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foreshadowing: patch 84

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Chief WO4
Chief WO4

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2004 9:25 am    Post subject: foreshadowing: patch 84 Reply with quote

GM_Istvan wrote:
patch update
I want to give everyone a progress report on the upcoming 1.0084 patch, and in the meantime alert you to some issues.

First of all, I am pleased enough with the other things that are in this patch that I seriously considered releasing it without the item that was originally supposed to be the patch's main focus: missile changes. However, due to a bit of a breakthrough yesterday, I'm going to try to get the missile changes through another test cycle and release the patch next week, later than I hoped.

If I'm unhappy with the way the testing is going, I'll back out the missile changes from the test code and build the patch anyway, because the other stuff needs to get released.

Worthwhile stuff in this patch includes:
- All the hardpoint info I was asked for will now be visible in the Ship Config screen.
- A one-step method to clear your POS invite or ban lists is being added for convenience.
- The InSight glitch with arty retrieval was fixed.
- Beacon credit awards are going up a bit.
- The Travel Advisory widget in the map screen will be able to show sentient flux action zones, without kills needed.
- a bunch of other little things. As always, fixes.txt will have the complete list.

Now, the meat of this update: Either this coming patch, or the next one, missiles are going to change. I'm going to retain the general classification of missile types, but most individual missile stats are going to be radically different. First and foremost, missiles are going to be rather more accurate. Before the Octavians panic, let me say two things:
(1) I haven't given up yet on the infamous hitbox issue.
(2) Missiles are going to individually last a lot less time in flight, giving them less chance to score a hit.
I'm striving to improve the missiles' function while simultaneously making them more skill-driven. Missiles won't linger in flight forever like they do now: you will need to set up your shot and time it. Do that, and pick the right missiles for the job, and you'll probably have Tactical Pride coming out your ears. Randomly dispensing ordnance will be unlikely to generate damage, which is even true now. If your missile doesn't connect on the first or second pass, or if your target does some talented evasion, your missile will run out of life and stop being a hazard (and likewise stop being an object that everyone's client is trying to keep track of - shorter duration missiles should overall help framerates in combat). Missiles are generally going to get a lot faster. It will no longer be common for fast ships to be able to fly past their own missiles, with the possible exception of the big Nukes. I am also trying to put together a set of "pursuit" missiles, which should have a real chance of hitting if you are in a stern chase after a fleeing target - but your range can't be too long, since these missiles will still have a limited lifetime. I'm presently debating whether to include only selected missile changes in this patch, because I do not yet believe the full set of missile changes has been tested enough. I know I bit off an awful lot with missiles, but I'd really like to release all changes at once, rather than a piecemeal set that will make some missiles even more inferior for a while.

the CSx arty fix is in there.

Additionally, I have adjusted the Target Last Attacker function to include flux, which I know many people are eager to see in the game. That's in testing now. Target Last Aggressor will select the target that last landed a shot on your ship. It will no longer make exceptions between AI and players. I caution everyone who asks me for features or changes: Be careful what you ask for, you might get it. If this adjustment remains a problem after flux spawns are adjusted in upcoming patches, I'll consider changing it. Try not to flame me or each other about it until it's actually in the game and you all see how it works, eh?

This patch is already a full week late in my opinion, and I badly want to release it so I can get closure and move to other things on the agenda.

hooooo boy, i can just see the wynar syndrome babies start frothing at the mouth.

I am curious about that "flux spawn adjustment"...i pray to hamalzah he does what i've always asked since EP2 rose it's ugly head and fabled "n00b/miner escort career bonanza" pffffffft! (i'll probably jump right back in the game if core sectors had zero spawn period and adjacent sectors got jellies only)
    *sigh* oh well, was fun to fantasize for the time it took to post that. hmph! it'll never happen.
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