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0.0 space introduction

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2005 3:48 am    Post subject: 0.0 space introduction Reply with quote

Kai Lae wrote:
Empire people. I'll never understand their mindset....

First, you don't need agents in 0.0 space. We've got serpentis and angel agents in 0.0, and the only reason to do them that I can see is that the angel missions send you against minnie fleet targets. Reason that is of interest is that fountian has serpentis rats (gallente loot), and delve has amarr rats (amarr loot) but nothing for minnie players, except a long trip to empire to buy it. Or you can run missions and get nice things that way. The missions in this respect are a lot more convienent and it costs you a lot less.

Can't insure your ship? Every station in fountian has insurance office that I'm aware of. Now can't insure it because of your wallet? You are failing to realize the new paradigm of isk inflow that is used in 0.0. Belts have battleships in them, the common spawns running from 500k each to 1.5m each. It's very easy to rack up millions in an afternoon on that alone, and that doesn't count selling the good loot you find, such as 1600 tungstens or large accomodation repairers (this is actually where the serious money lies). Kill a commander spawn (9 mil) and maybe you'll end up w/ a shadow serp smartie that you can sell for 70 mil. Torpedoes work wonders on 0.0 rats, a raven is pretty uber against them (anything actually that can chuck large amounts of torpedoes is).

Then you got mining, IE, going out and mining the crokite, bistot, arkonor, and (if skilled) merc rocks. Let's say that you spend 2 hours mining 2000 crokite (fairly reasonable). This yields 5304 zyd if you got a skilled refiner. At typical empire selling price of 4200 per zyd, that works out to 22,276,800 isk. As you can see you can insure a ship in a very short time. The key to all of this is knowing how to operate, which is how to reduce your risks so that you can live successfully. That's why it's usually important to join a 0.0 corp. They know how to operate, and will pass that on to you. There's no reason for someone who wants to go to 0.0 not to do so other than your mindset, though I will say if you won't PvP you have no place there. Mind you, this doesn't mean you have to *like* PvP, but you have to at least be willing to help out.

Why you'd need agents with everything else going on is beyond me. Better agents would be nice but they'll always be a sideshow.

Oh and another thing - there's always something going on in 0.0. Boring? Never.
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