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United Mining Exploration Commission: A group of friends playing JumpGate-- "a MMORPG that launched smoothly, breaks from fantasy character setting, emphasizes PvP, and is the first persistent world space simulator that nobody talks about." ~Scorch
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2001 10:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Has anyone else noticed any problems voting? I've been shut out time and time again with the note "You have already voted" (i'm wondering if some hackers gotten ahold of IPs to use/block)

MPOGD bug forum thread
Ah, okay i think i found out the reason
Unfortunately that happens. The poll keeps records of all the IP addresses of the people that vote each month and only allows one vote per IP address. One explanation is that each time you dial up to connect to the internet you are assigned a random IP address and someone, also at your ISP, has voted with that address. More likely you are accessing MPOGD through a proxy server and the vote script sees the proxy serverís IP address instead of yours and someone has already voted that goes through that proxy server. The last possibility is that someone used a script to send false headers to the vote script with random IP addresses and one of those IP addresses happened to be yours. ASP by default does not do a full reverse DNS lookup when requesting an IP address because itís easier on server resources not to. I am working on a new version of the poll, which will be up soon and will eliminate two of the three problems.

Doug McIntyre

Ah ha! found a solution since the Tech's over there are lazy: Simly go into tools/internet options/connection/LANsettings and unclick the "proxy". hit okay and you can vote.

(i always find that if i close that window and open another the proxy is automatically reset to "enabled")

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 6:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

JumpGate has a rating of 7.9 (28 votes)
Sage wrote:
this is the guy who rated it 2
The following comments are referring to Jumpgate: Episode 2.

The reason I'm doing this is because I was a fan of Jumpgate before, but EP2 really killed it for me.

Graphically speaking, Jumpgate remains the same, which is good because I always loved how space looks and the ships are awesome. Unfortunately, there's a weird amount of lag since Episode 2 was installed. It doesn't hurt gameplay, but it is annoying.

Music is subjective but I always loved the tracks included in this game. Unfortunately, there's only one track per area of space so if you stick in an area for too long it will be kind of annoying. Adding insult to injury, Episode 2 didn't include any new tracks.

Sound effects are the most basic you can imagine. Then again, this was one of the first Massive Multiplayer Space Simulations to grace the online world, so I wouldn't expect much more.

Gameplay, however, is where the game really sunk to unprecendented depths. Back in Episode 1 you could make a "living" in the game by being a miner, a trader, a scout and, of course, a fighter. Even as a fighter, you had the choice of being a pirate, a bounty hunter, or a mercenary. Those were good days because there was room for all sorts of players in the game.

Now all of the above is history. There's a new enemy spawning system which works like this:

First of all, if you enter a sector, you'll instantly spawn a couple of enemies related to your level. Unfortunately, most players are not in the mood to fight so they fly through and "dump" the enemies on the area so that any newbie who comes into the sector gets killed (or is forced to run away)!

Secondly, there are now enemies spawning in the same sector as the main space stations. This means that you're not safe not even close to home.

Some of the veterans in this game claim that Episode 2 is simply "more challenging", but they ignore the fact that new players don't have the experience they do. Not only new players, but veterans who want to be miners have a hard enough time doing it because they can't mine an asteroid until they kill the enemies that spawn everytime someone enters the sector.

The GM's (people who run the game) are trying to cover up their mess by providing free assistance to newbies - they sit in a sector and kill the enemies that spawn so that the newbies may pass unarmed. Unfortunately, the GM's can't be everywhere and definitely not 24/7.

Another "solution" they found was to say that "these are dangerous times". Sure, if roleplay was enforced this could mean something but it's not and it sounds only like an excuse for the mess they made.

Others claim that the only thing you have to do is say "help" in the chat window and someone will help you. Maybe it's just me but there's something wrong with a game if you have to scream "help" everytime you jump to a new sector.

And there are those who say that you only have to be part of a squad if you want to survive under the new rules but, again, I find that solution extremely limited. What if I want to play solo? What if I want to play at a time of day when no one in my squad is online?

As you can see, Jumpgate is truly a disappointment. But it doesn't end here.

One of the novelties of Episode 2 is the POS (Player/Pilot Owned Stations). There are some problems with these as well. First of all, they don't work right yet. People logoff inside one of them and when they login, all their equipment is gone. This being only one example of what's been happening with these things. Then you have the problem that everytime you enter a new sector you have to scroll through a ton of targets (ships, enemies, jumpgates and now... POS) until you find the target you want.

There's light at the end of the tunnel, though. I hear the people behind the game are working into fixing it. This means that some of the problems mentioned above, like lag and the POS problems, may be fixed sometime during this year. Too bad they didn't beta tested this BEFORE they launched it.

Anyway, I'll also take this opportunity to clear a few things.

Someone below claimed that the European server is filled with Germans... this is not true. I've been playing Jumpgate on the European server for almost a year and english is pretty much the main language.

Regarding the community, I can't say they're bad, but they're few. The biggest problem is that PvP was never handled correctly and Civilians (non-PvPer) got ripped alot back in the old days, thus pushing a lot of players away from the game.

In conclusion, Jumpgate: Episode 2 has some serious problems and is really hard to enjoy as it is. God only knows if it will ever get fixed and even if it does, the PvP players will make sure newbies never get to vets. With other online Space Sims in development right now, I believe the future of Jumpgate is simply to wither away.

please note that comment was made April 8th (around the same time i quit) so alot of new RoC's and patches *plus juryrigs* have improved the situation a little bit, but most of this guy's points are spot on.

BTW, i never really put alot of faith in that "top 100" voting page. Modem users can spam vote, not to mention those games that cater to modem users get a leg up.
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