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Fixes.txt from 61 to 83+ (as more come in)

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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

Joined: 25 Oct 2001
Posts: 566
Location: The sticks!

PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2003 12:52 am    Post subject: Fixes.txt from 61 to 83+ (as more come in) Reply with quote

Current Fixes.txt:

v.1.0084 - February 11, 2004
-Fixed glitch with artifact retrieval that prevented InSight from gaining full use of range extension.
-Made several improvements to some GM-only commands.
-PCM-CSx should now have the correct effect: capacitors will now recharge to the extra extent permitted by these artifacts.
-Cut off function of the Simulator button in stations while a ship is being equipped or loaded with cargo.
-Added PR benefit for downing a sentient conflux, if in factional space, from the faction being defended.
-Some upgrades were made to defense droid stats; an inadvertent low setting in the Octavian Type 1 droid's armor, probably longstanding, was corrected.
-TRI ship stats (Shuttle and Enforcer) adjusted to conform more closely to the flight characteristics of factional ships.
-Assigned a triple-faction (S/O/Q) PR penalty for downing an official TRI ship (Shuttle, Enforcer).
-Beacon credit awards were adjusted slightly upward. To limit exploitation, beacons will now pay any docked pilot as though that pilot were registered Civ.
-Beacon credit award messages were combined with exp awards to reduce chat spam.
-Adjustment was made to the process of biomass extraction from conflux so that a serious potential exploit was eliminated.
-Added missile hardpoint data to ship config data screen.
-Enhanced the Travel Advisory map feature so that sentient flux activity can be displayed (pink markers).
-Fixed a problem preventing successful use in sequence of more than one PWD100 on a ship.
-Adjusted hardpoints on Shuttles and Large Shuttles to reflect the availability of size 1 guided missiles.
-Implemented a significant change to missile flight code that should improve overall accuracy.
-Made an adjustment to missile collision processing code.
-Added conflux to the Target Last Attacker feature.
-Altered logout-in-flight code to terminate gate-invulnerability as soon as a pilot disconnects.
-Altered logout-in-flight code so that discoed pilots are vulnerable to piracy, as originally intended.
-Added a new GM-only command to assist with POS issues.
-Corrected longstanding problem where rockets would set aggressor flag if any pilot was targetted on radar even when fired nowhere near that pilot.
-Corrected longstanding problem where observers would not see correct guided missile path if fired at a static object, such as an infestation.
-Corrected longstanding problem with rockets that caused observers to see them travel in space and on radar at a heading 90 degrees off actual target.
-Fixed cosmetic problem with Cascade shield description text overrun.
-Adjusted all missile stats significantly, in part to balance around new tracking code, in part to make missiles generally more useful and interesting.
-Added "/sq who" command, to easily determine online squadmates.

*Undocumented: PCE-3 thrust was nerfed 10%

v.1.0083 - December 11, 2003
-Resolved a problem with asteroid state information transfer for pilots logging in in-flight, removing a mining exploit.
-Further adjustments were made to infrastructure for a number of GM commands.
-Missile code was adjusted so that non-tracking rockets do not alert the target.
-Mass code was adjusted so that multipack missiles are correctly accounted for, and mass changes during flight when a missile is fired should now happen correctly.
-Missile hardpoint sizes were added to all ships, in preparation for missile changes in an upcoming patch.
-A small balance adjustment was made to the Intruder (Sol HF).
-An adjustment was made to the Thunder (Quant Tow) to make it more comparable in performance to the other factions' Tows.
-Added infrastructure to permit placement of buildings (e.g. Custom Producers, et al.) in Unreg station sectors, which previously was not possible.
-Fixed a minor but longstanding bug in the skill star award process that would allow skill/glory stars to be awarded with insufficient missions completed.
-Eliminated a minor exploit by changing the function of the Simulator button in stations so that it will not activate while a ship is being repaired or refueled.
-Fixed a problem with sentient conflux affecting GMs' ability to smoothly conduct flux-related events.
-Added a small credit award to regular beacon payout events.
-Made small upward changes to the credit awards for low- and mid-range conflux kills.
-Extended the range of the InSight targetting gun.
-Added a simple Travel Advisory feature to in-game map, showing PvP "hotspots". Detailed info will be placed on JOSSH.

