have been
Originally posted by MajorFreak
No. you're wrong. All you want is to win this round of UBERfest...nothing more, nothing less...and your whole perception of game balance revolves around who controls the exploits, imbalances and bugs. It's just like an extension of the Game play nerfherder on the forums for your faction, just like you fight pvp battles for supremacy over the sheep
    Course, if you "believe", fine. I'll stay away from your lobby groups and corrupt system that loves nerfing things
Originally posted by Fatsan
Ya just gotta love his determination BUT, the fact remains the same I'M RIGHT YOU'RE WRONG THIS TIME

I think I hear HW calling you back Muff
Originally posted by MajorFreak
Yah whatever. you win the UBERfest. so what, nerf the tens like you want my poll seems to clammor for and you'll see yet another wave of resets
    remember the days you laughed at all the solrain cowards as CL blockaded Solrain Core after the tens got it's size4 engines nerfed?

    remember that one? then you started crying after ND decided that nerfbats were fun and your precious nix got wacked in the balls.

    I remember very well, Fatsan.
I'm sure NetDevil will see the light and give up this silly notion of unnerfing, remove your pp5 faction mission and dump the whole mess back where it started.

[ This Message was edited by: MajorFreak on 2002-02-03 07:14 ]
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