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JGRot v1.32 Now Available!

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EU Advisor
EU Advisor

Joined: 20 Apr 2002
Posts: 5
Location: Orlando, Fl

PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 3:23 am    Post subject: JGRot v1.32 Now Available! Reply with quote

Mogar wrote:
JGRot is a free tool for miners and arti-hunters. It will provide Rotacol and Market Data to your onboard ship display (in-game), using the command line. You can set up your 'roid positions, artifact search patterns, log text from the command line, and even look for actual pricing on commodities and equipment. What makes this program really unique, is that you can retrieve all ‘roid positions from the database and access them in-game with just a few keystrokes.

Try it out. You can download JGRot exclusively at <a href="">URL</a>

The JGRot forum is located on "Quorx's Jumpgate Artifact Search Patterns" web site at <a href="">URL</a>. Let us now what you think.
JGRot the ingame tool that provides Rotacol and Market Data to your onboard ship display using the comm line interface has been upgraded.

New features in v1.31 include:
* Implimented "ini" configuration using "JGRot.ini". This eliminates "JGrotURL.dat", "JGRotCmd.dat" & "JGRotData.dat" files.
* Rotacol data can now be kept in individual ".dat" files. No need to combine data into one "JGRotData.dat" file.
* Added the commands to load rotacol ".dat" files individualy or grouped from in-game. Also default load rotacol data files are defined in the JGRot.ini
* Added function key macros. Configurable in JGRot.ini or in-game. Pressing F1 thru F12 while <ScollLock> is down fires the macro.
* Enhanced logging feature. Now able to log all typed or selected text to the log file. Added in-game commands to enable and disable logging.

Visit to download JGRot.
Visit the JGRot forum hosted by Quorx's Jumpgate Artifact Search Patterns
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2002 4:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mogar wrote:
JGRot V1.32 - Market Patch:
For those of you who experience the blue screen when JGRot attempted to download the market data, my sincerest apologies. :( Blue is a windows programmer's worst nightmare.

I have corrected the problem in Version 1.32 . Please read the V1.32 Patch thread at the Forum for details.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2002 11:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ND general forum thread [reference0028]
version 2.0 released. looks like a TONNE of new features and bug fixes. wow.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 3:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
The best artifact search pattern index i've ever seen. wow. (apparently jgrot comes equipped with this. not sure though. read link)
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EU Advisor
EU Advisor

Joined: 20 Apr 2002
Posts: 5
Location: Orlando, Fl

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 4:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This post explains how to use Quorx's Search pattern generator and add them to JGRot:
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2002 4:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mogar wrote:
We have found a discrepancy in the 'roid database file's header information which was being incorrectly handled by JGRot.

The header information has been corrected.

If you are experiencing a problem during the 'roid database update, you will need to shutdown JGRot, delete the JGROT.INI file and then startup JGRot again.

There is NO need to download/install JGRot again.

Thanks and sorry for the hassle,
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2002 12:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

JGrot for Dummies
Gohlem wrote:
Well as I like this program a lot and tend to teach people how to use it in a rapid course I decided to write this.

First thing is first. You need JGrot. Click the link and download the program.

To swap between roid data and market data press F11 You can tell what are looking at in the case you do not know by pressing home or end. Then press f11 to switch to the data you wish to look at.

Part one Roid locations.

You need a rotacol so you can see the rotacol points JGrot generates. Now that you have a Rotacol continue on.

Press and hold the Scroll Lock key then press Insert or Delete to choose a faction space. For this Demo choose Quantar.

Now to select a sector in that faction's space just press Insert or Delete to cycle through the sectors. Select Quantar Core for this demo.

Now is the easy part press Home or End to select the roid type you are looking for. Select Ice.

You should have something that looks like this.
/rotacol -121.4 3.8 82.7 ice small <3> DFLR xxxx
What does all that mean?

/rotacol -121.4 3.8. 82.7 is the rotacol command /rotacol x.x y.y z.z

Ice is the type of roid you are looking at. Ice, Common, Radioactive, Precious Metal, Semifluxor or Custom. (Custom are roids that are hollow)

Small is the size of the roid and how many units you can mine total. Chip(~2) Small(~4) Medium(~11) Big(~22)

<3> Is the number of the roid as it was entered into the database.

DFLR is Distance From Last Rotacol. Really useful if you are at the current Rotacol point as you will be able to tell at the flick of a button how far away you are from any given roid.

That is the roid side in a nutshell. Should you find some new roids that JGrot does not have add them to's Roid database. and help out other pilots.

Part 2 Marketing Data

Ok first off you need to select your server on the main screen for JGrot. US in this case. Then Under Market check Enable update.

This works much in the same way that the Roid data worked.

Press Scroll lock and Insert or Delete to Select a catagory of item. For this demo look at Mod-x.

Insert and Delete Control what item you are looking at. Select Displacer for this demo.

Home and End will swap the stations. Lets see how many Displacers are in Outpost station shall we. So cycle until you see Outpost station.

You should have something like this / 100 Displacers at Outpost station, 14832c each

100 Displacers is how many that station has of that item.
at The Outpost is the station you are looking at.
14832c Is the current cost of that item at that station.

There you go. now have the cost and number of Displacers at Outpost station.

This is very usefull when selecting a cargo mission. You can see if a station is in more need of one item then another and if these items would be profitable to transport. Please remember only to take commodites and equipment from producing stations. Too see what a station should produce click on the station you wish to look at.

Solrain Core

Solrain Wake

Solrain Cornea

Octavius Core

Octavius Great Pillars

Octavius Outpost

Quantar Core

Quantar Tripoint

Quantar Corridor



Lothars Landing

Evenings end


Klatsches Hold

Part 3 Artifact Hunting.

