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First true threat my corp has faced

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:44 am    Post subject: First true threat my corp has faced Reply with quote

Alright so backstory.

i created the corp, Ordo Ministorum years ago and it mostly was a mining/hauling alt corp with alot of my characters upgrading cheap BPOs in a system at one end of a really lucrative npc commodity trade route. (kourmonen system) and at the other end was Akila system. In the middle was my high security system mission agents i'd run missions for when bored of mining scordite. (which i'd do on the weekends because low sec hauling/mining was too dangerous. besides, prices tended to be good midweek for risky low sec commodity routes)

I'd venture into low sec space to mine/haul and got to know the local pirates in both kourmonen area and akila area. I'd sneak into their space once my buddylist told me they were sleeping. It was a poor existence with me pooring most of my isk into buying more BPOs to research, in the hope of eventually having all low end BPOs researched.

Early on a accumulate 3 paid accounts, but i'm on a computer from 1999 at that time and i can't use more than one client at a time.

many years pass, and one day, just before Xmas 2007, i buy a new computer which allows me to really speed up my operations. Alot of things pick up pace, and i start thinking about getting into the big leagues, like Player Owned Stations in low sec space.

I do alot of research and begin asking questions of people. you know, like "hey, i see alot of valuable moons empty in fua constellation, why's that? what happened to the previous owners?" and i found out some interesting stuff and got to be on friendly terms *cough* (more like, the landlords seemed to honor their words, and that was enough for trust at the time. still is) with the local ne'er'do'wells.

At this point in the game, i'd seen enough low sec politics to realize "anti-pirates" are amateurs, or total liars (aka they're trying to get a piece of the pie and want free intel off potential carebear victims)...and ironically it seemed that the actual ebil piwates were professional honorable PVPers of the hardcore bent, who seemed to enjoy scaring off the amateur backstabbing griefing morons.

So, i paid rent and started up P.O.S. operations (my first moon mining op got off it's feet with the help of Zero0 of umec corp) in early january 2008 and pretty much stayed at a plateau till mid august. During that time i stopped hauling electronic parts & polytextiles back and forth between fua and sasen constellations. I pretty much stayed full time in low sec just playing with my stations. I did get into exploration in a big way as well around that time and really enjoy mining spawned asteroid clusters in fua constellation.

First sign i ever noticed of modro corp was them putting up two towers in amod system back in early spring. I attempted communication with them but received, the usual ultra-paranoid smart-ass mindfuck replies. So i stopped trying to be nice and just expected them to be dealt with at some point.
They never were.

I had also joined one of the corps that 'owned' fua constellation, in late june'08

MidAugust i purchased, using the sales of GameTimeCards (yeah, i'm bad, i went out and bought them with $$ for the sole purpose of ingame isk) two more large towers. i was able to cobble together enough for a fourth large tower. The motivation for this purchase came from ACE-- corp's actions that freed up a moon i'd always wanted, in amod system.
ACE-- corp was also doing freighter runs into low sec for unrelated issues and i was able to piggyback shipments onto that weekly convoy.

Life was great, although i was a bit disheartened at the slow death of the local pirate gangs (AFU, DTS and VETO) in fua constellation. things became a little less "stable" as amateurs slowly grew up like weeds.
On the 10th of september omnm corp was planning on mining a belt in amod, like we've been doing ever since rain taniel joined the corp (and earlier, but at a lesser rate) ...the op was ruined when Sublime corp (some random yahoos we'd never seen before) traded fire with Modro corp members we'd never seen before. Apparently, sublime had somehow discovered an offline POS of modro and taken potshots at it.
Certain potty mouthed members of modro started popping up like fleas and suddenly we saw modro carriers cyno'ing
After sublime got scared off, modro started rattling sabers and 'disowning' it's own members for smacktalking (acting very hypocritical) but still continuing to smacktalk, spreading bullshit and generally taking potshots at anything they pleased...bragging in local about how they were the "vanguard of their alliance" and that they were moving here to build capital ships and mine the belts around amod. blah yadda. at this point we know of 5 capital ships they own

In the first week modro arrived in force, the ceo of ACE-- made a "friendly standings" agreement with them because, i think, he couldn't be arsed to deal with them. within a week, he retracted the friendly status.

Barely a week goes by and modro, in it's infinite wisdom decide it would be fun to shoot up an Axiom Empire alliance hauler. that weekend (the 10th) AXE battlefleet puts the same damned POS of modro into reinforced mode. bye bye blue status.

The day after, modro rolls out two HICs (broadsword and phobos) like it was some sort of surprise. although omnm haulers and scouts spotted the gate camp and let everyone know about it.
A few hours later, ACE-- combat team kills one of modro's stupid carebears in a hulk mining away in amod. Modro whines long and hard about how they had NAP with AXE and we're so in shit blah blah...we ignore them.

