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Rollio (and his pet peeve: dying)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2002 2:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ND general forum thread
Rollio cries like a baby. (though you'd never know it, this topic and the playstyle of the author is the most crucial subject in JG's future)

Disconnections, discodeaths and combatdiscos are the most deadliest things to this game's popularity. For posterity, i'm saving Baadf00d's suggestion here
1. Being able to declare intention to attack. Bascially, even if you are out of gun range, target a ship, and squeeze the trigger. "Warning" Shots are fired - you get a temp bounty if the target is ... illegal.

2. a combat timer... In addition, either replacing the shield damage logic, or in addition, any time a player is tagged by the simple act of another player firing with them as a target, even if the ships are at max radar range, there MUST be a 5 minute timer that will cause (a) the death of the ship should it disco, (b) credit for the death to go to the attacker.

-- As far as implementation goes - it strikes me that this is NOT something that requires extensive state tracking on the server. If the Jumpgate client kept a list of ships that it had recently hostiled, the server could - when it disconnects a ship, simply check with other ships in the sector if they were hostile - if so, kill the diso'd ship and assign the kill to one of them. This means people could escape by reaching a gate and jumping, but, if the attackers havnt inflicted enough damage to cause a death due to shield damage, then they were ineffective anyway.

Bah - im overanalysing potential solutions to someone elses problem
Sure would go along way to fixing this very old and stupid disco cheat detection system we have you MUST note that Rollio did not mention a single suggestion to fix the game. i doubt he ever emails the devs with suggestions/bug alerts/exploit information. period. (it's as though JG is an elitist pkgriefer haven with us forum members contributing to the "bait" selection)
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