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Armour + Shield stats (patch 40)

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2002 7:33 am    Post subject: Armour + Shield stats (patch 40) Reply with quote

First off all, this isn't exactly a database thread as much as a balance debate reference thread. For data regarding shield stats please go here

Alrighty's the full data on armour+shields. sorry the Length/ Height/ Width size codings don't show accurate targetting probabilities. (plus, there's a few JOOSH typos too for sure; and my own typos too...ooops; also this thead was created way back in Jan2002)

Ship Type (shield size) Base Armour
[url=TDTnr019900-14.6Hitmenshots/10.9Length/03.4Height/10.0Width]Premia[/url] (2) 4500k
[url=TDTnr015000-11.0Hitmenshots/12.2Length/02.8Height/10.2Width]Apteryx[/url] (1) 9000k
[url=TDTnr012000-08.8Hitmenshots/09.6Length/03.2Height/11.8Width]Storm[/url] (1) 6000k
[url=TDTnr019000-14.0Hitmenshots/09.8Length/03.0Height/10.3Width]PremiaXL[/url] (2) 3600k
[url=TDTnr024400-17.9Hitmenshots/10.9Length/03.1Height/10.0Width]Albatross[/url] (2) 9000k
[url=TDTnr012600-09.3Hitmenshots/08.6Length/03.4Height/08.3Width]Gust[/url] (1) 6600k
[url=TDTnr022600-16.6Hitmenshots/10.8Length/02.8Height/07.6Width]PremiaSC[/url] (2) 7200k
[url=TDTnr024400-17.9Hitmenshots/13.9Length/03.5Height/10.1Width]Buzzard[/url] (2) 9000k
[url=TDTnr023050-16.9Hitmenshots/11.2Length/03.8Height/10.8Width]Breeze[/url] (2) 7650k
[url=TDTnr022000-16.2Hitmenshots/18.8Length/04.5Height/20.7Width]Interceptor[/url] (2) 6600k
[url=TDTnr027400-20.1Hitmenshots/18.1Length/07.3Height/26.6Width]Raven[/url] (2) 12000k
[url=TDTnr024700-18.2Hitmenshots/18.4Length/05.3Height/25.4Width]Cyclone[/url] (2) 9300k
[url=TDTnr023950-17.6Hitmenshots/19.6Length/??.?Height/??.?Width]Phaeton[/url] (2) 8550k
[url=TDTnr024760-18.2Hitmenshots/21.3Length/??.?Height/??.?Width]Hawk[/url] (2) 9360k
[url=TDTnr024460-18.0Hitmenshots/21.4Length/??.?Height/??.?Width]WhirlWind[/url] (2) 9060k
[url=TDTnr021400-15.7Hitmenshots/23.7Length/04.3Height/14.7Width]Quicksilver[/url] (2) 6000k
[url=TDTnr016800-12.4Hitmenshots/22.1Length/08.2Height/15.9Width]Peregrine[/url] (1) 10800k
[url=TDTnr023800-17.5Hitmenshots/21.7Length/07.7Height/15.3Width]Simoon[/url] (2) 8400k
[url=TDTnr031200-22.9Hitmenshots/19.1Length/03.7Height/21.1Width]Invader[/url] (3) 10800k
[url=TDTnr027700-20.4Hitmenshots/19.2Length/03.9Height/21.1Width]Chiropteran[/url] (2) 12300k
[url=TDTnr026500-19.5Hitmenshots/16.1Length/05.2Height/23.5Width]Tempest[/url] (2) 11100k
[url=TDTnr033900-24.9Hitmenshots/11.1Length/09.2Height/21.0Width]Traveler[/url] (3) 13500k
[url=TDTnr031000-22.8Hitmenshots/34.1Length/08.2Height/19.6Width]Turkey[/url] (2) 15600k
[url=TDTnr029500-21.7Hitmenshots/32.1Length/12.6Height/18.5Width]Hurricane[/url] (2) 14100k
[url=TDTnr031800-23.4Hitmenshots/23.0Length/04.8Height/23.4Width]Intensity[/url] (3) 11400k
[url=TDTnr031600-23.2Hitmenshots/31.9Length/10.8Height/34.0Width]Phoenix[/url] (2) 16200k
[url=TDTnr028900-21.3Hitmenshots/32.0Length/06.5Height/26.0Width]Typhoon[/url] (2) 13500k
[url=TDTnr120000-88.2Hitmenshots/48.2Length/20.3Height/17.9Width]Pioneer[/url] (5) 60000k
[url=TDTnr132000-97.1Hitmenshots/56.4Length/19.5Height/16.5Width]Condor[/url] (4) 96000k
[url=TDTnr108000-79.4Hitmenshots/46.6Length/20.0Height/18.1Width]Thunder[/url] (4) 72000k
[url=TDTnr037200-27.4Hitmenshots/34.1Length/??.?Height/??.?Width]Barracuda[/url] (3) 16800k
[url=TDTnr036100-26.5Hitmenshots/29.6Length/??.?Height/??.?Width]Raptor[/url] (2) 20700k
[url=TDTnr033400-24.6Hitmenshots/24.2Length/??.?Height/??.?Width]Tornado[/url] (2) 18000k

