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What passes for Pirate RP

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2003 4:54 pm    Post subject: What passes for Pirate RP Reply with quote

here's a funny attempt at *IC justification* for griefing:

Space Sabre wrote:
If I was going to use the Pirate tool against a Trader.

1st i would ask him. " Do you have any Traps"

If The Reply = "No". i will say " well you better Fecking Hope so, because if I die you wont be able to launch with out me being there to send you back home in a POD."

This might sound a little forward, but hell, when were Pirates ever nice in RL?

If the trader is honest and says yes i do, i would ...

1) Demand the trader to fly to the Nearest Unreg sector and pay a PoD.

2) Give the trader a quick F4 expalining all this hassel could end right now if a transfer of money is made right now.

3) Leave the Trader alone, grumbling about the fact he had Traps. (not likely)

4) Kill the Trader on the spot for making my life difficult and wasting 5 mins of my time.

Or kinda summit like that.

Traders who carry Traps beware!

Launching with a Trap is just as bad as flying HG and hunting us down.

Youve seen what happens in the past to Pilots who try hunting pirates down.

for people who are still not sure. Look at Vortex's deaths, or maybe ask him how many times hes been cived.

yeah, see

no1 likes them. carry a trap and you wont be given a second chance next time.

Traps will Kill you !

notice how said big-bad-ass-pirate spaces his paragraphs to make himself look bigger...that's about the closest he get's to RP "subtlety" or anything else remotely approaching a sliver of Roleplay (OOC/IC)

looks to me like said pirate has no freakin clue how to play the game other than nitpicking the game engine and sucking up to the MightyGame team who play real fast and loose with their supposedly "ironclad" RoC.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2003 5:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ahahahah omg funn33333333!!!!!

DP_Raiderr wrote:
I read most of this accept for muffy rant.

You have to be joken me right??

You want me to watch my wingman go up in a ball of flames to a TOW!! and not react and kill him? What good is a wingman then?? Why even bother flying with someone who cant even protect you??

TRAPS are a wingame for traders as someone said. If you claim them to be for defence only your mad. You carry them to protect your self from a huge loss. They are a weapon emploied to kill a danger to your ship. You know that if a pirate steals from got a chance to kill him. You carry them just for that kill the one stealing from you. This is a an offencive action. You have the intent to blow someone up. You want to be safe and the traps are your safty net. Nothing against that..all the power to you. But why are the pirates always the ones to take the huge risk?? Why must we always suffer the biggest loss?? Why should we have to watch our wingman die to a ship that normaly couldnt kill a fly. Traders know the risk of carryn traps..carry them and get might die. Pirates know the risk of stealing from someone with traps. Grab the wrong unit and die.

Tactics are used in this game to force others to do things they wouldnt normaly do. Traders use the tactic of traps to defend their cargo..and to make pirates think before stealing. NOW why can pirates not use the tactic..carry traps and we will kill you if our wingman dies. This would lower the amount of traders carrying traps...and would lower the amount of people dieing because said pirate was killed by trap. A suggestion to pirates out there...maybe if a trader claims to have no dont steal more then a set number of units. Say maybe 3 units. Not much..but lets face it... 3 free units with no risk..compared to 10 units of sweating your bollocks off waiting for the trap to kill u. As a pirate I have always worked with the sense that if a trader is willing to pay..he should be treated nice..and not steal to much from him because its not worth him to pay you. Fair is fair. You cant say traders are allowed to be free of punishment for killing your wingman..that goes against everything this game stands well as what squads stand for..a squad mate dies..for what ever should beable to avenge his death. Anything else makes squads pointless.

Leader of The Dark Path
The Dark One

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