v.1.0082 - November 19, 2003
-Corrected a problem which allowed F1 chat in sector to be heard by pilots in a POS in the same sector.
-A small adjustment was made to a new GM event command.
-Changed /home functionality such that a pilot's home is no longer cleared by faction dock.
-Added the /homeoff command to clear a pilot's home voluntarily. After using /homeoff, a pilot who dies will respawn at his last home faction dock point.
-Adjusted the process for logging in after timing-out in flight to place a ship at its last dock point: whether TRI, neutral, or POS.
-Implemented design adjustments to Interceptor, Invader, Cyclone, Tempest, plus a small balance adjustment to the Typhoon.

v.1.0081 - November 12, 2003
-Replaced a slightly corrupted sound file, which had developed an irritating "click" (US client only)
-Fixed an odd problem that caused ammo to not reload with certain gun configurations.
-Corrected a minor issue which prevented a mentor from receiving XP when a student was rewarded for mining out a pure asteroid.
-Added a new GM-only command to help with some game events, and made improvements to several other GM-only commands.
-Rewrote PR functions so that it is possible to update PR information in real-time, allowing /ratings to show current info.
-Adjusted information transfer so that a player who has been kicked from the game is shown time remaining (if any) when the player tries to log in.
-Fixed a problem with /sector returning bad information when a pilot is docked at a POS.
-Corrected an issue which resulted in a one-off error in a cargo plus floor space check when a pilot is trading the maximum amount.
-Fixed a glitch in the process of transferring ore using the Burglar. Altered messages for squadmates using this feature, which is not a criminal action.
-Implemented design adjustments to Raven and Chiropteran, plus a small balance adjustment to Phoenix. Other faction ship changes to be implemented in 1.0082.

v.1.0080 - October 23, 2003
-Fixed a bad light coordinate on the Cyclone (Quantar LF).
-Solved a glitch that would allow pilots with wingmen to trigger flux spawns even in station sectors.
-Fixed a problem that would cause the killer of a pirate to not receive the pirate's visible bounty payout if the pirate had no negative PR.
-Fixed a longstanding problem where medals awarded in flight were not reflected in experience totals (seen by /exp) until next dock.
-Added a correction to take care of the "docking flux" phenomenon.
-Made an adjustment to prevent a nasty "black screen" client hang that could happen when a Trap was stolen.
-Fixed an oversight that allowed certain items not placed in the game to display in POS markets only.
-Corrected a problem that could cause a "rotating white square" to be visible instead of a gate glow texture when a gate is affected by an infestation.
-Made an adjustment that may have fixed an infrastructure problem only affecting GMs.
-Added a new command, /ratings, to allow a pilot to check faction ratings in flight.
-Adjusted the following weapons to provide better variety and usefulness: Liar,Bender,Illuminator,Dealer,Needle,Calefactor,Deceptor,Distorter,Lastlight.

v.1.0079 - October 7, 2003
-Fixed a hardpoint problem on the Harmattan (Quantar LM)
-Fixed a glitch in the bounty/kill system that would increase PR for pilots with far negative PR who make an illegal kill.
-Corrected a minor cosmetic issue with the BuildKit graphics.
-Fixed a problem with the C25-27 model dating from Ep2 release that would cause its shields to flicker when the conflux was firing.
-Corrected an inadvertent setting that would prevent Pirate-registry pilots from flipping beacons that were already tuned.
-Fixed a problem that would force Pirate-registry pilots to Honor Guard in the event of a bountyable kill.
-Implemented code that is intended to interfere with an exploit used in flux space to kill swarms and other flux.
-Adjusted InSight hit "splash" graphic size upward to correct old reports that the effect was too small.
-Simplified POS Storage function so that non-owners do not access Storage screen at all in POS, preventing misleading messages.
-Added Target-under-reticle functionality for POS.
-Added new command "/gear" for a pilot to use when stuck in home faction station with negative PR and has sold vital equipment.
-Corrected a problem where pilots of other factions could not /home in a POS set to Invite-only in neutral space (assuming they were invited in).
-Fixed a couple of problems in sector claiming function that allowed sectors to enter an unclaimed state that was difficult to recover from.
-Adjusted sector claim function so that claiming a sector when the owning sqaud has no members present simply transfers control.
-Adjusted the sector claim rewards to scale with online pilot count, reducing rewards when the likelihood of claims being challenged is slim.
-Corrected a problem with sector claiming PR rewards. The original intent was that your own faction would reward you PR if you are protecting "home" space.
-Adjusted the following weapons to provide better variety and usefulness: Injustice, Peeler, Serializer, Shark, V.A.P.O.R., Warper.
-Altered the countermass artifacts to operate on a percentage basis, rather than a fixed value.

