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Logging out

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2005 12:45 am    Post subject: Logging out Reply with quote

Jamus Gooday wrote:
Hi, I though i saw something on this site a while ago that said when you quit the game your ship still stays wherever you left it and it can be destroyed. Is this true? Should I try to quit/log out only when i am inside of a starbase in secure space?

Log out more than 15 minutes after you've last had PvP--you warp away instantly if possible, and you disappear 1 minute later regardless (even if you're scrambled). If it hasn't be 15 minutes since your last PvP, the timer is 15 minutes, not 1 minute.
pagefault wrote:
No, your ship will try to warp out instantaniously.

Your ship will stay at a random place for 1min (normal) or 15 mins (pvp timer), and can be found there until it dissapears. But: finding a ship in a random place within 1 minute is virtually impossible, even within 15mins it requires quite an effort, and won't happen to u unless some1 has really really good reasons and skills and the right items to find u.

All of the above is not true, if u are warpscrambled. Your ship will just sit there and wait until it disapears. (in this case this usually includes a nice explosion, or someone just boarding it)

conclusion: it is 99% save to log in space, as long as u are not warpscrambled, and no1 is near you that can use the few seconds until u enter warp to scramble u.
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