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EP2 FAQ - starts off with Player Stations
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2002 8:36 am    Post subject: EP2 FAQ - starts off with Player Stations Reply with quote

TRI Engineers Discuss Pilot Owned Stations (JOSSH news article archives; created date:
And for some old archives of the first RP done for it on the US server go here, plus there's the news sites' previews here (dated ~april/may)

DLinkOZ wrote:
Well, didn't take much work, just mined Josh's posts out that monsterous 18 page thread. For anyone who doesn't want to still be reading when EP2 is released:

BTW, here's some stuff not in that FAQ (yet)...
GM_Josh (10-24-2002 04:34 AM) wrote:
If you have negative PR and die, you will return to your last friendly non-pilot-owned-station.
GM_Josh (10-24-2002 06:17 PM) wrote:
After giving it some more thought we think we are not going to restrict /home privledges from a POS because of negative PR. This will be discussed some more internally with Mightygames so it isn't written in stone though.

If you see the time stamps and the posting, the former was the earlier post that day for Josh...not sure what that entails. (i'm guessing they changed their minds and reversed that decision, so the current situation is the reverse of the former...but that was days ago. could have waffled *g*)

There's a number of issues and questions still needing clarification. one of which is what happens to the ore you dump at the refinery. does it appear in your market, or is it gonna be just a clone of the Ore Depot. (but, good news is that depots actually do dump the refined commods at it's parent station; haven't confirmed this though)

GM_Josh (10-24-2002 04:13 AM) wrote:
Each hanger holds 4 ships, and every hanger comes full of newbie ships of your faction which may be swapped out with your current ship. Only ships from the owner's faction may be stored in the station.

Whether hangars are stackable is another question entirely.

There's another question as well regarding some quirky language from Josh:
GM_Josh (10-24-2002 04:03 AM) wrote:
from the FAQ Q - Could a wreckage potentially spawn inside a pos? are there any sectors that pos are not allowed? is there a maximum tax rate one can set at pos?

A - Wreckage cannot spawn inside of POSs, the maximum tax rate is 1000x the normal price of the item, and the only sectors where you may not build stations is in the new map.
ND JumpGate Team wrote:
:?: Can we put our stations in the new Conflux space???
:answer: No, the conflux space will eventually have 'NPC owned stations' of their own though... Basicly a big destroyable station-flux that spawns little flux out of its launch tubes.
GM_Josh (10-22-2002 04:25 AM) wrote:
You will be allowed to build in your own faction's space and in neutral space. The difference is that stations placed in neutral space have a higher monthly upkeep. (If the upkeep is not payed for a long enough time the station will decay and disappear)

adding the two posts together one understands that one cannot place POS in another player faction, but can place it in neutral space (which, from adding the two posts together, means unreg/ama/hyp)...though this is sufficiently important as to press for a confirmation.

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Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2002 10:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Muffy, that was just what I've been looking for.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2002 2:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM_Hollis wrote:
Fresh replies from GM_Josh whom I sent collected questions this morning. I'll include that into my EP2-FAQ post later today or tomorrow.

Will Hangars be stackable? (more than one Hangar per POS)
Yes, you can stack up to 8, each module contains 4 ship slots.

will dumped ore at a refinery module produce base commods in the POS market ala. "ore refinement"?
The ore module will refine the ore like a normal station, and also allow people to sell ore.

there's a couple of contradictory statements about where POS may be placed...can we say, place POS in hyperial/amananth space?
You can place in your own faction, hyperial, amananth, or neutral space.

With artifacts being able to spawn a certain distance away from POS, one could easily place POS in a way to create "hotspots" for artifact appearances. Especially with low spawn radii right now, and perhaps 50k spawn distance from POS, less than 20 POS would be sufficient to cover a lot. Is that being considered?
Yes, we are going to modify the artifacts spawn patterns, thats all I can really say

If I buy a ship and fly it to my POS and park it in the garage, will only I be able to access it or will anyone who docks at the station be able to take it? Will there be some kind of control mechanism on this?
There is a check box to allow squad access to the ship, so that if you have a squad-privledge station you can make specific ships available to your squadmates.

