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PJG: Jumpgate pulled from store shelves

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Joined: 24 Sep 2001
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2001 8:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TRI pilot d3ik just sent in the following story:
"Problem. Big problem. I work for a MAJOR retail computer chain and just out of curiosity i looked up Jumpgateīs product status (how much weīve sold, etc.) and I was shocked at what I saw. The product status has been changed from -A01, denoting an active product that is regularly restocked, to -N65 which basically means it wonīt be ordered or carried anymore. It has an RTV (return to vendor) date of 12/06. I donīt know if this is because we are getting a newer version in under a different product code or what, but I just thought everyone should be alerted to the situation. I searched the rest of the product DB and there were no more entries. Please comment if you have any ties to ND or 3DO and can shed some light on this."
Please note: these are submitted news that show the opinion of d3ik, not PJG's. Therefore the story might be far from unbiased.
Well, where to start... Iīve got this submission two weeks ago, but d3ik and I agreed on holding the news back until I got some response from both 3DO and ND. We both believed that getting the word out without having some proof or at least official words on it might cause more problems than already present, more problems than necessary. I really want to thank d3ik for his cooperation in this matter. Unfortunately, the answer from both sides was "no comment", which makes me believe that there are some legal issues being currently solved.
This issue has been pressing heavily onto my heart for quite some time now, and I need to rant about it a bit. (Heh, cool: PJG, my personal little vent. wink)
Anyways, letīs take a look at the facts then (correct me if Iīm wrong):
1. No in-game support or GM presence for quite some time now. (3DO)
2. Silence on the boards. (3DO; ND has posted a few times in the past - we know theyīre there.)
3. No updated faction missions for weeks. (3DO)
4. No game update 1.0037. (3DO; patchīs done, but wasnīt applied yet.)
5. Silence in the advertising department, therefore lack of subscription power. (3DO; they licensed the marketing rights.)
6. Game is pulled from the store shelves and returned to the vendor. (3DO)
7. Silence in general. (mostly 3DO, but ND as well.)
I try to keep an objective point of view, although itīs pretty hard since I am talking about the game I love, the game I take care of (to some degree). And after pondering about it for weeks now, I have to come to the conclusion that thereīs something going down @ 3DO, not Netdevil.
Why, you ask?
Simple: They love the game. Itīs not about numbers or sales for them; keep in mind that Netdevil has spent several years on the development of Jumpgate. Iīve met them, and if I know only one thing, itīs that itīs not just a job for them, itīs a devotion. They love this game. They wouldnīt let it die, no sir. Itīs my honest, personal belief after having spent some time with them in person and much more time online. Donīt get me wrong, Iīm not claiming to be tight like brothers with them or to be able to look into their minds. Itīs simply my impression, and Iīm not wrong on impressions that much. (Note: if youīre saying they donīt care about this game or itīs players, Iīm afraid youīre an idiot, plain and simple. Still, they are employees and members of a company which is legally bound to contracts and, even more, business relations.)
On the other hand, Iīve exchanged a few mails with several 3DO employees, and I gotta say they were very helpful, polite and devoted to the game. Brian Clayton for example - or even more GM_Mother, no doubt about it. Unfortunately it seems to me that 3DO isnīt necessarily sharing this devotion on a corporate scale.
Conclusion: Iīd say there is some contract changes going on. I donīt know the details of the publishing contracts, but my personal guess is that 3DO is giving up the publishing rights. I might be wrong, tho. But I think if they would simply close the servers and tell everyone to go home Netdevil would start a riot and release wave after wave of contract lawyers. wink Therefore I guess that there is a contract change of some sort soon which gives the publishing rights back to Netdevil or someone else. Iīve pondered about this with a friend, and we both agree on this possibility being the most ...well... possible one. This possibility would explain the "no comment" issue; both sides are waiting for their legal departments to act or - more likely - have signed some sort of a NDA until a certain date. While no representitive of 3DO has said anything about it, Netdevil has at least responded with some honest pleas for patience here, here, here and here. I say "honest" because I doubt theyīd lie about their game, period.
Anyways, whatīs going on for real now? Noone knows. However, it is my firm belief that both ND and employees of 3DO would like to talk about the situation, but canīt for legal reasons. I wonīt blame them. I do, however, blame 3DO as company for handling the situation like they do now. Itīs thin ice Iīm walking on, but for once, I donīt care. PJG might not get their support anymore in the future, but I donīt care. My game is going downhill, and I am fucking angry about the situation.
Well, thatīs all. Discuss.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2001 10:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hmmmm...that'll teach me to go offline for 24hrs. heh.

hmmm...I can tell you that the local ElectronicsBoutique stores in victoria, BC canada still have JumpGate boxes on the shelves and are charging $50.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scorchīs Statement On The Situation

Here's something interesting I read in the review over at's review of Jumpgate about the advertising (or lack thereof). The links to this review is higher up in this thread:

"Whatever bugs developers manage to fix during months of extensive beta testing, there is always still a lot of tweaking and patching that needs to be done on the fly to solve unforeseen glitches once game products go commercially live, whether online or in a box on the shelves of your local retailer. For this reason, both the US and European publishers have avoided hyping the release of Jumpgate so that their prospective gaming audience will not be inflicted with too high expectations, and it seems to be paying off, with 'word-of-mouse' providing Jumpgate with much more gaming credibility than any amount of expensive marketing gimmicks."

Here's another quote later in that review that I think Gossip might like:

"There are many other fan-generated online resources for the game; special mention must go to Carlo Zottmann and his sites and - yes, you can keep track of what's happening in the Jumpgate universe on your mobile phone! Just point your microbrowser at it, and the service will autoload!"

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Joined: 24 Sep 2001
Posts: 501

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2001 7:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's about bloody time! WOOT!

Jumpgate will have scheduled down time today Friday Dec. 21, 2001 from noon
until 2 pm PST.

After this downtime Jumpgate will be upgraded to the latest patch and operations
of the servers will be transferred from The 3DO Company to Netdevil. All accounts
will still be valid, although you will have to re-enter billing information with
Netdevil before your next billing cycle.

Web services and email support will be forwarded during the transitions period.
The new direct addresses will be:
* JOSSH web site:
* Message Boards:
* Support email:
The 3DO Company thanks you for your support and wishes continued success for
Jumpgate and Netdevil.
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