The next day (22nd?) all towers are down and modro start camping SOE station like they own it. nyaaa.... to top it all off with a cherry on top, modro thinks it's KEENO FINE to shoot up a DTS cyno ship, thus finally gaining the attention of the meanest baddest bunch of pvpers in fua constellation.

On the 24th they started taking potshots at ACE-- towers with small frigates.

On the 26th all hell breaks loose (see this entry for the picture board story)
    short version: modro and evespace get together and blow up one of ACE--'s towers, during the fight AXE alliance manages to whip up a defense that gets to fua constellation too late to save the tower from being put into reinforced, but timely enough to beat evespace something fierce. but where was modro and it's many cap ships and battleships and BCs? gee, they were busy docking up in amod. lol. bet you dollars to donuts there were some harsh words traded between evespace and modro. except, i'm sure modro kept up it's spindoctored version of reality till evespace forgave them for leaving them high and dry.
Anyways, so modro hides and does fuck all. the ACE-- pos manager for amod system figures those idiots will keep putting his towers into reinforced and can't be bothered spending time up in fua constellation when there was a war on. So on the 31st of september ACE takes down all it's towers.

didn't hear shit from modro till today. the below is the chatlog. now, remember that ACE-- was blue to modro till modro shot up an AXE hauler. remember also that ACE didn't shoot any modro hulks till a couple days after AXE (that's including ace--) fleet blows up one of modro's towers.

[font color=red]the chatlog was too long and boring, apparently, so i've replaced it with Degrelle's interpretation[/font]
?[ 2008.10.06 19:16:17 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Amod Local Channel
SeneschaI >
SeneschaI > take a look at that. i think that should be definitive enough
Degrelle > Read a part of the chat, I can imagine where its going
Degrelle > but its too long for me to read the whole, lol
Degrelle > This will be SPARTA
Degrelle > Ok everything is in cloister
Degrelle > And yes its all from that mission, haha
SeneschaI > cool
SeneschaI > alright, so give me the short version of what you undestood the chat to be, besides "this is sparta!" response to them. hehe
Degrelle > They had problems with Ace-- at the beginning, Ace-- kicked their butts but didnt have the time to do more. They had to move because of that. Now because Ace-- is away, we're alone. And they were trying to get us with them. Like if we were whores
Degrelle > whores that would just stick where they could be protected.
Degrelle > And then you told them to gtfo and more people came in and I got bored reading.
Degrelle > So we are alone, they are alot, this is sparta !
SeneschaI > perfect
Degrelle > lol
How many times have we witnessed them badmouthing one of their bad apples and saying they don't represent them at all. yadda yadda we're so nice and ooooohhhh we so tried but now you pissed us off and we're gonna have to deal with you blah blah
I figured modro would eventually "Deal" with me. i was surprised they were so cowardly as to wait over a week to do so. i didn't expect modro to setup their alliance mates to stumble so badly in negotiations. that's illogical. what's logical is that their alliance stumbles so badly they don't need modro's help. (they actually expected me to be flattered by an offer to parley? lawlz)

What i got was a badly informed "negotiator" who was more interested in telling me how modro kicked ace butt, than actually realizing that there was no way in hell i was going to listen to their flattery and actually believe they'd act in good faith.
I mean, fuck, modro alliance dudes, i've been actively hostile to modro and folks and all of a sudden i'm going to switch sides and play nice now that they threaten me? lol Yeah, sure, i'll backstab my friends for modro's promise they won't eventually set up a badly acted excuse to shoot at me accidentally, blow up into a dramafest and act like i need being taught a lesson ("listen to reason" meaning backstabbing is part of the game so why isn't hereticus listening to reason and switching sides just cuz we offer him a chance to "talk with alliance leadership"? lol)

I expect modro and friends (alliance "buddies" since evespace got played for the fallguys last time and probably won't want to repeat their mistake) will simply try what they did with miles' towers: put them into reinforced and don't show up to take them down, simply expect i'll pack up shop.
Except, unlike miles, amod's been my home for before i joined ACE--...and since it's my home i don't really have the excuse miles has about being busy elsewhere. So i really don't have any reason to take down my towers, except that modro is threatening me. mmmm...I'd rather have modro call me stupid for not taking my towers down, instead of them calling me a coward for taking them down.
so, yes, it's my choice to be called stupid instead of coward. lol.

And i'm sure some of you are thinking, but why didn't you just talk with them, ffs. that's diplomacy! you wouldn't be backstabbing us simply if you started helping them and....wait wtf? Yeah, just think about it. You really think trusting people who expect you to switch sides, and get mad when you refuse to even contemplate it after all the flattery, is the way i roleplay this game? no, it's the way Corpvs Delicti plays the game. It's called, pussyfoot our way backwards into doing things whining all the way about how fair we're being and how mean others are and it's always THEIR fault.

Besides, everyone else's towers got attacked and i'm jealous.

*-- the full chatlog can be found here:
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