If other people can take ships from the garage, will the level restricitons still apply? Or will I be able to, say, in essence broker a higher level ship for a lower level pilot?
The level and faction restrictions still apply, you cannot get into a higher level ship.

Will the level restrictions still apply to stuff sold on POS markets?

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2002 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

further Q&A wrote:
:?: You can't build a POS within 20k of another station or in a transit lane. What about gates, beacons, anomalies, and roids? Any distance restrictions there?

:answer: If there are no distance restrictions, it could lead to expensive misplacement of stations. As I understand it, you can control position of station based on where you activate the station module.... Haven't heard anything about controling orientation of module.

Sooo, greedy miner deploys at or near cluster of roids, only to have a launch tube facing a big rock. Hmmm....there's a possible new game, Launch Tube Roulette. Four launch tubes, one facing a large roid. Will you survive the launch?

I would hope they would impose restrictions based on existing roid locations. I certainly wouldn't want to build and have chip roids sticking out of the walls.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2002 9:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
virgil updates new info...but WTF is with the "placement rules"..."unregulated space+own faction"!>!?!?! WTF is going on goddamnit! they just lowered the bar here if Virgil read it right. (i'm counting on him screwing up here)
    if you read the previous FAQ's it was 'neutral space' which includes hyp/aman factions
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EU Advisor
EU Advisor

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2002 10:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, Josh specifically included Hyperial/Amananth in the reply to GMHollis. Assuming that some US folks do not feel the need to read the EU boards (since Josh rarely posts there, I remember only one instance, which is an interesting programmer vs. publisher thing, BTW), they might be on the US stand of information. And this was left very vague.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2002 5:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

we have an official clarification on one of Virgil's misunderstandings: Ore Refineries do indeed convert ore into base commodities. (though it'll be just like when you dump at station/ore depot)
    ore depots actually dump the refined commods to it's home station. the station the FM's were done to build it. BTW, the ratios blow chunks so don't start jumping up and down and cheering if you think yer gonna roll in commods. see here for details
    Common Ore Refined Minerals
    Al       7.48% 
    Cr        1.07%
    Cu        2.14%
    Fe       19.76%
    Mg      3.20%
    Ti        3.20%
    Zn       2.67%
           40% processing efficiency

Unfortunately, looks like ND has decided to tease us a bit more by withholding clarification on more of Virgil's misunderstandings. (did they change their mind on placement for "neutral"? Again??)
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2002 10:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

myRotacol forum thread
okay, folks. finally figured out the rules on this ore refinery thingiemajigi. short version? no ore refinery = no ore selling
    at least that's what i can logic from Josh's quotes
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UMEC news bot

PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, 2002 8:25 pm    Post subject: Let's get ready to rummbbllee Reply with quote
MG 1 :bonk: ND 0
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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 9:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

*Looks at the UMEC News Bot...*

When did we get this? It's soooo cute, can we keep it? insane
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UMEC news bot

PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 2:16 pm    Post subject: national enquirer never looked so good Reply with quote

And round 2 is a tie?!
MG 1 <3 ND 1
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EU Advisor
EU Advisor

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 3:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's a question if it's perhaps more: MG 2, ND 1. MG apparently did have success with their open approach.

"From today the project is going to get more resources and manpower so that extensive bug hunting can take place without any inverse effect on the pace of development."

