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PvP 101

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 5:03 pm    Post subject: PvP 101 Reply with quote

CFS-Navy wrote:

These are something you cannot fight without and as an old creedo says; "information is ammunition", always make sure you bring a few of these up before your fleet. Also before you warp your fleet anywhere you should have it scouted out and see what/if force's are there including there range, type and how many. Also try set the alts to clone near the area so you can keep using and using them.

Another use for alts are for "on the fly" insta jump bookmarks, basically get a alt in a very fast frigate in your gang and have him move just ahead of your fleet, when he comes out of a jump gate have him warp straight to the next jump gate on your destination and fly 15km past it. This will allow the rest of your fleet to warp to him and you will end up right on top of the gate and can insta jump. It means your fleet of 30 BS can now travel battle ready almost as fast as a frigate, anywere you want.

Medium security space

Below .5 sec systems that are not in empire space concord will not respond but sentry guns will, this means you can kill in space just not around stargates and station's with sentry guns. The 2 ways of avoiding this is to

1. Fire outside the range of the sentry guns (different guns have different ranges) and they cannot attack you.

2. Tank the sentries, this involves tanking your ship and have your gang mates transfer shields to you, get the aggression from the sentries on you and once you are receiving more shields then loosing you’d can sit there safely shooting every ship you see as the guns will continue shoot you. Also you need to keep the aggression on you. A good idea is to have many people with sensor links giving you an amazing lock time so you can nab even pods and shuttles before they warp out.

Fleet Battle
10. Prepare for lag, this is an evil that comes hand in hand with large battles, as described earlier it can affect your performance in battle considerably. Close chat windows, minimize unnecessary UI, pre-open scanners and click everyone in your local so there picture is already loaded before warping into battle. (Use Ctrl+Tab to remove all chat windows)

12. While camping a gate or station keep in mind the engine eve uses although acts completely 3D, it is infact rather linear. If you want to engage an enemy at 40k sit 40k above/below the station/gate, when your enemy warps in they will appear around the middle plane of the gate/station’s Y axis at the distance they selected, not on top or below the station/gate you are so you can camp and engage the enemy at long range no matter if your enemy wants to get up close and personal.

14. Emmm, not sure where to put this so ill put it here. Its a camera zoom i dicovered along time ago. Press and hold the right mouse button and swing the camera in the direction u want to look along its X,Y Axis. Then while still holding the right button press and hold the left mouse button(this allows the change of the Z-Axis. While pressing the 2 of these you can move up and down with your mouse and it will zoom in and out to great distances. To accurately zoom into an object the trick is to always hold the right mouse button (left mouse button locks the camera so you cant move it along its X,Y Axis, just its Z-Axis) and press and realse the left mouse button as needed to acurate point the camera on your target.

This is great for sight-seeing and also is good for close inspection of ships so you can actually see what guns they have on >:).

Tips if engaging cruisers and battleships in your frigate:

Keep at least 5km away from the battleships at all time! This is the range of large smartbombs and if the battleship has a few, you run a high risk of not only being destroyed but also podded. No speed or agility in the world will save you from a smartbomb's radius.

If the ship launches drones, quickly fly away. As soon as the drones have acquired a lock on you and started firing, they will continue to do so for a very long time, even if you hurry away with your MWD. They always hit for maximum damage as well, making them a frigateers worst nightmare. Be prepared to warp away if they start firing on you!
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Auraurious wrote:
Im also a relatively new player (two months) but i have focused most of my energy on pvping and have a decent amount of experience in it. the first thing you should worry about is getting into a good pvp corp, preferable one that is part of a small alliance (so you have enough people to fight with/against at any given time.
pvping solo is not really a reliable option until you've got at least 6 months pvp experience, so trying to do this will probly just result in you dieing again, and again, and again.
once you are in a decent corp you should, first things first, make sure you have 100% insurance on all your ships, and a clone at least one lvl above your current amount of skill points. you die a lot pvping when your just starting out. (i have died like 15 times in my two months of pvping, and lost about 10 pods). don't worry though, you get used to dying and die less and less with time.
your first job as a new pvper in the corp will almost always be tackling, you should have the skills to use a mwd (already covered in your case), a warp scrambler, and a webifier. its also a good idea to devote a week or so training up your enginering skills to get enough energy to allow your to operate your modules long enough for your buddies to kill whoever your tackling (anywhere from 5 seconds to 2.5 minutes in extremely rare cases).
don't worry about your turret/missile/dmg dealing skills at the moment. you won't be flying anything that will make it worth it. in fact you should only be flying cheap frigs for your first month or two of pvping that way you can afford to loose them, and let me repeat, you WILL loose them.
after a month or two you should move upt to electronic warfare, and be able to afford the ships required, but i won't delve into that, as your corp should show you how to use them anyway.
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