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Tesrend's n00b tips (re: politics and stuff)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2002 2:07 pm    Post subject: Tesrend's n00b tips (re: politics and stuff) Reply with quote

Zendo wrote:
Hello Jumpgate vets

I'm brand new to the game, and have decided to try the game out after years of EQ, AC, DAOC style games..... etc

I have been doing the trial on the EU servers for free and have been getting a feel for the game mechanics. I was just wondering what the US servers are like? I'm from the US and plan to buy the box from soon.

What are the politics like? Is life hard for a newbie? What motivates the PvP? Is it mostly faction based wars?

I heard you could switch factions? this seems very bizzard to me, why would they let you do this??

And I heard squads could be made up of people from different factions? This too confuses me.

I'm getting the hang of the control, but still have a rough time docking due to drifting to the side while i try to go forward, even with the brakes, i have a real hard time stoping lateral movement when i go forward. Are there any side jets that will make stablize? Also, can you invert the mouse so its like a real simulator ( down is up, up is down, etc)?

I have read through some of the FAQ's and am very intrigued and still learning alot. My main lack of knowldge is what goes on after one gets established as a pilot. Is it toal chaos and killing? Or are you tied closely to your faction for support and defense?

I'm sure things differ between servers, and thats why I am asking. The EU server is hard to understand (most people are speaking other languages hehe), but its a nice way to get the hang of things. Any advice you all might have would be great, specifically how to understand the political dynamics as they related to PvP on the US server,


I still have yet to choose a Faction.
P.S.- I'm also looking for a mature group of gamers, are there any squads known to have more mature players in them?
Tesrend wrote:
Hi Zendo,

Welcome to Jumpgate. I would be one of those Quantar Religious Zealots everybody's been talking about. To hopefully aid you on your way, I will provide whatever assistance and advice I can give.

The US server has MUCH action. Whether you chose a non-PvP profession or a PvP profession there are plenty of opportunities to have fun in the game.
    As a matter of fact, -=MACK=-, the big trucking squad, was seen hunting down some certain pilots the other night. VERY scary.
One of the coolest things about jumpgate is that the Devs are consistantly making changes and adding patches to the game. So it is an ever changing universe.

Life is not all that hard for a newbie. The hardest thing is being patient enough to advance those first few levels. Mentors can help you a great deal in that respect, however. (Mentors didn't even exist when I was leveling.)

EDIT-Muffy: Please be aware that Mentors are few and far between and you'll usually get pestered by folks after just the medals...make them work for it. I for one refuse to deal with Mentor unless i'm going to be devoting my attention EXCLUSIVELY to helping the n00b learn about the game, not simply hand over 1million credits and demand the be a mentor

There is also the Wingman system if you get involved in a Mentor program. If you have a dedicated teacher showing you the ropes then by all means partake in some fun combat with PvE elements or watch your mentor fight the evil AI computer enemies. (and share in the rewards too)
...You also want to avoid Unreg space and certain Civ-rippers. ( Again, civ-ripping a newbie DOESN'T happen anymore unless you really tick someone off due to recent changes )

PvP is mostly motivated by one squad shooting another, Role-play, or response to relentless taunting. Rollio rips people for his own sick joy [Muffy "RPing a Solrain factionalist (terrorist) ripping Quantar civ/hg ships"], Gargamel (a squad) rips Solrain ships because they are religious zealots that protest the fact that the Solrain control TRI, as seen by the sanctioned ship-specifications [Muffy: "RPing Quantar factionalists (terrorists) ripping Solrain civ/hg ships"]...and the countless pirates, mercenaries and people starved for attention also add to the PvP fray
EDIT-Muffy: You'll note that since the harsh restrictions applied to those who gain a bounty recently, there's been a DRAMATIC drop in civilians rips (which may seem to an outsider to be "PKGriefing", though they'd miss the mark by a hair. *g*)

You can switch factions, but your CASH IS LOST, experience is reset and you lose almost all of your medals.

Multifaction squads exist for many reasons. One, it allows a squad to use the advantages of each faction. Two, there are many good Role-Playing reasons why a Solrain might join the Quants or a Octavian mercanary might join a trucking squad.
    ie. A Solrain pilot decides that the Solrain control of TRI is immoral and wants to fight for balance again. Or the Octavian mercanary might join a Solrain trucking squad to bring food to the multitudes of starving civilians on his home planet.
Docking. Docking is always a pain but you had better learn how to do it, and how to do it quickly. Target the base you wish to land at. At 6k docking rings will appear. One trick to docking is to fly towards the docking vector rings. Cut your throttle to 0 and then rotate 180 degrees. (You can look at the nifty yellow and purple arrow in the top-middle of your tagetting HUD to judge a 180 degree turn) Then throttle up until your vector is close to a complete stop. Then hit the brakes to make sure you are completely stopped. Point your ship at the docking tube and throttle up a little to fly straight at the opening. MAKE SURE you do not exceed 100v or you will splash.
    To answer your total-chaos / closely tied to faction question, you can make JumpGate what you want to make it. Rollio decided for Chaos, MACK decided on peaceful money-making and all around helpfulness, and Gargamel decided on Deliberate Faction Genocide. You can join a squad that best suits your desires, or wing it alone and be careful not to tick too many people off.
Political dynamics mostly come from squads, but also comes from faction. If there is a battle raging somewhere and you are wearing HG tags, EXPECT to be shot. If you flip another faction's beacons, EXPECT to be shot. If you fly into Unregulated Space, EXPECT to be shot. In any case, I can preach to you about politics for hours and get nowhere. Why squad A hates squad B, or why squad C likes squad D... can only be found out through observation and duty hours.
    Anyway, I hope to see you in game, whisper me if you need something. (Though PLEASE don't go Solrain, they outnumber Quants and Octs combined, AND I'd probably end up shooting you at some point.)
May Hamelzah guide you, my friend,
Tesrend signing off.

<font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: MajorFreak on 2002-02-03 08:23 ]</font>
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:45 pm    Post subject: Tesrend Reply with quote

Anyone know where I can get in touch with Tesrend? I can be reached ingame or via the dragoneye website ( and thanks.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:54 pm    Post subject: Tesrend Reply with quote

Anyone know where I can get in touch with Tesrend? I can be reached ingame or via the dragoneye website ( and thanks.
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