A shame that it apparently really needed this drastic step by MG to get something done ... or at least information.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2002 2:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM_Virgil wrote:
Also take into consideration that, in situations like this, MightyGames does not want us releasing a lot of information before they do because they like introducing things in a different way (mostly through their own fiction). This is completely opposite of what most US players prefer, but we do need to respect their wishes just as they respect our updates here. Even though additional progress may be being made, there are a number of features that cannot be reported publicly for reasons like this.
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EU Advisor
EU Advisor

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2002 2:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think he's exaggarating a bit, though. The POS screenshots in EU were done the same way (and before US, on that note), except that they presented it in a more IC way (and fitted it into already going storylines). The alternative basically is "OOC forum: Here are some screenshots" or "IC Forum: TRI engineers present their news work on blablabla which you can see here."
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2002 3:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

/me giggles as he imagines Xindaan screaming and pounding his keyboard in the frustration he can't reply on ND forums.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2002 2:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pirating Tools
okay, well since there's been some question about pirate technology for EP2 and what statement's HAVE been made on that topic, i whipped up a google search and found a few quotes.

NetDevil EP2 features wrote:
Pirating Tools
New ship equipment allows pirate players to steal items from their target's cargo. Anti-theft "traps" will also be available to combat the pirate menace.
Gamespy E3 EP2 preview wrote:
New avenues for fun will be introduced with pirating technology that will allow pilots to steal from others, as well as anti-pirating defenses to thwart them.
Scorch (nov27th, 2001) wrote:
HomeLAN - Will there be any retail expansion packs released by Netdevil and 3DO and if so what will they contain?
Scott Brown - This is still undecided. We are adding features each new version on a monthly basis and plan to continue this for the next few years. Some of the features planned include: Corvette Class Ships with multi-player turret control, Advanced Conflux engagement and capabilities (why would TRI need cap ships, after all), Cloaking Devices, Newly discovered Alien Life forms, Exploration Systems and New Technologies, Subversive Pirating Technologies and Support Systems, New Playable Factions at high ranks, Player and Squad Owned Stations and Resources, New, Interesting Types of "Space Weather".
GameZone; EP2 preview (UnknownPlayer as source) wrote:
New Pirating Technology: New ship equipment allows pirate players to steal items from their targetís cargo

Did a search on NetDevil forums for "pirating tools" and came up with a few more...
Druuna1 wrote:
My understanding was that EP2 would include pirating tools where they could attempt to steal cargo from your tow, and you could place random nukes of some sort throughout - they transfer one of those and BOOM.

But.. that would also require that they (general Pirate they rather than just PoD) work with the tools rather than simply demanding payments - ie, true pirating rather than the limited pirating allowed with the mechanics now.
GM_Istvan wrote:
I've long been of the opinion that there shouldn't be a free lunch. Insurance should cost something, even for law-abiding TRI pilots. Pirates, of course, should absolutely NOT be insured by TRI. Perhaps they could BUY insurance from some other organization. If each squad had a "bank account", there'd be no reason at all why pilots, even pirates, couldn't receive insurance from their squad itself, assuming the squad had sufficient resources. But that would probably involve reworking the economy. Again.
Liquidlex wrote:
Will there be cargo scanner? I know there will be pirating tools, but I am not sure aobut cargo scanners.

I thought the whole deal was that you can steal cargo. You can also put bombs in cargo. If the steal the cargo there is a chance they will steal the bomb and blow up. Wouldn't cargo scanners defeat this whole piracy concept that ND is trying to create. I don't think cargo bombs would work if people could scan your cargo. In short, I don't think they are putting in cargo scanners.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2002 2:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ND announcement forum
Well, this is news. i mean REAL news. get yer stocking stuffers ready for other stuff than EP2. looks serious now.

Suggestion for spawns. n00b related

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 13, 2002 8:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ehhhhhh...well, GM_Virgil posted an update and it's quite a mouthful. Unfortunately, it's got zero meat to it, but i like gnawing on bones, don't you? Great source of calcium. heheeh

Well, it does have one bit of cool info and that's taken up in this thread
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2002 2:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Squad Wars & Sector Claiming
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 24, 2002 8:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

New Ship Pics
here we go! detailed screenshots of all three heavy fighters with scale comparison too. w00t!

Octavian HF, Quantar HF and Solrain HF.

The Freighters!