v.1.0078 - September 10, 2003
-Corrected possible issue where a mission could end prematurely if the commodity was sold to a POS in the destination station sector.
-The commodity yields from ore have again been increased, and six commodities were rearranged into different ore types.
-Made an adjustment to correct problems with buildings in Depot station sectors.
-Corrected situation where a wingman docked in a POS in a sector could get credit for flux kills elsewhere in the sector.
-Fixed a problem which caused /listprice to erroneously display duplicates of most custom prices.
-Adjusted process so pilots perfoming login in space also get chat default settings. Changed default threshold to Rank 10 vs. Rank 6.
-Corrected a longstanding graphical issue with beam-type weapons. This will be used as ground work for upcoming adjustments.
-Fixed a production information problem with the Spitfire.
-Fixed a problem that allowed conflux explosions to incorrectly display an escape pod graphic.
-Made an adjustment to prevent an artifact hunting exploit reported by EU GMs.
-Corrected a problem that would prevent scanners from working on other ships if the pilot scanning currently had a scan mission in progress.
-Made a change that should prevent a rounding problem in cargo calculations with ore. This would erroneously prevent pilots from launching.
-Adjusted the TRI-BOUNTY messages transmitted by beacons to not list specific pilot names.
-Adjusted standard F5 channel color to increase difference between F5 and F4.

v.1.0077 - August 14, 2003
-Removed a way to exploit the /mentor command.
-Fixed a graphical problem with the new Conflux type introduced in 1.0076.
-Changed Custom Producer (and Science Factory) code to correct issues of incomplete transactions or not using all commods needed.
-CPs/SFs will now charge for items where the value of the commodities is less than the price of the produced item.
-Adjusted default chat so pilots over rank 6 will default upon login to F5:chat (US) or F5:eng / F5:ger (EU). Having a channel besides F5:help set at logout will override this default.
-Changed POS information updating to ensure correct market info passes to visitors. This may fix the "/dump bug" that has been common.
-Added new "Spitfire" size 2 ion gun.
-Fixed problem where POS owner was unintentionally required to have enough credits to buy an item being moved out of own market.
-EU-only: fixed problem with /setprice where German-language item names containing more than one space were not handled. Amended affected names to match English client.

V.1.0076 - July 31, 2003
-Fixed a glitch that prevented Quantar HM, HF, FR from displaying damage particle effects.
-EU-only: corrected a problem with an erroneous text message during trading.
-Fixed an infrastructure problem only affecting GMs.
-Added a new Conflux subtype to be encountered by players. This was planned as an Episode 2 feature.
-Added numeric designations to upper Conflux.
-Fixed a problem with credit payments from sector claims and POS that could cause loss of ore in cargo while mining.
-Corrected a problem which would cause Nano Assemblers to display an incorrect price for some items.

V.1.0075 - July 14, 2003
-Removed payout of Sector Claim bonuses while recipient is in the sim to resolve a cargo update problem being encountered by simming pilots.
-Prevented a redundant KTRI message that would result from faction mission completions after the mission had reached 100% progress.
-Eliminated possibility that a special Transport mission cargo item can be stolen using a Burglar.
-Adjusted insurance payouts for pilots wearing Pirate tags killed by a Trap to make Pirate tags more favorable in this situation. Pirates will now receive insurance for their equipped-equipment only.
-Fixed a chat bug that involved display of duplicate lines when paging up.
-Resolved a macro bug that would allow a macro that was too long to be created, affecting other saved macros.
-Fixed a sector claim bug that prevented a one-pilot squad with the same name as the pilot from successfully holding a claim.

V.1.0074 - June 23, 2003
-Added function to provide in-game profit calculation for cargo haulers. Use /cargonet or /profit or /p to access: /cargonet <cargo capacity> <max investment> <faction(optional)>
-Permitted Empowered Players to ignore /away messages when using F4 so /assist requests can be answered for players who have set /away.
-Fixed a graphical problem resulting in an odd textured model displaying in GVB sector.

V.1.0073 - June 12, 2003
-Stiffened penalties for pilots who use Burglars while still registered as Civilian or Honor Guard.
-Fixed several related bugs involving replenishment of armor, fuel, and ammo at player owned stations, and related tracking of values when changing ships with Hangar MODx.
-/listprice should display the full list of all custom prices for all users now.
-The problem with ore not being accepted by POS with Ore MODx when the Market is full has been corrected.
-Visitors using /dump at a POS should now be clearly informed when the market is full.
-A server-side fix was done to prevent players from being killed during the docking sequence (after the screen has already begun to fade).

