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Perud Constellation (or, where to buy offices)

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2004 11:17 am    Post subject: Perud Constellation (or, where to buy offices) Reply with quote

the point of this thread is agents. and offices. Where is the best location to situate an office to take advantage of a bunch of agents.

i've discovered that agent quality is quite important. a highest quality lvl1 agent gives more than double the rewards. I'm pretty sure location is as well, since the more constellations neighbouring yours the more farflung any missions will be. that's bad.

The best possible combination is finding as many high quality lvl1 agents at one station in a system with as few neighbouring constellations as possible. (i'm betting lvl1 missions won't give you different regions for waypoints)
    i'll have to test that
anyways, let's start by posting the map info i have off hand.


Chardu (hi Q agents),
Hoosa (hi Q agents)
Parud (hi Q agents)
SanMatar (hi Q agents)
Somi (hi Q agents)
Throne (hi Q agents)
Yetki (hi Q agents)
Zemont (hi Q agents)

The Hinterstars

Now, there are a few constellations that form loops when connected. The area around Penirgman system is no different.
Febihkin (between Gebem & Somi - parallel with Moghiz; hi Q agents)
Maddam (off of Throne; hi Q agents)
Megeh (between Mobit, Hoosa & Yekti; hi Q agents)
Moghiz (between Gebem & Somi - parallel with Febihkin; hi Q agents)
Norgoh (between Somi & Sosarir; hi Q agents)
Qeti (between Chardu & Maddam; hi Q agents)
Sosarir (between Maddam, Norgoh & Zemont; hi Q agents)


There's also a few other constellations that can be reached within 3 jumps of Penirgman:
Arvachah (via Tash-Murkon Prime; hi Q agents)
Gebem (via Kor-Azor Prime; hi Q agents)
Mobit (via Akhragan; hi Q agents)
Sanctum (via Manarq; hi Q agents)

Spinward Marches
Armi? (one exit)

The most important criteria are:
    the higher the priority the more weight is given to the decision to rent an office...that means that the "corp RP" had better be damned good, if all the other priorites haven't been met, if you want to rent that office
  • Does the constellation form part of a CLOSED loop around Penirgman system?
  • Are there Laboratories nearby?
  • Are there 50% refining bases near?
  • Are there factories nearby?
  • Where's the region's mineral market?
  • How many >0.8 security roid belts are there nearby?
  • How many <0.6 security roid belts are there nearby?
  • Are there alot of agents at a station?
  • Are they high quality?
  • Does the corporation match your corporation's RP?
Mulata is an example of what i consider a reject constellation, even though it meets the highest criteria (totally closed loop). It's because the RP justification is so against it. (there being only concord&minmatar corps)

Basically, the idea is to cut down your theatre of operations as much as possible to avoid getting strung out. Office logistics is the key here...i'm sure if you wanted to you could have agents strung out every which way. Not having an office hampers the individual pilot not in the slightest, especially since the station containers allow one to put containers inside them. Your own corp hangar. (although one's "assets" window will look like a dog's breakfast)
    and that's my motivation for an efficient corporate office infrastructure: to cut down the assets window so that the 'assets' window can be used to detect where you bought that new fangled thingi-ma-jiggy

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