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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 10:00 am    Post subject: Skills Reply with quote

hi. welcome aboard. First of all you'll probably want to check out the left hand side of your screen. there you'll see your pilot's name and a icon of a person with hands and legs outstretched. that's the character info window. click on that.

You'll open to see your character's picture, very large. There's a few menus and if you're not at the skill section, just click on the appropriate tab.

Now, you'll have your skills you chose for your starter career, plus the mining skill. They are mostly at level one, and rank1.
  • when we say, "level" we mean how many tally marks are in the 5 slot bar
  • when we say, "rank" we mean the level number listed in parenthesis right after the name of the skill
  • CCP, yes CCP are morons. let's ignore that and think happy thoughts. yes, happy thoughts like Smegel
To train a skill all you need is time. that's it. oh, and you have to right click on the skill you want to increase. you'll get a notice on how long this will take...there's no other resource needed.

Except if you want a new skill. now, that takes MONEY. you buy skillbooks from Academies and the like.

You can modify the rate of training (how long it takes to train to the next level) by increasing your attributes. Either by restarting a new character with high intelligence and perception (two of the most widely required attributes,) or you can invest in implants (and the cybernetics skill) plus training learning skills.

There's a formula for it and everything, but i highly recommend you don't waste your time when a n00b on training "learning" skills, yet. I'd only recommend training any learning skill if you're planning on training a skill to level 3 - ONLY then should you think about the cost effectiveness of getting your learning skills started.

The way it works is governed by the law of diminishing returns, so going nuts and training learning to lvl5, etc, will take away a priceless commodity: time. Do you want Eidetic memory lvl5, or do you want to fly a destroyer early in your career?

oh, as for the primary and secondary attributes? i've been kind enough to work up a summary picture:

you can find it there along with condensed tips and tricks i've gleaned over the months.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

there's a sticky in skills forum that explains the best approach to training the learning skill category.

The Law of Diminishing Returns
Personally, i recommend the approach that prevents you WASTING time...
  • training a skill to lvl3, train the primary and secondary, plus learning to lvl1
  • training a skill to lvl4, train the primary and secondary, plus learning to lvl2
  • Training a skill to lvl5, train the primary and secondary, plus learning to lvl3
  • The above assumes you're dealing with a low ranked skill...high rank skills i'd bump that up by one or two, depending.
Eidetic memory lvl5 is great. problem is, the elitists go on and on about how much time you'll "save", but i'm pragmatic enough to realize that requires absolutely no thought and is actually counter-productive. If you're thinking about advanced learning skills, you'd best only consider such if you were going after extremely high ranked skills such as Battleship and others of it's ilk.
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