V.1.0072 - June 9, 2003
-Corrected problem that would cause an "invalid trade packet" message when trading with someone who had entered the sim.
-Fixed a problem in which the total cargo and floor space available to a pilot would not be checked correctly during a trade.
-Conflux payout schedule adjusted: credit payouts generally increased from C8 - c25.
-Pirate registry added, see for details.
-Added functionality to Scanner MODx for Pirate registry pilots.
-Reduced PR penalty for using Burglar for Pirate registry pilots.
-Fixed problem which would prevent a pilot with large negative faction PR from having armor stripped when docked at that faction's stations.

V.1.0071 - May 27, 2003
-Fixed problem where a bountied pilot logging in during flight would not know he was still bountied.
-Changed radar code to solve problem with switching to ENEMY mode with POS targetted, then cycling radar.
-Changed radar setting "ALL NO MISSILES" to "ALL NO MSL/POS", removed POS from display in this mode.
-Added /time command. Returns client's local time in 24-hour format. No more hitting rocks when Alt-Tabbed to see how late it is.
-Added confirmation message to /give so the sender of the credits knows they have been received.
-Fixed problem where a pilot with home faction bounty could be kicked by server after changing ships at home faction station.
-Removed unintended possibility of unsquadded pilot flying through beacon affecting the dispute timer in a disputed sector.
-Invite/Ban features should now function properly when a Pilot-Owned Station is set to "Squad" access.
-Fixed problem with /setprice list duplications causing /noprice to not work correctly.
-Added /listprice command for POS owners wish to list out their current custom prices (/setprice).
-Changed Market Warehouse capacity to be equal to a Tow pod: 500 units, up from 200.
-Removed floor on pirate PR penalties, changed from -15 to the -125 maximum negative PR.
-Removed penalties for use of Burglar if target and user are in the same squad.
-Adjusted another issue affecting Custom Producer performance.

V.1.0070 - May 8, 2003
-The method for rendering particles has been improved to render particles faster.
-/cargo display for ore and commodities was adjusted to eliminate disagreements with Station Markets.
-Fixed problem with POS appearing in target selection in only one cycle direction.
-Floorspace mismatch problems at faction Storage Depot Stations (SDS) were corrected.
-C13-C18 conflux names added.
-Adjustments made to ensure that certain medals intended to survive an account reset acctually are retained.
-Fixed incorrect determination of whether the Docking Comp. MODx was aboard a ship that had just added or removed it.
-Fixed erroneous "WAR: <squad> has regained control of <sector>" messages appearing when claiming pilot left sector.
-Cargo missions will now take into account the possibility of pilots having Tows at rank 26 and Freighters at rank 38.

v.1.0069 - April 22, 2003
-The commodity yields from ore have been increased slightly.

v.1.0068 - April 18, 2003
-/kick command for players was removed as an exploit, unneeded with addition of /dump feature.
-An adjustment was made to logout-in-space code to reduce exploit potential.
-Production ratios for most 2nd and 3rd tier items adjusted slightly to use more material in construction.
-The effects for repair beam guns and the Insight gun have been corrected.

v.1.0067 - April 15, 2003
-You may now allow dumping at your station by using the /dump command, which will turn dumping on and off. To restrict dumping to squad use only, use /dump squad.
-Server: A bug was fixed with removing custom prices with /noprice that would sometimes remove the wrong price.
-The docking beacon will now show up when cycling backwards through targets.
-Docking rings will now appear for POS in station sectors even if a Docking Computer is equipped.
-A minor cosmetic adjustment was made to the in-station Mission Interface.
-Conflux "engine glow" size problems were fixed.
-Code was added to allow nearest-target function to operate on POS.
-POS will now properly drop from radar if targetted when radar range is exceeded.
-POS no longer appear in the list of radar targets when ENEMY mode is selected.
-Nova series medals will now be awarded when PR reaches the threshold from Sector Claim activity, without completing an extra mission to "trigger" them.
-Various bug fixes to server side production code were done, which will effectively improve production of the latest equipment/commodities.
-C10 flux should now count toward combat missions.
-Mission fixes were implemented on the server for photography/scout and patrol missions.
-Ship Config screens for Dragon, Vulture, Khamsin, and Lodestar will now reflect the correct number of MODx slots.

v.1.0066 - April 2, 2003
-A problem with buying nukes (Maul, Sabre, Glaive) and the Antagonizer powerplant has been corrected.
-Problems with custom producers showing incorrect required components has been fixed.
-(Server Side) Today a bug was fixed which would give players bounties for using missiles in sector disputes.

