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Total War: Rome

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 10:28 pm    Post subject: Total War: Rome Reply with quote

I've been playing total war series since the first edition of Shogun:Total War came out years ago. I've now been immersed in the latest saga and i've found some major issues that have been resolved via going to the forums.

now, to save you all the time it takes for find this shit. here:

There's a few problems that most folks will need to understand micromanagement to solve.

#1 complaint seems to be 'Squalor' and rebellions, plagues etc that evolve from this...Best way to control population is built peasants, move them to underpopulated towns and disband. [transfer of population]
    there's also never ever building temples that promote growth, nor farm upgrades...when you've got an imperial palace city you'll realize this one right away. (not sure if you can destroy said buildings)

    or just MOD the squalor away indirectly by boosting health stats on buildings (open export_descr_buildings.txt and scroll down to the "Health" section)
There's lots more juicy tips and hints located here:,22,,10

The Marius Reforms arrive when the first ROMAN FACTION (any) builds an imperial palace.


I believe the situation is that you have a squalor level indicated on your stats, and a counter (not a reduction unless you count governor traits/retinue) to that via buildings.

i've yet to find a decent explanation of what's best for reducing squalor. A list of retinue npcs that reduce this - focusing on what's better: Influence bonus or Law bonus?? (plus what's public security?); a list of governor attributes (and their reduction points; export_descr_character_traits.txt is a mess) plus hints on how to get those; Data on what creates squalor (population level exclusively?); which buildings counter squalor the best (law & happiness bonuses, and which is better?)

    personally, squalor is a good thing because it prevents your populations breeding like rabbits and becoming riot prone because of lack of town militia slots beyond 16

Apparently spies have no impact on law/order; Pretty sure that troop type is irrelevant for law/order bonus.

I've heard that you can always exterminate the rebels after they riot...Problem is, for us "simcity" types, that just sounds too 'arcady'

the solution to this is to NOT build farms, ever. substitute them with temples of fertility if your factions have them. when you reach huge city knock them down and build a different temple. your population will likely then decline due to lack of pop bonus and float around 20k to 22k, well below squalor levels. then you can raise taxes and have low squalor. hopes this helps

Most people, including me have problem controlling the squalor rate. Here are some steps I take to controlling the squalor rate. They may sound a bit weird, but it works (for me at least).

The Re-Conqure Method (Best method):
1) Have a full army in position outside of towns no more than 2-3 turn away from each town.
2) When the squalor rate becomes a bit unbareable with low taxes, move all our town patrol forces out, set the taxes to very high.
3) End turn and the town will then become a rebel town, move in your full army and re-conqure the town, it should be easy and you can even let the computer do it.
4) Exterminate the population, move your old town patrol forces back, set taxes back to very high.

Some other methods....

The Drown 'em Method:
1) Hire tons of villigers from towns with or going to have squalor problems.
2) Put the villigers into 1 ship and send them out to enemy sea.
3) Few turns later, after enough battles, they should all drown.

The Suicide Method:
1) Hire a bunch of villigers and have then attack Rebel or enemy positions. Try to get a crushing defeat, the more killed the better. This is also a good way to soften up enemy settlements before a real attack.
I'm sure this has been brought up before, but for anyone who doesn't know: peasants are the BEST unit at keeping order in a city. The garrison bonus is calculated by number of men and doesn't take quality of the unit into account, since peasants have more men than any other unit, they provide the biggest bonus. It's an easy enough thing to test: move four units of your best troops into a city and check the bonus, then move them out and move in four units of peasants and see for yourself. Obviously peasants are useless in combat, but in a city that isn't likely to be attacked, peasants will provide the best bonus and are cheaper to maintain. Also, the maximum garrison bonus to public order is 80%. Sorry if everyone knows this already, but I didn't realize this until recently because I always used town watch and never bothered producing peasants since their upkeep was the same.
3.) IMPORTANT Look at the buildings in cities you have conquered, especially the temples. If the temples in the city, or other buildings are from the previous empire, they cause a culture penalty. The peasants are holding on to the old regime because their buildings are still around. Say you're in greece and conquer Athens, they may have a temple to Dionysus. You must destroy it and build a temple to a roman god. This will remove the penalty. Destroy Odeons as well. Read the description of a building and if it mentions another culture at all... destroy it. You can check your city stats to see if you have a culture penalty.

did some testing and this sucker is dead wrong. I can see where they got confused and this turned into a myth: you can't upgrade captured buildings, so (in effect) it acts like a "penalty"...this in turn got confused into "it's a penalty, ipso facto" (there's a dev post that states the opposte, but i see no relation to my testing)Oh, fyi, someone just posted a dirty, sneaky idea: move your troops out of the city, immediately give that city to another faction during the same turn, and then ATTACK settlement immediately and exterminate populace.

Sinner wrote:
Prior to fixing the admiral's command stars bug, I managed it on VH in my only Scipii campaign, although I believe that was partly because I lucked out with a couple of my admirals - one in a Decere! ~:) - when they started with a Priest of Neptune and a Seamaster for one, and a Priest and a Shipwright for the other, giving them 4 and 3 Command respectively. By making sure that they both always used their full movement allowance, I eventually picked up a Navigator, boosting their Command to 6 and 5. I also had another 3 admirals with one of the 3 possible starting ancilliaries and they, plus a few others, eventually gained Navigators as well, giving me a small pool of lesser admirals rated from Command 2 to 4.

