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Low Sec Mining 101

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 11:28 pm    Post subject: Low Sec Mining 101 Reply with quote

Sergeant Spot wrote:
Marcus gave excellent advice, but I have a couple of things to add to it.

#1: Make sure everyone understand how they are suspose to react to a pvp situation before you even enter low security space.

My suggestion is that you tell the miners you are there to cover them against NPC threats, NOT player pirate threats. Your Raven is more expensive than their mining ships. When I've mined in the past, I've always told the combat cover pilots that they are there to kill NPCs, NOT to lose the most expensive ships we have present against player pirates. Any miner who cannot understand this is a worthless selfish fool.

In the event of a PvP threat, warp out first, warn other folks second. If everyone is typing to warn, they are not warping. Warp, THEN type.

If you have really powerful forces, you might think about fighting pirates, but clear decisions and plans should be made before the mining op even starts.


If you have TS, you can shout a warning while your hands are entering warp commands.

TS is a MUST for PvP and damn useful in non-pvp situations.

BMs above and below your mining belt can be useful against NPCs, and against player pirates.

Also, when lining up your ships for warp out, when you've picked the object you are going to warp to, make a BM BETWEEN that object and where you are, and another BM 1000km+ PAST the point where you come out of warp at that object. What this does:

:If you have enough warning to use BMs, you can warp directly to safe spot between where you are and the object you are lined up on. From there you can warp to other safe spots, or insta dock. (if you have time to use BMs, you can also insta dock directly if you are lined up to a base and have instas to it).

:If you don't have time to use BMs, you can warp to the object you are lined up on, and then while in warp, ready your BMs, and then when you come out of warp, warp immediately to the BM 1000Km+ directly in front of you (you will already be lined up and moving, so you enter warp very fast). From there you can warp to other safe spots.

Edit: If you have a hauler going back and forth, it is also good to have a BM 1000km+ PAST the belt, so if you get attacked while the hauler is warping to the belt, the hauler can warp to the BM 1000km+ past the belt as soon as he comes out of warp, with no need to turn around.

NONE of this insure survival, but it should keep loses low, or even to zero. Enemy Covert Ops ships are the biggest threat.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 12:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

another point is that 0.0 systems are not all equal. here are the exact security ratings.
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