Heavy Miners! (Scale comparison)
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2003 11:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

well, bloody finally! okay, so we have definitive answers to long standing questions about POS and other stuff here. The most important news is the confirmation that POS placement is "neutral and home faction only" (clarification by GM_Virgil that neutral means 'unreg and hyp/aman')
Doomsday wrote:
I think that POS will change the way the squad operates the most, and that the new ships will have the biggest influence on my own play.

Many squads have done a good job creating a place out of game for the squad by building websites and message forums. These are great and in my opinion are essential for a tight knit squad. However, most squads don't have a similar capability in game. Factional squads have it easier. For instance artifact squads generally base out of Depot stations, -=MACK=- centers their efforts around Wake, ISU homes at GBS, The Gang homes at LL, etc.

But a peaceful multifaction squad like -=Cygnus=- has a harder time. Not having the desire/ability to defend an unreg station, and no way to ensure that equipment stocked by us remains to be used by us means we don't have a central place to call home. In anticipation of Ep2 we have surveyed space and have selected a location that has multiple benefits for us. It will allow squads like ours to become a huge power in the game, conceivably with hundreds of members and a network of stations located throughout space with the ability to create our own economy and establish trade with other large coalitions. POS will essentially create the ability for squads to become demi-factions.

My personal gameplay however will be affected mainly by the new ships. Lately I've been spending a lot more time in unreg, and it's amazing the huge untapped potential that it has. It has huge asteroid fields rich in Rad, Semi, Precious and Ice that are rarely used currently. The main reason for this is the relative frailty and lack of speed of mining ships. I have high hopes for either the heavy miners or the advanced fighters to be the ultimate unreg exploration vessel. IMHO, the Intensity, the Traveler, and the Hurricane are the best ships of any class in the "Light Miner" role in any sort of space where conflux (c4 and above) encounters are likely.

All of these ships have shortcomings though. They have either sufficient thrust, sufficient defenses, or sufficient cargo, but not all three. I really hope that one of the newer ships have an ability to accelerate under load, carry a mix of mining lasers and guns to both mine and defend itself while retaining a good extraction rate, and have enough cargo space to make it worth the trip. If this is the case I think that there will be a huge expansion of play into unregulated space and regulated sectors currently considered too risky for "non-combat" vessels.

Also, the new freighter and fighters will allow an expansion of fluxing and cargo hauling. It seems most pilots divide their time evenly between hauling (for profit or experience) or fighting. Obviously there are pilots that only do one or the other, but regardless I think that the new ships will have the largest impact on people's play more than any other new feature.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2003 7:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

muffy edited for clarity because Virgin was clear as mud
Piracy Tools; Burglary, Scanning & Cargo bombs
GM_Virgil wrote:
No time to put both AFs and piracy tools into this patch, so AFs out/Piracy in.

a new MODx will become available that will allow the Insight to remove objects from player holds, tenatively called the Burglar.
  1. The rules will be nearly the same as they are to take an artifact. The time between initial targeting and transfer will take longer, but the time can be decreased by using multiple guns. (one item from cargo randomly grabbed per successful transfer)
  2. If the pirating act occurs within regulated space, the pirate will immediately drop to -3 PR for the first act, and will drop another 3 PR for each additional act down to a maximum of -15. Bounties will be announced as well
  3. The item stolen from the hold is random, based on the RELATIVE quantity of the items. For example, if a pilot is carrying 200 units of water, and 50 units of aluminum, a pirate targeting them will have an 80% chance of getting water, and a 20% chance of pulling out aluminum.
With EP2, all existing scanning equipment will be receiving an upgrade, and can be used to scan player ships.
  1. The scanner will always return the item of the highest quantity READ: item description only. not quantity
  2. (randomly if more than one with exact same quantity)
  3. and the player will be notified that they are being scanned.
If the random item selection happens to pull a Trap instead of a normal item, the cargo bomb will immediately detonate, destroying the pirate vessel from the inside.

