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Good guys always finish last...

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2002 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

8 page long thread at PJG and growing
Just a bloody monster of a thread, but there are some really cool ideas put forth like this one:
Inno, I also have to agree with you on this, but as we all know, this game is VERY POORLY setup to have any "good guy" squads in it.

Even if you could get an entire large squad of people (say 30 or so) entirely dedicated to the idea of "bounty hunting" all the "bad guy's / gal's" of the game, even if they had godlike PvP skill's, it just doesn't work.

What would happen would go something like this... TRI flashes announcement, and after a lot of effort and time, 5 of the defenders manage to locate the target. At this point, target does one of a few things, docks and logs, disco's back to station and kill's someone there, ram's into a roid and then requips launches and kill's yet again, or if they are REAL LUCKY, they bag him / her, and then the person just launches a few minutes later and kill's again.

If absolutely ALL the break's went in the "defenders" favor, they get to spend a few hours trying to kill the "evil type" once, one of them gets a small amount of cash out of it, and the evil type looses a million or so. Of course the fact that 30 other evil types were out killing the entire time, this was happening, and the fact that the one "evil type" they did bag, got a few kill's in, and then relaunched a few minutes after being defeated, and is back having more fun, probably would be a "bit" discouraging.

Bottom line is, that only the ingame penalties that NetDevil have implemented punish the "evil type" in any way. There just is NO WAY for the squad of "defenders" to effectively punish anyone. Those few times they could actually corner and kill their opponent (assuming the opponent has enough honor to not disco, or crash into a roid) they would then have an opponent that would magically reappear from one of four possible choices, and be back killing anyone they wished to, within a few minutes.

In this game, there is simply NO WAY for a group to deliver any "justice" to someone who has decided to take up Piracy for a living. That factor is the one thing that make's me wonder about the future of JG. While I also think that some of your idea's on bounty improvement's would help, with current game design, it will never be a cure.

My own "cure" for this problem, would be far more drastic than what yours are. Very simply, you would have one more type of Pol to deal with, and that would be TRI Pol. TRI Pol is what you need, to buy the ship hull that you want to. If you can't maintain it at a high enough level, you best like flying a Premia or Ape. This would force Pirates to start PoDing in unreg, or take a nasty hit when they die, since they would have to "rebuild" their TRI pol to get back into a high lev ship. Needless to say, since TRI doesn't care about us, you could kill a small number of Civ's in Reg space, before the number got low enough to force you to drop ship class. I'm thinking that you'd loose around 20 points, of a theoritical 100 total, with the HF's being about 60 on the scale. Basically implementation would go something like this, and ONLY be affected by Civ killing in reg space. First Civ kill, nothing happens, you stay in your bomber, second Civ kill knock's you back to HF, third Civ kill knock's you back to MF (only when you die, and only if you've been doing nothing to raise your TRI Pol back up). All you'd have to do to avoid this penalty in it's entirety, is pull a lousy 7 missions between Civ kill's, so I don't think the penalty here is too steep. But it would FORCE you to be out flying missions, which would allow some "payback time" for those who are after you. Unlike now, where you can kill 15 Civ's in a row, and if you were smart enough to not kill your own faction, you can launch like nothing happened.

Mind you, my idea may be full of flaws, or entirely unworkable, but it's the objective I'm trying to get across. The reason there are no "good guy" bounty hunter squads, is that there is no player justice possible, when the most you can do, is make them refit their ship, if by some minor miracle you can find them, and manage to kill them.


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