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cool gay porno

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 9:39 pm    Post subject: cool gay porno Reply with quote

go to this url

Get him! Thrust deep! He's here and he's ready for you!

Dip into the maddest gay world - feel it inside. Get closer and you'll get it live and hot - right here, right now.

Click here to face the gay love reality as they see it! Filled with burning lust and wild passion!

Unable to control my desire I grabbed his buttocks and slowly crammed my throbbing dick into his tight ass: His
long hoarse moan sounded like a plea in the darkness of my bedroom and I totally lost control. I thrust again and
again, stroking his tight ass and feeling the fire like never before. His hips moved back and forth together with
mine to meet my every move, every thrust. And we continued our wild dance going faster and faster until I exploded
with a load of cum into his ass.

His teeth were gritted, eyes contracted with a hard convulsive lust. The mirror opposite us showed the hottest
scene I've ever seen: two young boys still in a tight embrace. One of them sighed and with a silent moan pushed his
swollen cock into his lover's ass. He could hardly breathe but was still holding my body in his hands, touching my
rock hard soaking cock as his own pulsating member carefully went on thrusting deep into my burning ass.

go to this url

I felt incredibly hot and excited. I was lost in the storm of cool tingling sensations, unable to say a word - only
moan: His hands were rubbing my ass, massaging and tickling it so that I thought I would die - I couldn't see his
face but as his tongue slipped into my asshole I let out a short scream - the feeling was definitely wild! Unable to
control myself I was meandering and shuddering as he went on caressing and sucking my cock and balls, licking my
asshole and driving me more and more insane:

I gasped and at the same moment got his cock into my mouth: It was rather unexpectedly - but rather hot! The sweet
taste of his pre-cum on my tongue appeared to be a greatest turn on for me - and in a moment my cock became rock
hard. Feeling my state, he seized it gently with his fingers and started stroking it all along the shaft - faster
and faster: As my lips and tongue were doing the same with his own hard dick:

The feeling of his huge hard dick in my ass was really hard. Some kind of sweet pain was mixed with the sharp
delight - I let out a scream unable to hold it inside any more: He was thrusting deep and slow, easily sliding in
and out, as his hands were rubbing and stroking my cock: It was madness, delirium: Thrust! Thrust! Faster and faster
- I screamed again and immediately felt a hot stream of his slippery cum running down my ass and thighs: He moaned
and seized my hips, lunged convulsively and sighed, satiated at least:

That wild feeling of my rock hard cock in his tight ass was driving me crazy. I knew I was the first one and this
fact was a best turn on for me - this kind of anal defloration has been the top of my dreams for too long! With a
hoarse groan I forced into his tight ass again - and immediately heard his moan of lust, pain and delight: His dick
was throbbing and soaking in my hands and I started rubbing and massaging it, caressing the shaft and small shaved
balls: I was in heaven:

I let out a scream when he forced his huge dick into my ass - deafened with pain and some desperate delight I
choked with moan and started moving my hips to meat his thrusts: He seized my ass to control my meandering body and
forced again - deep and hard: Then again - faster and faster:

Feeling dull? Sad, tired and fed up with everything around? Right on the verge of some kinda nervous break down? So
can you now deny that you need it badly - need to feel something new, hard, indescribably hot and wanted? So just
think for a short while - what is a greatest turn on for you? What drives you mad and wanting each time you're
horny? What is the reason of that insatiable frenzy that turns your breath into ragged gasps so that you can hardly
keep from doing something really crazy?

Close your eyes. Lose you mind. Forget about your fat angry lady-boss, forget about your everyday routine that
keeps you away from dipping into your wild fantasies - feel free and ready to do it now. This is the highest time to
let your dreams be.

Do you see these boys? IS this hot feeling inside - so common for you? Do you feel those chills and tingles rising
upper from your crotch? Are those wild sensations - what you really need? Just whisper now - Yes: - and get closer.
Breathe in and remember all those times you had to go away, saying - "Just one more kiss, and I'll be gone: I won't
write I won't call you :I swear that I'll be strong: Just one more taste of you - and I'll be fine:" But you meant -
that you'd said it that day - but the next one you'd know that you'd been lying:

Remember - and forget - this is your past. And look at them once again - this is your future. Long lasting and
wanted - top of your desperate dreams forever. Spread your hand - they're so close that you can touch them: Young
and free - loving one another with that incredible tender lust that young lovers possess: Join them, feel it inside
tearing you apart - this is passion.

Create your own private world, corresponding to all your demands and wishes - this site is the best place for
facing all your dreams comen true: Wanna young hot boy couples? They're here for you: wanna be present at all their
maddest games and orgies? You're welcome - and this site is only a gate! All you have - is to join now - and the
whole eternity will change and revolve according to your hard desires.

There inside you'll see them live, overwhelmed with their love, when no one is around - but they two. And nothing
matters - but two young bodies, still in the tight embrace, breathing hard: sweet kiss, that lingers, takes you in:
isn't it hot? There're no words - there's only truth. Only emotions, feelings, sensations:They move together up and
down - madder, faster, deeper - they levitate, and bodies sore: And again you feel this in your blood - because
you've finally found your home - nobody knows you like they do, and there's racing within your heart -: and you're
barely touching them, still unable to believe: But you must believe - this is yours now. Make a small step to the
paradise - join! And fly to the heaven of Gay Love:

go to this url
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 6:25 pm    Post subject: muffybot™ Reply with quote

that is fucking classic. unfortunately, i'll bet even gay people would find that boring as shit. i'm tempted to register yer stupid fucking name just so i can stick as your avatar, you cum-guzzling assmunching spammer.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 10:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

since that loser has decided it's fun to cum back to tease us, i've gone to great lengths to bring you such wonders as

GOATSE.CX!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeee ah, the horrible horrible memory.

the moron spammers seem to get quite attached to their nicks. everytime i register them under their handle, they tend to get discouraged and fuck right off. (pst. this idiot's password is 'moron'; have fun) That and it's bloody worth the hilarity of mocking them. Hey! bloody fun waste of time, that's for sure.

Last edited by Heretic on Sun Oct 09, 2005 11:16 pm; edited 2 times in total
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 11:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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