Our question this week is to ask "What you think of the additions above, and how do you think these three items will change the state of Jumpgate?" Please let us know your thoughts here.
HiTekHick wrote:
On a good (or bad - again, perspective) note, we will have scanners so that anyone who wants to farm, can. And those who oppose farming can shoot down the farmers (with confidence that they are getting the right people).

Heck, they could probably take a few MCs before they blow up the farmer...

Not that I really care about farming...

Questions arising from this...
Capt.Morgan wrote:
A few quick questions:
:?: Does the pilot being scanned get told who is scanning him? Or just a generic "You have been scanned" msg?
8ball The pilot is told which player is scanning him when the scanning occurs.

:?: Do you still get a bounty for stealing cargo in unreg or if your target is HG and you are HG? (from the assumption the bounty only comes because of the civ/HG system)
8ball You do not get a bounty for stealing in unregulated space, but I am not sure if HG's are allowed to steal from each other. I'll check with Josh on that one.

:?: I believe this has been answered, but: Both ships (the pirate and the target) can fly full speed ahead while the transaction occurs and the target does not have to be damaged?
8ball Both ships can be moving while this happens, and the pilot does not need to be damaged. Stealing cargo will not damage the pilot either.

VERY NICE QUERIES! from a scum pirate one step from a griefer, but hey! better questions than *cough*someone*cough* we know.

I do have one...the RANGE on these scanners. I'm assuming it's the same as Anomaly (200m)? or will it be anything you can target within radar range?
Agarn wrote:
For those of us considering the mining implications, can these be used to move minerals from one ship to another?

Will item transfer at a constant rate or could two stationary objects transfer items at a greater speed?

oh. another one occured to me: what about a tow with 500 MCs, and his friends using Lt.Miners strip the hell out of him - then the target disco's? will he get back to station if he disconnects after 6 minutes with his pre-launch cargo onboard?

:?: If the 1st thing that a pirate takes is a Trap, will he be bountied b4 or after he takes it? ie, if he is still civ when he is destroyed then will he be uninsured and will the cargo pilot get the bounty reward?
8ball The bounty happens immediately after the pirate begins the transfer attack, before they get any items at all. I'm not sure whether or not the cargo pilot will get a bounty award if their Trap kills a known criminal - I'll see if I can get an answer on that as well.
:?: For those of us considering the mining implications, can these be used to move minerals from one ship to another?
8ball These items will not be able to transfer ore between players without the normal penalties.
:?: Will item transfer at a constant rate or could two stationary objects transfer items at a greater speed?
8ball They are also not 'streaming', as mining is, whole individual units are transferred one at a time instead.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2003 12:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

more piracy answers
GM_Virgil wrote:
First, I was incorrect on the bounty process - you do not immediately drop to -3 PR, instead you get -3 PR for every theft. But, you do immediately get a temporary bounty, regardless of your PR level.

Honor Guards will not be able to steal from Honor Guards without getting bounty - in fact, any pirating activity in TRI space will earn the -3 PR and a temporary bounty. This includes trying to steal from bountied pilots. Thievery is not allowed in any regulated space areas.

There will probably also be an 'enhanced scanner', which will be a combination of having a scanner and Burglar MODx - the exact method that this will use is still being determined, but it will not provide a full list of cargo either.

Cargo bombs are still planned to be immediate kills - ships are not protected against attacks from the interior, and there is a substantial risk in pirating. Not all thefts from a ship carrying cargo bomb are guaranteed death, as you are not guaranteed to pull a bomb - you could get normal cargo instead.

Whether or not the cargo pilot gets the bounty reward for a death to a cargo bomb is still being decided

red edited color is my addition, since i'm bloody sure Virgil isn't toilet trained yet.

