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current megathron BPC notes

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 8:56 pm    Post subject: current megathron BPC notes Reply with quote

Okay, this thread takes a real hard look at whether or not buying a Megathron off-the-shelf is worth it compared to building one's own. Going rate for one of those is 118million. BPO costs are ludicrous, but the BPC costs are ~2million each.

We're going to start from the supposition that buying a prebuilt Megathron is more cost effective than building one. Simply because it's been proven to me time and time again that trading commodities is more profitable than mining minerals...and the time wasted mining all the ore needed for building a battleship could have been spent on trading commodities.

Anyways, for arguments sake - and because it's very interesting to see the guts of this stuff - we're going to go through the motions:
    honestly, i'd thought that with a decent BPC and good skills i could make a battleship that would be much cheaper than an off-the-shelf one, regardless of mineral costs...except, that's not the case.

Escrow cost ~ 2million

Megathron BPC me20 (with skill PE lvl4)
Mineral Requirements
Tritanium : 7,778,346
Pyerite : 1,945,308
Mexallon : 487,547
Isogen : 121,658
Nocxium : 30,370
Zydrine : 7,206
Megacyte : 2,219
Mineral Isk Cost
Tritanium : 22,946,120.7 @ 2.95
Pyerite : 16,146,056.4 @ 8.5
Mexallon : 8,434,563.1 @ 17.3
Isogen : 10,340,930 @ 85
Nocxium : 11,844,300 @ 390
Zydrine : 34,949,100 @ 4850
Megacyte : 9,874,550 @ 4450
Grand Total : 114,535,620.2
Build Time
5 Hours, 0 Minutes, 0 Seconds

With Refinery level 5 , Refinery Efficency level 3 and Scordite Processing level 3 (and standings 2.0; plus 50% refinery)

VELDSPAR (jetcanworth)
275,000 units of Veldspar is 825 batches.
Tritanium: 835,931 units, worth 2,465,996.45 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).

SCORDITE (jetcanworth)
183,333 units of Scordite is 550 batches.
Tritanium: 464,406 units, worth 1,369,997.70 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).
Pyerite: 231,937 units, worth 1,971,464.5 ISK ( 8.5 ISK/unit).

PYROXERES (jetcanworth)
91,666 units of Pyroxeres is 275 batches.
Tritanium: 235,122 units, worth 693,609.90 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).
Pyerite: 16,453 units, worth 139,850.5 ISK ( 8.5 ISK/unit).
Mexallon: 33,437 units, worth 578,460.1 ISK ( 17.3 ISK/unit).
Nocxium: 3,184 units, worth 1,241,760 ISK (390 ISK/unit).

KERNITE (jetcanworth)
22,910 units of Kernite is 57 batches.
Tritanium: 22,277 units, worth 65,717.15 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).
Mexallon: 44,664 units, worth 772,687.2 ISK ( 17.3 ISK/unit).
Isogen: 22,277 units, worth 1,893,545 ISK ( 85 ISK/unit).

JASPET (jetcan worth)
13,750 units of Jaspet is 27 batches.
Tritanium: 7,086 units, worth 20,903.70 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).
Pyerite: 7,086 units, worth 60,231.0 ISK ( 8.5 ISK/unit).
Mexallon: 14,173 units, worth 245,192.9 ISK ( 17.3 ISK/unit).
Nocxium: 7,086 units, worth 2,763,540 ISK (390 ISK/unit).

okie, so we start with Kernite because that's our only source of Isogen. We'll need 125,000 units of the bloody stuff. I haven't calc'd the usual roid capacity of kernite...yet...but i'll add that later. Hypothetically speaking that's 5 1/2 jetcans worth, which i'm guessing is about an entire system's kernite stripmined.
Ore calculator wrote:
125,000 units of Kernite is 312 batches.
With Refinery level 5 , Refinery Efficency level 3 and Kernite Processing level 3 this will give you:

Tritanium: 121,937 units, worth 359,714.15 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).
Mexallon: 244,476 units, worth 4,229,434.8 ISK ( 17.3 ISK/unit).
Isogen: 121,937 units, worth 10,364,645 ISK ( 85 ISK/unit).
Kernite: 200 unrefined units.

Total worth of minerals: 14,953,794.0 ISK (119.82 ISK/unit unrefined ore).

