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Research Agents

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Command Staff
Command Staff

Joined: 14 Feb 2003
Posts: 52

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 8:02 pm    Post subject: Research Agents Reply with quote

Ok people it's time to get organized on this I think.

List your corp, agent level and discipline.

Carthum Conglomerate Lvl 3 Laser physics.

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 8:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

whooie? i've got a lab at shabura and i took a gander at the agent listed there and, whoooa! he got stuff out the wazzoo (lvl3 agent)
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2004 3:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

MinorFreak wrote:
okay, so i'm a n00b looking at buying BPOs. But, then i think to myself, why not just run missions for an R&D agent i keep hearing about/seeing.

1. Do R&D agents give out tech1 bpos?
2. If i wanted a tech2 armour repair bpo, what would be the skill i'd need?
3. Some people say there's a finite number of BPOs allowed...?
4. what does it mean when there's nothing predictable? does that mean total random, or that there's NO bpos going to be given out no matter how hard you try???

personally, if i can't hope to get decent bpos from running r&d missions/agents i'll not even bother trying
Trikky Trixy wrote:

1. No they only give out Tech 2 BPO's, if you want Tech 1's either go look on the market (all market Blueprints are Originals), look on the sell forum on this website or go to the trade channel in game and see if anyone wants to sell a BPO.

2. Well you would need the skills that enable u to use the R&D agent go look here for more info on that R&D Agents So find an agent u want to do missions for do a show info on the agent and see what skills u need to train for, they are all science ones.

3. Well the R&D system of giving out BPO's is a lottery so u may have got 1000 research points and get an offer of a BPO but then again u may have to get 15,000 research points to be offered one its totaly random.

4. See point number 3.

Basically u can't go to an R&D agent and get an instant Tech 2 bpo u have to wait let ur research points acummalate and if u like do missions for him which he emails to u, if u dont do the missions its no biggy its just u dont get any extra research points.
MinorFreak wrote:
thanks. btw, does "no predictable bps" mean a) no bpos so no lottery till further notice OR b) it'll be a random lottery
The Mariachi wrote:
It means a). At this point in time, no BPOs are in the pipeline for the foreseeable future. That doesn't mean that you can't research it/shouldn't reasearch it however, if you are playing in the long run. Things change, new items come into the game, and you never know but you just might be in luck. If you're starting out however, and don't have the research proj. mgmt skill yet (costs $$$), then stick with an area that still has a lot of available discoveries in it... something like Mechanical Engineering (puts you in the running for projectile/hybrid weapons, ships and certain tracking/dmg mods).

Starship engineering seems attractive (you also get a research points bonus from this), but every man and his dog has at least one agent researching in this area, so your chances of getting a ship BPO are slim. Let me correct that, VERY slim. No... slim ain't even the right word for it... I've steered clear of Starship research and focused on other areas - and its rewarded me well.

"A Heretic may see the truth and seek redemption. He may be forgiven his past and will be absolved in death. A Traitor can never be forgiven. A Traitor will never find peace in this world or the next." -Cardinal Khrysdam: Instructum Absolutio
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 6:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jonas Bane wrote:
Research is used to gain Tech 2 Blueprint Originals. These are highly prized to industrialists, as its the only means for them to enter into the Tech 2 market. Its not uncommon to see a Tech 2 BPO get sold for hundreds of millions of isk, as the profit margin on these items is pretty high.

Each day you get a certain amount of RP from your agent. If you perform their special tasks, you can gain twice that amount each day.

Every once and a while (roughly once a month or so), there's a lottery held for everyone that has RP in a certain field. Each RP counts as a "ticket," and a few lucky winners get offers from their research agent to exchange their RP for a Tech 2 Blueprint. So the more RP you have, the better odds you have of winning a Blueprint.

Keep in mind that some people have been running research agents for a long time and have nothing to show for it. Likewise, some people have won blueprints after only a few weeks of research. So there's a good amount of luck involved. You could end up winning it big, and you could end up getting nothing at all.

Each field has a set of "predictable patents," which is a list of what kind of BPOs you can expect from that agent if you win. So if you research Gallente Starship Engineering, you can expect to walk away with a Gallente Ship Blueprint. I haven't looked at these recently, so double check your agent info to see what blueprints are possible for your chosen field.
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