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Eve-online & Shiva/Exodus expansion

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:22 am    Post subject: Eve-online & Shiva/Exodus expansion Reply with quote

The thread in question (see first embedded link) was about the new careers and how agent runners got the shaft. It's quite interesting and worth a read just for the first post.

Pandora Panda wrote:
Jessica Mulligan wrote:
Once the game is launched, customer-service people should be dictating fixes and changes to the dev team, or at the very least controlling the process. Unfortunately, it usually works out to be the reverse; the head of the dev team ends up being in charge of the "live" game.

This is a mistake; most dev teams should be gagged, muzzled, and forbidden direct contact with the players on the pain of a horrifying death to loved ones and idols. Dev teams are less concerned with the actual players' game experience, than with players experiencing the game in the way the team intended them to. After two to three years of development, they have a ton of emotional baggage concerning their "baby," and they tend to get downright hostile when someone plays it in a way the team did not intend. This leads to the nerfing--the willy-nilly changing of the design to stop unintended play patterns--and similar reactionary silliness we see in some of today's current MMOGs.
I couldnt possibly agree less. In my opinion, large-scale community demand is usually responsible for the most idiotic changes in MMOGs. Community interaction is useful for identifying bugs, exploits, and horrible unbalances. After that, its mostly selfishness. A good MMOG will have a developer that knows when to ignore whiny bastard players.
and thus you provide a most useful seque...

Midlife Crisis:

Somewhere along the way the gods begin to feel pressured and they begin to withdraw. Slightly at first, simply going invisible, but they still talk regularly with players. But it does not stop, things slide more and more and they find themselves slowly cutting even simple player discussion down. Soon the Imms find themselves only talking to their peers. They start to see players as a bunch of whiney cheaters who are there simply there to take advantage of the generosity offered by the immortal staff.

Another thing that seems to happen about this time is that the gods begin to re-examine things that a year or six months ago were just fine and were accepted as normal. For some reason they reach a point where they find fault with things that were okay just a month ago. Imms also begin to care less and less about the PEOPLE on the mud, those who the mud was originally built to serve, and they begin to think more in terms of the CREATION - that is their computer-code, damage-tables, or the fact that people seem to be actually having too much success by leveling in a quicker manner than the gods think is reasonable.

In short the admins lose sight of the fact that people are having FUN, and instead choose to dwell upon the fact that the mud didn't evolve, and players didn't play in the way that they had pre-structured in their own minds.
personally, i think agent runners only did it for standings. I don't see how even lvl3 agent runners before exodus could possibly compete with the miners.

fyi, the newest patch corrects the "constant" standings reward.
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