Now, on the the Mexallon/Nocxium. Is it better to stick with pyro or go with jaspet? Well, let's look at it this way: if we stick to only pyro we'll end up mining more mexallon than we need. So let's finish off our mexallon quota with pyro. Okay, we'll need 666,000 units worth of pyroxeres.
Ore calculator wrote:
666,000 units of Pyroxeres is 2,000 batches.
With Refinery level 5 , Refinery Efficency level 3 and Pyroxeres Processing level 3 this will give you:

Tritanium: 1,709,980 units, worth 5,044,441.00 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).
Pyerite: 119,660 units, worth 1,017,110.0 ISK ( 8.5 ISK/unit).
Mexallon: 243,180 units, worth 4,207,014.0 ISK ( 17.3 ISK/unit).
Nocxium: 23,160 units, worth 9,032,400 ISK (390 ISK/unit).

Total worth of minerals: 19,300,965.0 ISK ( 28.98 ISK/unit unrefined ore).

That takes care of that. So how much Nocxium left to grab from Jaspet? Looks like just one jetcan's worth. (which is nothing to sneeze at. they pop pretty quick) So about 14000 units of jaspet
Ore calculator wrote:
14,000 units of Jaspet is 28 batches.
With Refinery level 5 , Refinery Efficency level 3 and Jaspet Processing level 3 this will give you:

Tritanium: 7,349 units, worth 21,679.55 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).
Pyerite: 7,349 units, worth 62,466.5 ISK ( 8.5 ISK/unit).
Mexallon: 14,698 units, worth 254,275.4 ISK ( 17.3 ISK/unit).
Nocxium: 7,349 units, worth 2,866,110 ISK (390 ISK/unit).

Total worth of minerals: 3,204,531.45 ISK (228.89 ISK/unit unrefined ore).

Right then...all done for that. now the easy stuff. Pyerite and Tritanium. Our above mining jaunts have gotten us a grand total of 127,000 pyerite and 1,840,000 tritanium. Let's get the pyerite out of the way. That'll be approx 8 jetcans worth of Scordite. doable. very doable.
Ore calculator wrote:
1,437,000 units of Scordite is 4,315 batches.
With Refinery level 5 , Refinery Efficency level 3 and Scordite Processing level 3 this will give you:

Tritanium: 3,643,478 units, worth 10,748,260.1 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).
Pyerite: 1,819,657 units, worth 15,467,084.5 ISK ( 8.5 ISK/unit).
Scordite: 105 unrefined units.

Total worth of minerals: 26,215,344.6 ISK ( 18.24 ISK/unit unrefined ore).

there we go. the last step is mining Veldspar for the tritanium. We'll need 2,300,000 units of tritanium. about 3 jetcan's worth
Ore calculator wrote:
755,000 units of Veldspar is 2,267 batches.
With Refinery level 5 , Refinery Efficency level 3 and Veldspar Processing level 3 this will give you:

Tritanium: 2,297,037 units, worth 6,776,259.15 ISK ( 2.95 ISK/unit).
Veldspar: 89 unrefined units.

Total worth of minerals: 6,776,259.15 ISK ( 8.97 ISK/unit unrefined ore).

okay, so here's the costs involved:

BPC = 2 million
mined mineral worth = 70 million
Zydrine = 35 million
Megacyte = 10 million

Total cost = 117 million (including sale value of minerals)
    now, the thing is that mining is free. that's an entire 70 million in ISK that you don't have to cough up. how long would it take? let's see...
  • 150,000 m3 of Kernite
  • 200,000 m3 of Pyroxeres
  • 28,000 m3 of Jaspet
  • 215,550 m3 of Scordite
  • 75,500 m3 of Veldspar
...grand total of 670k m3 volume. Well, my Prophecy battlecruiser can suck up 492m3/min with mining skill 4, astrogeo lvl 3, 6 miner2s (excluding drones)

hmmmmm...that would mean 1 man day worth of mining.

okay, is mining for 24hrs using one person worth it? no. in 24hrs 1 person could easily haul commodities to surpass 70million worth of mined minerals.

Is group mining worth it? Not sure...See, electronic Parts runs call for huge sell/buy order volumes which, given the proper seed money, group trading could surpass that.

In the final analysis it is this expert's opinion that building one's own ships is only worth it if you are (a) broke (b) all flush out of prime trading routes (c) have the ability to group mine
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