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Indy hauling & n00b solo mining ops

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2004 11:18 am    Post subject: Indy hauling & n00b solo mining ops Reply with quote

large industrial ships are expensive but necessary for any miner. their biggest downside is the sluggish turnrate and speed. Bookmarks are perfect for hauling miner ore out of jetcans, but it takes organization to set this up...i've played with a few selfish miners who've no freakin idea about how wasteful they are with time. If you've ever had experiences with those folks who strew jetcans willy-nilly, or just want to know about souping up your indy, the below quotes will help you out.
Larno wrote:
Indies that can fit 10MN MWD:

    industrial skill, ~270k isk, needs lvl3 spaceship command & racial frigate...remember that speed and cargo increase per level of indy skill
Iteron Mark V (gallente indy 5) 935-960k isk in Domain region
Bestower (amarr indy 1) 470-488k isk in Domain region
Mammoth (minmatar indy 4) 895-1000k isk in Domain region
Badger Mark II (caldari indy 3) 650-800k isk in Domain region

Setups (max PG):- (Key= +12(named MicroAuxPwrCell), *1.15(ReactorControlUnit II; needs lvl5!), *1.25(engineering lvl5)

Iteron Mark V: 85 base *1.15 *1.15 *1.15 *1.15 *1.15 *1.25 = 213.7 PG
Bestower: 70 base +12 *1.15 *1.15 *1.15 *1.25 = 155.8 PG
Mammoth: 80 base *1.15 *1.15 *1.15 *1.15 *1.25 = 174.9 PG
Badger Mark II: 80 base *1.15 *1.15 *1.15 *1.25 = 152.0 PG

You can also get officer RCU's which give +17.825% powergrid, but you will never be able to find one, let alone 3 to fit to your indy.

That's disgusting. i'm quite shocked the "elitist prick" veterans sorta completely took for granted that juuuuuust maybe lvl5 energy grid upgrades takes a HELL of a long time to upgrade. not to mention lvl5 engineering is nothign to sniff at either. Stupidity compounded. hmph. well, needless to say talking to n00bs about the wonders of MWD on bestowers is about as retarded as anything i can think of.

BaadF00d wrote:
Iteron V
Expanded Cargo I

Accelleration Control 3
Navigation 4

Max Velocity: 883m/s
Capacity: 9152.5m3

now then, there's something new in Exodus that hardly anyone knows yet. That involves the Caldari destroyer, "cormorant". I've been doing some fiddling around with it because i wanted a miner. WELL, with the cormorant i can mount SIX xecl mining lasers which give a base of 282 units/cycle compared to my Omen cruiser with 4 miner IIs giving just 240 base. (outside of any skill boost)
    destoyer skill, ~90k isk, just needs space command 3, therefore any race can use the cormorant pretty much instantly as long as they take the captaincy specialty at the start...the cormorant costs ~1500k isk in Domain region. not cheap, but if you've got some friends to help out, they'll consider the price DAMN cheap compared to outfitting you with a cruiser.
The cargo bay is nice on the cormorant - 450m3 - allowing a cycle's worth the be easily handled for jetcan mining in 0.9-1.0 security rating systems. You'll need a co-processor to increase the load, plus some electronics skill to help out the CPU as well.

I have electronics 4, multiple XeCl & Gaussian lasers, a miner2 blueprint, capacitor rechargers (basic named and tech1; don't actually need them) and coprocessors tech1 & 2 (will need the latter for the 6 xecl setup; or electronics5)

I'll show you the fittings window once i've collected all the gear in one place.

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