More questions
MG general forum sticky on piracy tools
i posed some rather troubling questions. disconnect after theft does what when you get back to station? what about griefers stealing n00b's transport mission cargo? There's also the clarification of noInsurance rule that i need confirming. (what gives you zero insurance. any negPR? or just homePR?)
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2003 5:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

<table cellpadding=2 cellspacing=1 border=0 align=center><tr style='background: #999999;'><td width=120 style='background: none'>HeavyMiners</td><td align='center' width=120><b>Quantar</b><br>(<i>Khamsin</i>)</td><td align='center' width=120><b>Octavian</b><br>(<i>Vulture</i>)</td><td align='center' width=120><b>Solrain</b><br>(<i>Lodestar</i>)</td></tr><tr style='background: #666666;'><td>Capacitor</b></td><td align='center'>2</td><td align='center'>3</td><td align='center'>2</td></tr><tr style='background: #333333;'><td>ECM</b></td><td align='center'>3</td><td align='center'>3</td><td align='center'>3</td></tr><tr style='background: #666666;'><td>Engines</b></td><td align='center'>2</td><td align='center'>2</td><td align='center'>2</td></tr><tr style='background: #333333;'><td>Engine Size</b></td><td align='center'>4</td><td align='center'>4</td><td align='center'>4</td></tr><tr style='background: #666666;'><td>Gun Mounts</b></td><td align='center'>3</td><td align='center'>2</td><td align='center'>3</td></tr><tr style='background: #333333;'><td>Gun Loadout</b></td><td align='center'>6|1|1</td><td align='center'>5|5</td><td align='center'>6|1|1</td></tr><tr style='background: #666666;'><td>Missiles</b></td><td align='center'>2</td><td align='center'>3</td><td align='center'>2</td></tr><tr style='background: #333333;'><td>MODx</b></td><td align='center'>4</td><td align='center'>5</td><td align='center'>4</td></tr><tr style='background: #666666;'><td>Powerplant</b></td><td align='center'>4</td><td align='center'>4</td><td align='center'>4</td></tr><tr style='background: #333333;'><td>Radar</b></td><td align='center'>4</td><td align='center'>4</td><td align='center'>4</td></tr><tr style='background: #666666;'><td>Shields</b></td><td align='center'>3</td><td align='center'>4</td><td align='center'>3</td></tr><tr style='background: #333333;'><td>Armor</b></td><td align='center'>13500</td><td align='center'>16800</td><td align='center'>14400</td></tr><tr style='background: #666666;'><td>Cargo</b></td><td align='center'>280</td><td align='center'>260</td><td align='center'>265</td></tr><tr style='background: #333333;'><td>Drag</b></td><td align='center'>32.5</td><td align='center'>33.5</td><td align='center'>33</td></tr><tr style='background: #666666;'><td>Hull Mass</b></td><td align='center'>46000</td><td align='center'>49500</td><td align='center'>48750</td></tr></table>

All that's gobbledeegook. Layman's terms? easy.
Quantar maxV (cruise) = 443 ;accel (AB) = 116
Octavia maxV (cruise) = 437 ;accel (AB) = 103
Solrain maxV (cruise) = 440 ;accel (AB) = 111
*total mass calc'd for Eng/Pp/Shield/Cap/Armour/Hull*

    comparison for cruise speeds can be found here
    and comparison for acceleration can be found here
Warning! that "suggestions" thread contains THE most unreal collection of cliches possible. lol see here for parody.
Ah ha! but Virgil replies to that thread with another update:
GM_Virgil wrote:
The 6|1|1 mining combination is faster than the 5|5 combination, though not by a huge margin - obviously if you remove one gun for defense purposes on each ship the Oct ship drops off a lot more than the others. The Oct ship is purposely designed to follow it's own faction lines and have potential to function as a small, not-very-maneuverable, gunboat as well.

I'll get the pitch/yaw/roll stats up later today - I didn't have them listed in my sheet.

It's not intended that the HM be able to obtain all the mining medals alone - the model is smaller than a tow+cargo container right now, and it is likely to be shrunk a bit before release. An ore transfer mechanism is in the plans for after EP2, which will help in obtaining the medals using both a miners and tows.