v.1.0065 - March 28, 2003
-The change regarding flashfires from the last patch has been reverted.

v.1.0064 - March 28, 2003
-Players with newbie protection on will no longer show up as warred.
-Added the ability for players to kick themselves from a player station if they are stuck, type /kick <yourname> on a player station.
-Prices for ore in the market will now display correctly, they were previously too low in the interface.
-Flashfires will now last for 20 seconds.
-Player stations no longer show up when the "ENEMY" radar mode is being used.
-Logging into a player station will now clear the player list of 'Ghosts'.

v.1.0063 - March 26, 2003
-An issue with certain artifacts having a level requirement at player stations has been fixed.
-The anomaly in Amananth is now visible and scanable.
-Repair guns are now again visible in markets.

v.1.0062 - March 18, 2003
-Episode 2 Released
-Player owned stations are now available
-Three new ship classes, the Freighter, Heavy Miner and Heavy Fighter
-New conflux territory added
-New conflux types added
-Two new 'conflux' ecms added
-Two new radars added
-Two new capacitors added
-Two new engines added
-Five new guns added, two of which are mining lasers and the others are weapons
-Two new shields added
-Two new MODX, the GateKey and Burglar, along with build-kits for 2, 4, and 8 point stations, and 7 station modules
-Some improvements to the chat interface were done, including wrapping text, and an expanded in-station window. Also chat may be scrolled with the up and down arrow keys while in station
-Production has been changed to make mining more important, so that most all first-tier can be mined, and those first tier commodities will now be produced slightly less as well.
-An issue with ore being lost when disconnecting in space has been fixed
-Radar cycling has been reversed so that it 'zooms in' instead of zooms out
-Flashfires are now a single-use item
-A new commodity, the 'Trap', has been added to discourage piracy
-Large swarms of conflux will now spawn in the new map, and have a small chance of migrating out to TRI space. Players will receive shared experience rewards for helping to completely destroy a swarm
-Conflux will now spawn randomly in deep space, as well as near jumpgates upon jumping
-The command '/sq claim' has been added to allow squads to take control of sectors, and may also be used to dispute another squad's claim to that sector.
-The command '/publish' has been added to toggle whether your player station information shows up on JOSSH
-The rank requirement for the tow class of ships was dropped to 26, and the light miner class's rank requirement was dropped to 21
-An issue with defense droids attacking innocent players has been fixed

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2003 11:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

only one thing i care about: kicking "helpful" GM's off :help into :chat so the camping sychophants migrate out of HELP - course, it's always somebody else or the other server or or or...blah blah. fuck, just do it. (eu server's the same)
    they're all so completely ignorant of what exactly entails "help" and what entails lurking around to be the first to kiss GM arse
And as for the flux dumps and that myth of the "escort career" for noobs and miners just waiting to blossom? or that old tired line of, "well, look at the name for ep2"...lower the fuckin dumps in core sectors to ZERO and move the jellyfish to spawn in adjacent sectors to core. CAPICHE?!?!

P.S. thanks for the update, hickypoo. XOXOX

Change those two SIMPLE FUCKING THINGS and i guarrantee netdevil and mightygames might start growing their playerbase instead of the "school of hard knocks" BULLSHIT customer service they have now.
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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

Joined: 25 Oct 2001
Posts: 566
Location: The sticks!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 7:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Right now it seems that there are a ton of ol' timers coming back into JG:US. Good or bad is still debatable as all of them have to re-learn how to fly the ships that have changed. Everyone that was going for sol because it was uber are now quant.

I've seen GM_Khronos in :chat, and not sure if anyone is lurking in :help. Although the other day someone said they were hitting on a girl in :help...heh...what they don't know... insane <3 8P
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2003 10:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

well, keep up the good work!
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Test Pilot
Test Pilot

Joined: 25 Oct 2001
Posts: 566
Location: The sticks!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bump-time! wtg
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 7:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

well, for the first time in a long time (erm. ever) i actually think the game's worth pimping in other communities.
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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

Joined: 09 Feb 2002
Posts: 473
Location: Tripoint

PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 12:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fixes txt for patches 93-94...quite an impressive list, i must admit.
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Joined: 04 Jan 2003
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2004 3:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's because Istvan and the test pilots are incredibly committed to making things better. Muffy, you should come play more instead of talking to yourself here. :E
-- Ambros.
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