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IHS/DSA versus Therapists (and swarm??)

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2001 12:43 am    Post subject: IHS/DSA versus Therapists (and swarm??) Reply with quote

PJG general forum's MASSIVE flame war
I'll spare you the agony of reading stuff like "j00 f@gg0t 1 r @$$ r@pp0rz y3r mUM" "did not" "did to" etc...and post the relevant parts that shed light on what the hell's really going on here:
(all quotes in italics are true. everything else paraphrased)
  • Therapist: whine whine whine IHS & DSA suck!
  • Therapist: j00 said it bro!
  • Brotherhood: *tsk tsk poor you*
  • Therapist: whiiiiiiine
  • DSA: Clarification of semantics
  • Therapist: Further clarification of semantics
  • DSA: flame
  • DSA: BIIIG flame
  • Therapist: "I'd rather fight and die to innominate than fight and destroy DSA/IHS"
  • UFP: LOL
  • Therapist: really nasty OOC perverted flame
  • UFP: pffffft
  • Therapist: double pffft!
  • Dark Path: Smart ass remark about earlier semantic clarifications
  • Fight Club wrote:
    "Too sad to hear all this. I guess its just because some people take this game way too seriously. If they have a chance to score a kill, they kill. Especially when they are sure that they will go unpunished. And later they are proud of themselves that they have increased their pilot kill count and/or got some bounty medals. So, Rostam, you gave such people one more chance to be indefinetely proud of themselves and I bet most of them were loading JOSSH pilot center pages to view their stats countless times to see how well they did. If I were you I would just remember the names of those who shot at you and hunt them down to hear them whine on this board again and again."
  • DSA wrote:
    "I am very disapointed in youo Rostam. I was always ready to give you the benefit of the doubt. I guess I still am and will, but this post stretches credability to new hieghts. You have played this game long enough to know that if you launch HG, esp. you or dong or Prophet, it doesnt matter what the circumstances are guys aregonna come after you. you have killed to many. face it you got upset and just kept launchingand launching, besides getting killed in a storm couldnt have cost you much, oh and you had a bounty.

    PS The only reason we knew where you were is cause KTRI announced your presence, Solrain had place a bounty on Rostam in Rounds of Quantos. You shall reap what you sow.

    Dong great fight later at tripoint. i still think you guys are good sports. Just sometimes you get pissed and do something a little rash.

    Thank you for your time"
  • Therapist: tepid comeback
  • IHS: sticks their head into the flame war and it ain't pretty
  • Wolfpack wrote:
    "The people who claim to be righteous in tube camping a Therapist are the same people who would try to get accounts banned if someone did it to them. The irony is only overshadowed by the hypocrisy.

    I hold no love for Therapists, in fact I eagerly look forward to my first Therapist kill. However I would not take that kill from a tube camp of an unequipped ship. No matter how you try to justify it, that's just lame."
  • IHS: completely new attempt at clarification of semantics (not to be confused with earlier innane drivel of the same ilk)
  • Dark Path: quotes 3DO's license agreement paragraph 23 which states "blah blah blah yadda yadda"
  • IHS: first appearance of a grammar nazi. (This qualifies this thread as automatic garbage)
  • IHS: grabs the pom poms and pisses on the crowd
  • Fatal Shadows: the dude makes a brilliant counter stroke, but his syntax is so migraine inducing it backfires.
  • Swarm wrote:
    "Do not pick a fight my ass. Horace tried to instigate a fight with me about a week ago. I did my best to stop any hostilities. I told him that no one in my squad had shot at them and none of them had shot at us, still he was determined to make swarm an enemy. He then proceded to wait about ten minutes until he downed a swarm pilot. Other pilots in your squad were alot friendlier and willing to help keep the peace though. The next day he started another fight with my squad. It was at that point Horace made IHS an enemy Swarm. You IHS guys need to get off your high horses. There are pilots among you that want to kill people as much as any Therapist, so much so that they begin to make excuses as to why other squads have acted "dishonerably" and deserve punishment. Because of these pilots you are not viewed as an honerable squad, merely as PvP oppurtunists.