Hammerhead (4) 18000 Eagle (3) 36000 Lightning (3) 32000

    size 1 shield = 6000k damage absorbtion (repair hitman round in 17.4sec)
    size 2 shield = 15400k damage absorbtion (repair hitman round in 12.1sec)
    size 3 shield = 20400k damage absorbtion (repair hitman round in 9.2secs)
    size 4 shield = 36000k damage absorbtion (repair hitman round in 9.3secs)
    size 5 shield = 60000k damage absorbtion (repair hitman round in 7.9secs)
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....i dunno. that jump in damage absorbtion between Makk and Alphaa is pretty steep.
The interesting this is that the Alphaa and Haven recharge at the same PERCENTAGE rate because the alphaa is not only 30% more recharege, but also 30% more damage absorbtion

*Ahem: dimensions are now added. Credit goes to Rollio for pointing out the blueprint location. (good thing i never stooped to flaming his ass, eh? lol) :razz:

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2002 8:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

flatiron full recharge in 100sec
protector full recharge in 78sec
pod full recharge in 72sec
shelter full recharge in 77sec

himelea full recharge in 95sec
resistor full recharge in 133sec
rocky full recharge in 133sec
canopy full recharge in 113sec
haven full recharge in 138sec
defier full recharge in 106sec

cascade full recharge in 125sec
alphaa full recharge in 138sec

shroud full recharge in 129sec
makk full recharge in 247sec

mortar full recharge in 209sec
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2002 7:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Frontal Profiles for all ships from 200m away (patch 40)
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2002 3:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

finally got the darned imbedded "links" to work properly :dunce:
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2002 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

when debating armour/shield stuff do remember that armour gives mass of 1kg per every 3k of armour. Take for example the Alphaa/Haven Tens/Nix debate raging here. (Simply switching the 5000k of damage threshold would entail mass as well, though it would only be ~2% taken away from nix and ~2% added to tens)
    alphaa masses 4100; haven masses 3400; 5000k of armour is 1667 mass...that's 967kg different. Remembe that BOTH ships get this adjusted so the relative mass difference is now it's not much. (parenthesis = current total damage threshold)
    Phoenix (31600)
    Intensity (31800)
    Typhoon (28900)
Now, the problem here is that we're dealing with stuff like speed differences of ~2% (with modx slot difference of 1; 2 if nix is ammo and tens is laser; 0 if nix is laser and tens is ammo)...we're dealing with non-sim related battlefield situations where someone's always gonna have a faster ship that someone else for whatever reason. the whole speed issue becomes moot -- the funny thing is all the vets think 2% and 1FF = A.Big.Deal.

the other funny statistic is the ~33% recharge advantage the alphaa has over the haven. for one thing the nix has an extra gun slot and an extra total damage threshold compared to the tens. If we switch the shields (+adjusting 5000k armour) you're going to have an untenable combat situation where the nix outguns AND outshields the tens! which PARTIALLY cripples the Tens maxV/modx advantage. (which is NOT advisable)
    Think about it. right now the tens has three advantages:
  1. best modx slots for it's class
  2. 2% maxV over the nix
  3. best shield slot for it's class

    meaning once it's away, it's away, and can recharge shield damage while in retreat mode; plus pursuit ability combined with surplus power is devastating
Now, you're thinking, it might a situation where switching shields is advisable? heeeheehee haahah pffft. I'd like to agree with Rui, but i can't. Know why? If i did i'd be a lying Quantar bastard who wants to eliminate ONE of the TWO things going for the tens when facing a phoon. (take the power consumption argument and stuff it)...As a person who prides himself in objectivity when debating balance issues, i cannot keep silent.

oh yeah, one more thing. the shield recharge is useless in combat unless pilot shot accuracy sucks -- It takes a hitman/rrak nix 5.62831858407079646017699115044248 seconds to kill a tens if he/she has 100% accuracy. (simply adjust this by the average gun accuracy rating of say...uhm...20%? and you have ~60 seconds till death for tens; adjusted that by twice to account for jousting)
    in ~60 seconds the alphaa will repair the equivalent of ~6 hitmen round ~60 seconds a single hitman can get off ~38 rounds (assuming one fires half the time for joust behavior)
Finally, if we put a straight 100% accuracy damage test together and fire ammo between nix/tens and phoon/tens the nix will survive with ~38% armour left and the phoon will survive with ~25% armour left. (I can't talk about laser combat because we don't have size3 combat lasers yet)
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2003 11:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

DicE_BAR wrote:
Something worth noting is that the Thorn does 795 damage per second, so the Alpaa would have to regenerate for 22 seconds to gain 1 Thorn advantage over the Haven

Members of the peanut gallery throwing "tens/phoon/nix" statistics: Know that you do so at your peril here. (ie. People acting like Dicey on these forums get LYNCHED if they start using charts from hell to prove any other point than that they're GEEKS)
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