New ECM's coming. They're cool. You'll like them.
GMHollis wrote:
Yes, roid capacities are being discussed with NetDevil indeed. A further point to above: At the moment, the 5|5 and 6|1|1 are both faster in mining than the 4|4|4|4 of the Light Miner, so, this is safe too.

Last edited by MajorFreak on Thu Mar 20, 2003 12:10 pm; edited 9 times in total
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13th Warrior

PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, 2003 6:39 pm    Post subject: Pirates should rightly fear ALL cargo haulers now... Reply with quote

GM_Virgil wrote:
Cargo bombs are still planned to be immediate kills - ships are not protected against attacks from the interior, and there is a substantial risk in pirating. Not all thefts from a ship carrying cargo bomb are guaranteed death, as you are not guaranteed to pull a bomb - you could get normal cargo instead.

Any fool can calculate strength. That one's been doing from the moment they saw us. Now he has to calculate what he can't see
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13th Warrior

PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, 2003 6:44 pm    Post subject: [continued] Reply with quote

...Or fear what he doesn't know
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2003 9:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

GM_Virgil wrote:
The most notable bug fix this week (in my opinion), and a great relief to miners everywhere, is a fix for the ore loss on disconnection. No longer will you drop out for a few moments, reconnect in space, and find that a host of tribbles have eaten all the freshly mined ore from your hold. Combined with last weeks fix for artifacts wiping the ore from your hold, this should make it a lot easier to keep the ore in your ship until you have a chance to bring it to market.

Almost as notable, and equally welcome, is a fix to the infamous bug that has caused hundreds of pilots to crash into the inner launch tube while launching with the Docking Computer MODx. The Docking Computer will now make sure that it shuts itself off before you launch.

This weeks question is a bit more contentious, and has caused a bit of a stir on the test server - it deals with the ability to /home at a station. Should a player be able to /home at a player-station in opposing faction space? What about stations in Amanath or Hyperial space? Please let us know your thoughts here.

I've put up a humdinger poll over on MG forums, here. (unfortunately, it seems to have been corrupted into something i don't fully understand)
    this "HG" option in that poll was never intended, since i didn't fully understand the implication. Thought it meant enable /home. period...Then i thought it meant "enable /home and registry switch" it's clear to me that it was "enable /home for CIV only in other playable faction space"?? wtf
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ThemisGroup announcement; MightyGames announcement
ewwwwwwww kay. uhm...uh. i don't know what to say about this one. seems like there needs to be some questions answered before i even begin giving a summary.
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Brutus wrote:
The Reason for the past delays is because of Ep2 is an extension of the Jumpgate engine, And the JG engine wasn't coded for Player owned stations, nor hyperspace nor the huge ass roids that will be in Ep2 soon after it is released They just have to finish coding everything and that takes a long time, Things are winding down to the point were we will be able to release Ep2. The current content alone will be enough to keep you busy for months on end.

And by the way, The way I remember It took Jumpgate 2 years To be alpha\Beta tested, So ep2 is taking a shorter time than Jumpgate beta to be beta tested.

Oh your wining about the Factory Module. The Factory module will be in a Post ep2 patch as soon as everything is figured out.. You will be getting enough modules to keep you busy for a while.

A person such as yourself should be grateful that they are releasing Episode 2 at all. Jumpgate will regain its customer base. The numbers are slowly rising and many people are just taking their time. Some people are burned out.

Netdevil has been working their assess off to get Episode 2 out, Show a little Graditude at least, BTW look at the TRI mission, They are obviously close to Ep2.

I'm an Episode 2 Beta tester FYI..

BTW Netdevil will be continuing their normal "Smaller" patches after episode 2 and they will reimpliment the stuff taken out after they finish things up..
Judson wrote:
True, we would like to have a complete update as we've been waiting patiently for so long (most of you longer than I). But the items they are leaving out I don't see as of great impact.

