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Easter Eggs & unintended features

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2003 8:10 am    Post subject: Easter Eggs & unintended features Reply with quote

Reki wrote:
heres some definitions for you:

Wolfpack = corvwall (corvettes in an aggressive wall with support units following, continually supporting) - not sure why its on this list really, nobody has ever called it an exploit.

Kami Collector = Just what it says, a kamikazi collector. Again, not sure why its on this list. The kamikazi command is there for a reason.

MS ramming = Using the Mothership to ram other ships.

BattleBall/DeathBall = A group of fighters (scouts, ints, bombers) set to aggressive sphere formation and given the command to guard another unit/group of units. They form into a rapidly firing ball and can be extremely deadly against capital ships.

Hybrid scouts = scouts on evasive which have been given the command to kamikazi into another group of scouts - when you press z, they wobble and switch targets very aggressively whilst pushing the opponent scouts from behind, following them closely whilst firing. Not to be confused with kami-scouts, which have no z (speed burst) added.

Probe bombing = Sending a kushan probe and scuttling it when it reaches a group of fighters - the blast radius from the kush probe is such that it can cause alot of damage.

Research Ramming = Ramming cap ships with your research ship to kill, damage them.

Evil Scouts = Using a combination of fast formation switching and speed burst on aggressive (usually using f10 as a base formation), the scouts go wobbly and become very difficult to hit. It takes alot of fast key mashing to get going, but is very effective. The counter to ES is hybrid scouts.

Collector racing = Takes good timing to get right, but by giving a collector the force attack command to kamikazi into one of your scouts when you give the scout the command to move, you can get the collector to move across the map at the same speed as the scout.

One that is missing is resusable probes: If you assign a group number to a probe and then move it, you can then go into sensors manager, select the group number and move it again from within sensors manager.

everyone thinks Hybrid Scouts, Evil Scouts, Collector racing and Reusable probes are exploits frowned upon in Multiplayer.
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