A fleet of 6 Deceres with my Command 5 admiral became the core of my main 'hit squad' for taking out the larger enemy fleets. To avoid the irritation of the enemy fleets continuously sailing away until I finally whittled them down, I used wolfpacks of small squadrons to surround and pin them in place, while also being dragged in as reinforcements to the actual attack led by my admiral.

In addition, I pursued an aggressive campaign of attacking the source: blockading ports with 3 or 4 ships under a lesser admiral, immediately destroying enemy ships as soon as they were built; sending assassins to sabotage ship building facilities; and capturing or bribing key cities, then either keeping them for myself or exterminating the population and destroying all the buildings before abandoning the settlement if I felt I couldn't afford to hold it at that time.

Although it took some effort, I also kept my ships at full strength as much as possible, replacing losses in my battle fleets from either spare ships intended just for that purpose or the fleets I designated as my transports.

Eventually I owned the Mediterranean, occupying every coastal province and placing large blocking fleets at the Straights of Gibraltar and the Dardanelles to stop foreign fleets from sailing on my sea! ~:)

Since I fixed the admiral's command star bug it's even easier: there are always lone enemy ships to pounce on, gaining a cheap victory to go towards boosting my admirals' command ratings - this is especially true of the blockade fleets which have now become my primary method of containing the enemy navies. In my current Julii campaign I have a pair of Command 9 admirals leading my main battle fleets, with a number of Command 5 to 7 admirals blockading the enemy ports or commanding my main transport fleets. I still sabotage and raid or occupy certain enemy cities, but overall I've found this an easier campaign since I don't have to get into land wars just to achieve naval dominance.

you can find that mod (just a zip file with changed values in two places) here:



Well, to really enjoy the game properly i suggest you stick to specialized core cities and let the AI automanage the rest on "financial build" (disable the recruit automanage)

I put my capital at my troop base in the middle of my empire and crank out expensive units while i have a governor with Drillmaster & Decorated Hero and all the neato "retainers" [read: ancilliaries] stacked there. (i use a "completely mad-hatter" general to courier around all the different retainers between my generals)
    i give the useless ones to the geriatrics so they get deleted upon death
I specialize in archers. Although i've found spear chuckers to be GREAT against those annoying phalanxes. Never, ever go into battle without at least 4 archers (if against phalanx go spears instead)

I prefer to have armouries separate from my main troop building cities because i've found that in Medieval Total War that gold armoured troops in the sub-saharah tired much much faster (sucked when i had gold plated crossbowmen with shields and they fired once every ten minutes)

I also build forts at foot soldier max walk range...that way when moving troops to the front i can have them park in forts along the route (agents will prevent forts from going poof)
    i prefer to have either town watch or spear chuckers as the lone resident tho
built watch towers so you can free up your spies to do the important work like protecting your cities FROM PLAGUE BEARING SPIES and scouting enemy territory. (usually keep 2 spies per city)

Diplomats are GREAT for cash. i always find that a "give map information" for "regular tribute of 300gp for 4 turns" to be perfect inducement...sometimes they'll just give you 1000+ money which is perfect for that emergency "rent mercs" options for farflung generals.

Mercenaries are great. Cretan archers and spearmen are perfect and the maintenace isn't bad. (and bribing armies is actually cheaper than building them yourself)

I'm not building farm upgrades at all except for the city i used to get my first Imperial Palace (insta-marius reform)...go straight for population boosts for that one and ferry slaves there pronto. (ie. keep governed cities to a minimum)

I tended to go easy on recruiting anything but wardogs/town watch before the marius reforms (except splurging on some much needed archers)

After marius i had a troop base building Wardogs/EarlyCohorts/RomanCav/BrutiiGladiator with a large temple of Mars (no armoury) - with rally point set to the frontier where there's an armoury (at THAT city i was building Aux.Archers/Aux.Spear/JavelinCav/ScorpionSiege); A third was a full armoury pumping out the 2nd tier naval ships.

All my cities had 4 archers+4 town watch each and the rest were peasants...shipped my pre-marius troops off in a fleet to conquer the eastern islands.

As for fleets, well. let's just say i'd been struggling with ZERO star admirals till about 233BC when i grabbed that mod (just about to try it too after i finish here)...i have 2 light ships - gold chevrons now - who're the admirals (first ship in line) plus 6 medium ships. (i've got 5 of these fleets wandering about now keeping the greeks in line)

As you can see i don't have the higher tech legionaries nor the 3rd tier ships. why? because my imperial palace is just troop building capability because i'd out-sourced it all to lower sized cities. (no matter; in that "capital" i can build praetorians. weeeeeeee)
    and the 3rd tier ships are SLOOOOW so that's a luxury
As for sieges? well, getting control of the stone towers is UBER important. they'll start shooting at the defenders once you take them over. it's great!

first rule of thumb: rock, paper, scissors
  • Rock = Cavalry
  • Paper = Spear
  • Scissors = Archers
second rule of thumb: envelope/surround/flanking/pincer = rout. (how to win is demoralize your opponent; otherwise it's attrition)

third rule of thumb: set up staging area FAR away from your enemy because getting caught with yer pants down in the beginning of the game ruins the ability to properly use missile troops (your own troops become pincushions if you really bugger it up)
    blue on blue; friendly fire is the result of archers shooting your own troops in the back
fourth rule of thumb: wardogs. wardogs. wardogs.
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