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Political Rating (re: powerlevelling)

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2002 4:28 pm    Post subject: Political Rating (re: powerlevelling) Reply with quote

JOSSH recruiting poster (US server) (EU server)

(Super)Nova medals are the second powerlevelling choice for powergamers. The first is fluxhunting, and the third is your skill medals. (there's another option and that involves mining *g*)


What is Political Rating? It's one of the three factors that affect what you can and cannot buy. (the other two are your Credits and your Experience.)
What is the official info on PolRats? JOSSH report on PolRats
    PolRats do have one (so far) unique affect on the game and you: the more you have the less tax you pay on Market purchases (the equivalent of 50 extra beacons if you're at 125polrats)

    JOSSH report on taxation

    Though beacons do help taxation, it's minor compared to your politicalratings effect on tax
If you DO have unlimited funds through squad connections, i suggest you work on your political ratings to take advantage of the STUUUUUUUUPID experience rewards for Nova Medals.
  • Amananth: mine common ore and do "easy" scan missions of amananth's anomaly for your PR ratings
  • Quantar: mine common ore (to take advantage of the ability to choose a lvl1 mining mission while docked AND be able to complete the mining mission by just selling right after accepting mining mission) while you run transport missions between Tripoint and QDepot (watch out for the roids near the JG in tripoint sector)
  • Octavian: Same deal with tranny/lvl1mining missions on the GreatPillars to OctDepot route
  • Solrain: The route between Wake and Cornea station is short AND you get to play with squid, snails and the occasional manta. Now, i recommend this ONLY FOR 390v+ (cruise) SHIPS!!! Simply do tranny missions - NOT COMBAT - and punk the occasional flux that attacks you for light entertainment
  • Hyperial: Now, here's the rub. This should be your last nova medal and the beginning of your mad dash for the Silver, Gold and Adamantine Supernova medals that just give you the sick sick XP bonuses. not to mention look super 1337 on your profile; What you should do is mine common and do the occasional "Scan anomaly in hyperial hook" mission (ie. mining lvl1 if you can't find "scan hyp hook".

    Listen carefully, this is the important bit: Once you get to 100PR rating with Hyperial drop what yer doing and get your Octavian PR back to 125...rush over to Amananth and minecommon/scan anomaly to boost it's PR...rush over to Quantar and do the tranny/common combo...Rush over to Hyperial and do transports between solrain and hyperial. (picking up the occasional "scan hyp hook anomaly" missions while at hyperial)
    badda boom, badda bing. you get all your medals. It's a rush, and hella if you launch CUTLASS missiles at squid and flip a few of your faction's beeks in your spare time you'll also begin to receive skill stars (and 5 of those give you a glory star)
Extra XP above and beyond your basic mission bonuses...
Skill Star = 6000xp (includes 8 basic medal xp total)
Glory Star = 15000xp (doesn't include the 30000xp you get for 5 skill stars total)
Don't forget that the above totals don't count the XP you get for killing individual flux...For your first glory star you need 25 flux kills. this usually consists of squid kills. (so a minimum bonus of 5000xp for that)

Novas for all 5 factions give you 10000xp each.
Silver Supernova = 20000xp (101+ with all factions)
Gold Supernova = 25000xp (116+ with all factions)
Adamantine Supernova = 50000xp (120+ with all factions)

Now, since you've been doing ~50 missions for each faction you'll have a minimum mission experience of 225000xp (if you only do transports. period)

Let's, for the sake of argument say you kill 100 flux for the unity stripe medal reward of 10000xp (minimum xp bonus for individual flux kills would be 20000xp) alot of Cutlass missiles and you'll be assured of at least 100 missile hits.

Let's also assume you'd be at least level 21 at this point so you'd be able to get those tricky "miner's heart" medals for your second glory star. (that and the patience to play for 200 duty hours)

Right, let's grab a calculator and see your xp total after all this frenetic activity:
225000+ base xp points
90000 for 2 glory stars (10 skills stars and 80 basic medals)
30000+ for 100 flux kills
145000 for all your political medals
20000+ for holding 100 beacons for an average of 40 minutes

BING!!! That's 100,000xp short of level 21 for just doing the lowest paying missions.FYI, i consider the biggest obstacle to "Community Storyline" & "InGame Roleplaying" is the lack of Cargo Scanning. (specifically, a 'comm line command' that makes our current anomaly scanner modx's have a bloody use! /scan /scan /scan)
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2003 8:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

there's an alternate route that i find i ALWAYS do...level up in quantar space till you get the Emerald nova (usually lvl10) then head straight for Octavian space and do Trannies between OctCore and GreatPillars (maybe detour to depot if yer bored) till Ruby Nova (usually lvl12) then hope straight to Wake then Solrain Core and do trannies between Hyperial and SC (important bit is to watch for local hyperial scan missions. always yummy)After that head straight for home space and gain lvl15 for the simoom (usually best to buy the whirlwind and mine pures for cash) Once you get the simoom head over to Aman and start doing local scan missions, combat, patrol, whatever. (and do remember that tranny's to Oct/Sol/Quan space is a no brainer in your ship)
    a simoom with optimal gear (Illustration) can do the trip on cruise to OP in ~10min, Wake in ~10min, QC in ~11min.
    UMEC classified (safe paths past obstacle roids in TheStith & TheDark sectors)
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