The PoS factory issue I understand and agree with. The game's economy is hosed and slowly creeping towards (hopefully) not being hosed. To introduce a new element could be disastrous. I agree; test some more. And there might be a retrofit option. We don't know yet.

Super roids: Yes, I wanted to see these. But, so what? And graphical design is more than simply "blow it up 500% and there ya go." I know that and I'm not a programmer.

Only the squad warfare interface is missing from Jossh, not the sector claiming function and that (as I understand) is the heart of squad warfare. I'm sure some enterprising individuals will come up with a method to track squad war results in the interim. But who really needs to keep score if you're having fun?

75% of the update missing? Not that I see. Maybe 25-35%, ( WHICH IS NOTHING TO BRAG ABOUT, ND!) but not as bad as Thorshmr suggests.

I'm more concerned about the "when" than the "what."
Teonix wrote:
Lol, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time Im not sure what ya'll smoking, but its obviously good and I would like some..

75% of the content isn't being released? Roflmao

Here is a short list of some what is still being released:

- Player Owned Station (Along with all the other modules except for the factory module)
- Conflux Galaxy, along with many new fluxies to keel.
- A ton of new ships, 12 I believe.
- Sector Claiming
- Pirate Tools
- New equiptment
- Hyperdrive

and much much more!!!

The first three alone (POS, Confluc Galaxy/New Flux, and new ships make up like 80% of ep2!!)

Also, Player owned stations were designed so you buy the core in either 2 mod, 4 mod or 8 mod types. You can then add at any time later on your mods, so you CAN save a slot for factory, or you might even be able to destroy an existing mod and replace it with a factor one.

I have no problem with them temporarily removed the factor mod as it *could* have a devestating effect on the already sketchy economy.

Squad warfare... he clearly stated it wouldn't be very long after ep2 released before they included this and it sounded like most of what remains for this feature is just that JOSSH side of it. Besides, sector claiming is still being included in ep2, so that will suffice until then.

Giant roids? Well, cool feature, and with beacons inside some that will be fun but seriously, think of it in terms of them saving you needless deaths figuring out that "ship a" won't fit down that tiny side tunnel!

To wrap up, I guarantee you that you won't have thoroughly tried everything ep2 has to offer before the minor features they removed until shortly after ep2 are released. There is a LOT of content in ep2, enough that you couldn't possibly try it all before they release a patch.
Fatman wrote:
[the fanboi TPs, GMs and ND] guaranteed (at least thats the way I see it the way [they] defended ND and the HUGE delay of EP2), that everything they promised will be in EP2.

How many times did we hear "This isn't a patch its a Expansion! They can't release bits and pieces they have to release it ALL!"?

Oh well, still sad to hear if true, could of been great for the game, if all the pie in the sky EP2 promises were true, lets just hope whatever they decide to scrape together, call EP2 and let us download ehances the game enough to reinvigorate the playerbase.

I for one remember the fanboi comments that fatman refers to, but i don't think he should have named names. it was kinda silly of him
    the f'ing point is that if they removed features willy-nilly like it's "no problem" one f'ing wonders why the flying $@%#$@ they couldn't have released the core (POS) as a "no problem" patch and called the patch that released the new conflux map as, "EP2:the attack of the conflux"? (that's one of them rhetor icle questions. i suggest noone answer that with fanboi BS simply to derail my point.)
Anyone spindoctoring will get his/her post split and sent off to flame war where i'll merrily debate you THERE
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GM_Virgil wrote:
Ship Level Requirement Update
In other news, it has been decided that since EP2 is bringing both the Freighter and the Heavy Miner with it, the level requirements on the Cargo Tow and the Light Miner will be reduced to 26 and 21 respectively, placing them at Fighter and Transport levels. This also allows for the new ships to be at lower levels, so more players can get into them.

warning! the above pic was posted in full knowledge that anything Josh says is liable to be revised post-haste. (my ironic sense of humour there, sorry)
    remember, these were the guys who said it would be out by summer, more than 2 years ago
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