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Clearing the Cache

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 4:47 pm    Post subject: Clearing the Cache Reply with quote

Teela Belwynn wrote:

I didn't see any such topic here so I thought I'd post one, triggered by a player talking about a GM 'solution' that was simply "-Clear the cache.", which screwed that players behind quite good when BM's/Buddies/Settings were gone the next day.
Please GM's, be more specific and helpful.


Crashes To Desktop, or 'CTD's', can trigger clearings of the cache, specifically the 'Settings' folder, which contains bookmark folder locations and buddylist sorting among all sorts of other character specific settings. Which is bad should you end up losing it.

This happened to me this morning.. had a CTD last night and didnt log back on, skipped it since I was going to bed anyway.. this morning when I logged back in, I got all the default windows popping up, (Constellation channel, Ship/Item hangars, Charsheet and the Station tutorial) all my created and joined chat channels were gone, bookmarks were in one single folder and my buddylist had lost it's folders (all buddies were still there though).

When checked, the 'Settings' folder was wiped clean, the files were newly created and contained no info or settings.

Fortunately I keep backups so I was able to restore to yesterdays date, since little had changed in BM's or friends, little damage was done.

Anyway.. it could have been worse, so here I am posting about it, to warn people and urge them to keep backups aswell.

Things you need to save (when re-installing for instance aswell) are:

  • The 'prefs.ini' in .\EVEDIR\cache\ <- this file contains your bootup settings, resolution, password and the like.

  • The entire 'Settings' folder in .\EVEDIR\cache\ <- this directory contains your character settings, for all characters, bm folders, buddylist folders, created and joined chat channels, colorsettings, everything.

  • The 'bookmarkedSites.txt', 'ignoredSites.txt' and 'trustedSites.txt' files in .\EVEDIR\cache\Browser <- these files, should you have any of them, contains your EVE Browser bookmarks and settings.


  • The .\EVEDIR\cache\Pictures\Portraits\ directory <- This contains all the avatars of people you've 'met' and could save some time or trouble would it be kept, but it's by no means vital.[/*]

That's all you need to save, everything else under the .\EVEDIR\cache\ directory is no harm done if removed.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 6:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ishtari wrote:
Most trouble are caused by the 3 macho... files.
Another good thing is to regularly remove the logs stored on your harddisk they take up quite some place after a few months.
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