    TTelephone, you may not instigate fights with Quant HGs but there are others in your squad who do."
  • Dark Path: does a hack job on the axiom, "There is no honor among thieves" (so completely off topic i doubt it registers on anyone's consciousness)
  • Therapist: Ah, we get back to clarifications on semantics (the original semantic debate)
  • IHS: pfffffft!
  • Fight Club: hasn't quoted the first rule of fight club yet, thank Hamalzah
  • Therapist: 1st reference to the pogbs in this thread (but not the first reference to therapist martyrdom by a looooooooong shot)
  • Brotherhood: semantic clarification (don't ask, i lost count)
  • Ekoostik: Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaame (or not to flame, that is the question Ekoo must ask himself)
  • Brotherhood: Quotes an IHS pilot "And note: We do not go after all quant HGs(I Saw a Quant transport launch HG and did not engage it). Only the ones that attacks us first." ...and then replies with: "I'm told that Fetch, a Brotherhood pilot, was gang-banged by four IHS pilots the other day, and that while he was HG, he did not provoke the attack."
  • DSA: semantic clarification and a flaaaaaaaame
  • Therapist: semantic clarification and a flaaaaaaaame
  • Brotherhood: semantic clarification
  • DSA: pfffffffft
  • Therapist: first "you suck! im not a martyr! BTW, i quit!" reply in this thread
  • Therapist: trolls for another Ekoostik remark (any bets on whether ekoo bites the bait?)
  • Q.U.I.T.: Uses the very cliched nonpvp argument that wallets tend to wander elsewhere to carebear pastures
  • Therapist: begins the internal dissent that this squad is infamous for
  • Therapist: semantic clarification (and first use of the "you guys are worse than rollio" card)
  • DSA: first occasion where someone blinks
  • Dark Path: brilliant attempt at semantic clarification that almost rates a quote (but doesn't)
  • IHS: semantic clarification (with feeling this time)
  • Dark Path: crossreferences another flame war
  • IHS: at this point, i don't care whether a semantic clarification's quality is good or bad (my brain's numb)
  • Therapist: first use of CAPS LOCK (weeeeeee)
  • IHS wrote:
    "Ok again I will say this for you who dont uderstand why you are being hunted mercilessly.


    First off I had no part in the tube camp and didnt even kill rostam even one time last night, although i thought it was funny as hell when he died over and over .

    As I said before we are doing this to you because of all the things that therapist have done to us and other squads. You downed me (prophet and miskugun) in a fully loaded (500 Antimony) civilan tow in regulated space. WHAT HONOR IS THAT?????????? Two phoons on a fully loaded tow? Give me a break fellas. You are all the biggest hypracrits I have enver seen in my life.

    As for you Swarm guys. You are being hunted for one reason YOU ARE FIGHTING ALONG SIDE THE RAPISTS!
    About the time I attaked one of your pilots (Apoc). He was attacking an OCT tow in the middle of unreg. I engaged him trying to save a tow's ass. He then said it was a friendly duel. I disengaged and left him alone. 20 minutes later him and Reif attack me in BR while I had 0 AB left 0 Missles 0 FF's. And what happend? I downed both of you. Then you both proceeded to try to take me out again. Down you both go again. Sorry fellas you brought this upon yourselves. Until then I had not downed even one Swarm pilot.

    On the last note all I have to say is IHS deals MAXIMUM FORCE at all times. We do not accept any duels EVER. It has nothing to do with whos scared of who. It is obvious Rostam stood no chance even if he was in a Uber ship last night. AND DONT GIVE ME ANY CRAP ABOUT HIM BEING AN INNOCENT CIVILIAN!!! Rostam had a HUGE bounty for the crimes he has committed against fellow TRI civilians. He was paying the price for his deeds. If he wasnt acting like such an ass also coming out and calling people names that also didnt help his situation.
    So in conclusion you can all say what you like about IHS but I will say this, its good to be our friends. We can be some very cool people. You piss us off and we can be a major thorn in your side. Maybe you will think about what is happening to you now before you go doing this crap to civs again. And to you RIX WAAHHHHHHHh QUIT GOOD ALL OF YOU! I wouldnt miss you all a bit. In fact our little war over at Oct was a HELL OF ALOT more fun. Atleast all them took their beating and said "good fight"! I had aleast a coule diff octs message me saying either that or "nice shooting". When was the last time any of you guys were cool with who shot you down? God I could go on forever about this but Im not going to waste my breath any longer. For now on you can simply talk to my guns"
  • Therapist: whine and cheese festival begins in earnest now
  • Therapist: look, they've even got a whine connoisseur!
  • Brotherhood: First attempt at peacemaking
  • Independent: fuck that! I JUST BOUGHT MY POPCORN!! bring it on!! flame war flame war!! w00t!
  • Therapist: and we're off to the races!!! (sorry, the score board couldn't take the heat and spontaneously combusted)
  • IHS: nyaaaaaaaaa
  • Therapist: second reference to poGBS
  • DSA: Second attempt at peacemaking
  • Ekoostik: can someone pull the hook out, please?
  • Dark Path: light banter
  • IHS wrote:

