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Amarr carebearing

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:26 pm    Post subject: Amarr carebearing Reply with quote

so in my previous thread i talked about a 22 day training regimen for omnm recruits going from lowly frigates to the cutting edge battlecruiser for amarr.

now i'll show you how many units of each ore to mine, locally available in amarr high sec, in order to build such ships. (assuming, unless stated otherwise, the private purchase of zydrine and megacyte to complete the order)

Amounts are for upgraded blueprints and expert manufacturing skills. these amounts are also based on the standard ore type (not to improved named versions of each asteroid class)

1332 veldspar (133.20 m)
4662 scordite (699.30 m)
1200 kernite (1,440.00 m)
2997 pyroxeres (899.10 m) volume of 3172 cubic meters
(plus purchase 15 zydrine)

3996 veldspar (399.60 m)
16983 scordite (2,547.45 m)
3200 kernite (3,840.00 m) volume of 6787 cubic meters
(plus purchase 89 zydrine and 18 megacyte)

23976 veldspar (2,397.60m)
64602 scordite (9,690.30 m)
7200 kernite (8,640.00 m)
44622 pyroxeres (13,386.60 m) volume of 25475 cubic meters
(plus purchase 227 zydrine and 70 megacyte)

50949 veldspar (5,094.90 m)
125874 scordite (18,881.10 m)
11200 kernite (13,440.00 m)
80253 pyroxeres (24,075.90 m) volume of 61492 cubic meters
(plus purchase 579 zydrine and 146 megacyte)

19647 veldspar (1,964.70 m)
51948 scordite (7,792.20 m)
5200 kernite (6,240.00 m )
34965 pyroxeres (10,489.50 m) volume of 26487 cubic meters
(plus purchase 230 zydrine and 55 megacyte)

724608 veldspar (72,460.80 m)
684648 scordite (102,697.20 m)
80800 kernite (96,960.00 m)
29200 pyroxeres (8,760.00 m)
8000 gneiss (2,400.00 m) volume of 283278 cubic meters
(plus purchase 1171 megacyte)

*please note that there is some excess minerals produced, via the batch refining system, so you'll have various profits per type, to offset costs.
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