Ok Please goto the following site. Quorx's Jumpgate Artefact Searchpattern Click Search Pattern generator on the left.

At the top you will see it ask for Server, radar, and number of pilots. Select the EU server and radar range you need.
(note even though it says 21600 for radar as far as I know I have never seen any patterns for size 1 radar. Please select 35k or higher) After you have select that information press submit.

Now all you need to download is the .dat file. I would have provided direct links to the patterns but I thought that would have been rude of me. Click where it says Download JGRot .dat file with all Patterns to get the .dat file.

Place the .dat file you just downloaded in to C:\Program files\JGrot\Data.

On JGrot select Rotacol on the tabs at the top. You should see three boxes. The left one is all the patterns and roid loctions in the data folder. The middle one is for the roid data. The right one is for search patterns.

Drag the pattern you just downloaded to the box on the right. Now press save. You have just loaded the patterns.

Now here we. To Hunt Artifacts you need a Rotacol, Displacer and an Insight. Artifacts appear as a yellow blimp on the radar. When they are targeted they will display as wreckage.

To swap between Roid and Search pattern while in game type //loadroid for roids and //loadarti for Artifacts.

Type //loadarti to load the search patterns up. Press f11 if you are looking at market data when you press home. This will swap the program over to the roid/arty data.

Scroll lock and Insert or Delete to cycle between the patterns. It will say / 14 point - 1 pilots - 35k radar

Points are the number of rotacols points that the pattern has. The more points the more ground you will cover and less of a change of missing an artifact. The fewer points the faster the pattern but more of a chance of missing the Artifact.

Pilots This is for how many pilots are looking. Artifact hunting is great with 4-6 people any more and you will have to much down time as the artifacts are found. Any fewer and the patterns take a long time. So if you are going out arty hunting ask around if anyone wants to join you. Chances are at least someone will. Artifact hunting is much like mining. Much better in a group as you have others to talk to while you are doing it.

Radar This is the radar size of the data you are looking at.

Insert or Delete Will now select the pilot number. If you selected a one man pattern then it will only show a 1. If you selected 2 or more then it shows the pilot number. When artifact hunting in a group have each pilot take a number to follow that pattern. One way of doing this is by going with the order that people have arrived in sector. First is pilot 1. Second is piot 2. Ect..

Home or End will now give you /rotacol loactions. It will show like this /rotacol x.x y.y z.z Pilot 1 leg 1

/rotacol is the roactol command.

pilot 1 is the pilot of that pattern you have select.

Leg 1 is the point you are heading towards. With these patterns just keep going as they are never ending.

That's all there is to the basics of JGrot. The program has more features but I just showed you the basics for now. I will soon write part two that will deal with the other aspects of this amazing program. Such as Adding 12 more Macro keys. The ability to add an item to a market watch to keep better tabs on it. Taking screen shots, The log feature and uses of it.The list goes on and on.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 1:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Leuphan wrote:
Remapping JGRot
Simple quesiton: How do you remap the keys used by JGRot? I was complaining in :help about not being able to use JGRot because my laptop uses a function key to make keys like scroll lock and the number pad usable (to save space on the deck). But when the function key is pressed, all normal key strokes aren't registared. (Like say I wanted to change the Faction Space on JGRot in-game...normal key stokes would be holding SkrlLock and pressing Home or End.....but for me to hit the scroll lock button i need to press the function key...thus making home or end unusable).................what i'm getting at is that i wanna change the use of the scroll lock button to something else that isn't used by JG, but JGRot can hook. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Gohlem wrote:
Sorry, you can't remap. But, never fear, Gohlem is here. I have a work around, here. Download the file and unzip it into c:/program files/JGrot/Data. I split myrotacol.dat in to the factions themselves. Now if I did it right you should be able to use //load and home and end to load the sector of space you want.
    example //load quan.dat
Then use the insert, delete, home and end keys as normal. A little time comsuming but it should work. The downside is they won't autoupdate so about once a week you should cut and paste the new data from myrotacol.dat into the .dat files. that should do it.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 7:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

miquant wrote:
*cough* Did I mention Mr. Mogar's newest creation ?

JGRot Addon: POS_Inventory


You need to upgrade JGRotPro with an "interims release", tho:


These links directly download from the myR boards. Please try again, if not available. Check the boards for informations aswell.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 5:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mr.Condescension wrote:
Ophistes had a programm on his CAPAC page that added roid information into a pseudo-3-dimensional map - looking all pretty and stuff and giving you a 'wheres what' picture of a sector, including stations and all in 3 dimensional space instead of on a spreadsheet. I just wondered if someone got a copy of that, it would really be a shame to waste - I think the versions he used didn't even include all the MyRotacol information - and the 2 would make quite an obvious couple, information and presentation


Or a good example, Tictacs Hook.

never pimped that myself. he had the orientation all screwed to hell and back (not to mention no option to "roll")
    i had detailed orientation data somewhere and was working on it (among other things) when i quit and all work halted
mogar wrote:
Those interactive maps are really nice. The myRotacol database is public and available for anyone to use. So, all it would take for the myRotacol db to make it into the mapping project is someone willing to spend the time transferring the data.

I don't think I could ever get JGRotPro to display anything so nice. Nor have the interactive ability seen in those maps. Maybe some 2d maps viewed from a few different angles might be possible, but I'm not sure that would be very useful.

As far as being able to plot a coarse for 'roid mining, I do plan on trying to integrate Miquant's Sector Mining Tour Planner (SMTP) into a JGRotPro Addon. (SMTP) plots a coarse to all the 'roids you want to mine in a sector, the coarse is computed to keep the overall distance traveled to a minimum. Take a look at the link for more info.
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