    I liked IHS because we didn't talk smack on the message boards. Up until now, we've all been relatively polite to even the Therapists. Sure, their our enemies, rather hated enemies (in game), but I haven't seen any lowly OOC squabbling between my squad and another one until now. I'm very disappointed... in almost everyone who posted on this thread. I mean, everyone just needs to PHREAKING CHILL! And may Strikefear go to Hell for putting the word 'phreaking' into my vocabulary. Just my 2 creds."
  • Brotherhood: actually tries to reply to a Filibuster. hehehe
  • DSA: third attempt at peacemaking
  • Therapist: first little tidbit on motivations "...Everyone's too focused on winning to have any fun"
  • IHS: Fourth attempt at peacemaking
  • Therapist: semantic clarification
  • IHS: First acknowledgement of a semantic clarification (case closed. w00t!)
  • DSA: first attempt at real humor (popcorn stand starts to close shop; whine and cheese is almost sold out)
  • IHS: Fifth attempt at peacemaking
  • Therapists: First reconciliation by a therapist ("right! the bar's closed everyone out!")
  • Brotherhood: bouncers descend on hapless drunk
  • OEC: "Wow! whatta mess, thank Octavia we don't have to clean up afterwards. hehe"
  • IHS: acknowledgment of reconciliation (crowd dissipates into the night)
  • Therapists: "awwwwwwwww i missed the party! fuck that! let's crash another party!" (tries to lead the mob elsewhere and avoid the cleanup)
  • Therapist: acknowledgement of acknowledgement of reconciliation
  • Fatal Shadows: Starts to lecture the drunks passed out on the sidewalk
  • DSA: "I'sh nosh drunch Ish can wok!" (old war veteran staggers away mumbling to his shadow)
  • Swarm: surprisingly, there are some people still fighting mad (someone call the cops)
  • Independent wrote:
    "Geez guys, is this all needed? Ive hardly ever seen an "even" battle. When you have the very best pvp fighters in your squad, its only logical that those guys get "raped".

    I remember JackOften trying to kill me in DX while i was fluxing. Dong was there too and i think some other dude as well. What i do? Get the hell out ofcourse! -)

    Stuff like this is bound to happen. Civ kills? Part of the game. Live with it. You get raped? Ask around and get some help.

    Rostam, you know you have pissed off half the pvp community in JG. Why launch in a storm? Whats the use? Dont expect ppl to "dual" you when this time they got you cornernered.

    As far as tubecamping and gatecamping goes...lame. But i've seen it happen on both sides... so i guess everyone should be ssshhhh about it -)

    I had hoped US would atleast be more "honorable" fighting. But somewhere down the road we all got dishonorable.....

    Very disappointed Old man"
  • IHS: Starts brawling with the other punch drunk and police sirens are heard.
  • DSA: beats both brawlers senseless and calls a cab
  • Therapists: The owner of the bar starts harrassing the police who are late in arriving

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2001 10:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


This is quite possibly the most entertaining thread summary I've ever read. Droll, informative... you should write screenplays. I love it!

I coughed, I laughed so hard. :smile:
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2001 5:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is gonna be a classic MF! Still LMAO! :grin:
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2003 4:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

oh wow! i forgot to repair that old link? sheeeesh. how tres gauche of moi. tee hee. (damn. gotta rummage up that old archive disk...)
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