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US server RP being kickstarted by new GM?

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2003 8:12 pm    Post subject: US server RP being kickstarted by new GM? Reply with quote

lurking on jossh forums inspired me to peek at jossh itself which seems to be hopping. news articles jammed packed with recent stories;

...but, funny enough, i just started snoozing.

roheryn wrote:
hmmm I undertand your frustration ELPIRATA, and I applaud your dedication.

I think the biggest problem is the sheer amount of fm's that were released with ep2. I like the rp of helping develop the equipment that we use...but the way we have to do it is excruciating....I mean we can only sell 50 units at a time when we can carry 750....why? I worked on a lot of the fm's in ep2, but I just don't care enough anymore it seems. It is sad to admit this but yeesh. I am not gonna spend every night for a week flying a mindless circle. Quite frankly it feels like playing paddleball (you know the one where the ball is attatched to the paddle with a rubber band) it is pleasently mind numbing at first and then you just put it down and forget about it. The fact is I am having more fun playing JG than I have had in a long time and running back and forth from aman to whatever is the closest station or any other for that matter isn't what is causing that.

My point is the mechanics of FM's are to blame far more than the community. For example look at the progress of the TRI Fluxing mission. that accomplishes nothing perceivable (to my knowledge) but it is progressing quickly, why? Because a lot of people enjoy killing flux....and you can do it on the way to other things. You know if I could contribute a tow or freighter load at a time to the furthering of any FM I would be willing to do it once or twice but I am not gonna spend 4 hours running back and forth so I can sell 50 units of material that is already at the station we are supposed to take it to for .001% of a faction mission to be complete.

Fix that little aspect of FM's and I would be much more likely to participate. I can't speak for the rest of the community only myself. I wish I had the kind of commitment you do to finishing these things but I would rather pull my toe nails out.

Of course give me an IC reason to participate and i am....hell i thought of one: someone has to protect the haulers on their way. Maybe the borg will show up and give me somethign to shoot at....Now all I need is for runners to request our help.

Now IC

if any pilots want escort to and from the Amananth station through the currently dangerous unregulated space lanes, TRI Marshals would be more than happy to assist you.

(ANd I may even take an FM while I am at it)

*sigh* funny and sad at the same time how the major issue/complaint seems to be "time" and not "consistency" and "continuity"...To me, the FMs&storylines all seem pointlessly random and flung together on the fly without any rhyme nor reason (except to reflect current patch status which has a priority set backasswards)...Even leaving aside ND issues nothing seems to have come of all the "backstory" since TG came on board. To sum it up real quick in a 'soundbite' I really think it's become a "cult of personality"...which is a neat thought and i'll have to go search google to find out what the hell that term actually means beyond the 'soundbite'
google hmmmm...that did more to confuse than explain. So WTF okay, the thing that always bugged me was that all these NPCs that are supposed to flesh out the storylilne have remained talking heads. (either that or i'm blind) Also that the talking head syndrome hasn't done what it's supposed to do: to create a "backstory" as we go along. (history in the making)
  • how about, Tache Uzelin? What do we know about his motivations? his contacts? his profession? background? attitude? after all these years you'd think both servers would have some sort of idea who the fuck this twat is.
  • how about, Cruentus Legio Wars? Where's the backstory on that? how about more recent stuff? poGBS? EEA? How many remember that stuff? alot i'll bet. Now, who can tell me what was happening to OFFICIAL storyline at the time of those two events? anyone? nope? thought not.
  • how about even more factional stuff? how about Hyperial and Amananth intrigue? Can anyone describe the storyline beyond wondering why the hell do soap operas have more meat than JG? Seriously, give me a break! When's the last time a recent storyline about faction dynamics gave you an insight into a past event? well, i'm about visa-versa?...i'm waiiiiiiiting
  • how about that circuit judge stuff? is it keeping an ear to the ground or are they still making shit up and ignoring real issues like they did when it first appeared? (anyone remember that old hissyfit over the displacer theft during the displacer CP disabling? anyone a bit curious as to why TG twiddled their thumbs?)
  • how about the stock market stuff GM_Moll is so proud of? revealing anything beyond she read 'The Joy of Beancounting'?
  • christ. sure there's alot going on and we could all applaud TG for the magnificent job on the guinea pig wheel...going no where real fast and dedicated. man, i'm impressed my nephew's pet can do that for days. really. course, seeing humans call that progress when the do it themselves makes me puke.

    disclaimer: i am certainly aware there's no "endgame" cutscene in a MMOG, damnit
it's ironic that TG says one thing and ND does another with the patches. Now, i know MG has their own "storyline" (which is equally bunk) but one can see the abstract FUBAR nature of having a storyline dependent on patches - patches dictated more by elitist prick whims than a concerted effort to encourage the "willing" part of "willing suspension of disbelief"
    i'm not saying the opposite is true though. (patches dependent on storyline) more like more like, what patch priorities would reinforce the "willing" part of suspension of disbelief and attract and retain more people than the "cult of personality" munchkins ND seems to have attracted like flies to shit?...more like, what storyline priorities would reinforce the "willing" part? By that i mean, the continuity references to past being able to reference things and create our own 'soundbites' that would be unique to JG. When's the last time you said, "oh, so and so did a hyperial"? (you can't because it's all abstracted and a faction's description is so divorced from storyline - and inspiration from community goingson (not talking about OOC feedback) -- AND EVEN ROUTINE GAME ENGINE MISSION TEMPLATE -- that even a faction's background is open for raucous debate on the forums)...raucous debate about how distinctions are moot or not is simply goddamned moot, not good. Arguing how one faction isn't the warrior race when other's do it just as well is a completely ridiculous and moot subject because the official storyline is so divorced from official descriptions and "making history as we go" hasn't proven it's promise.

    and i wasn't promised a fucking soap opera
blah blah...hmmmm...might be something in looking at the comparisons and contrasts between "cult of personality" and "willing suspension of disbelief"

curiouser and curiouser

:headbang: this is actually getting annoying as i search brainlessly retarded sites dedicated to 'explaining' "cult of personality"...give me a break, i'd LOVE to find someone who's eloquent enough to describe how 'Leadership' needs 'Accountability' (in a context of the cult of personality being the lack thereof) but everything i've read so far is total CRAP. It's annoying because i'm spending all my time defining the issue when i'd love to waste time pondering how to create a solution for JumpGate's FUBAR "willing suspension of disbelief"

*sigh* let's chuck all this 'soundbite' bullshit aside. The core issue is how to prioritize patches into more meaningful stuff that would enhance the community's hopes for JumpGate's potential, but that would only be shot down as "oh, muffy just wants his game and he doesn't know what's really needed"...And that's a problem. a major one. Just look at that TP roster for an example of how little idea ND has about recruiting decent players. hell, the EP should have been the TP. You know, people dedicated to helping n00bs and are willing to cooperate (unlike me) with TG's community service paradigm should be the one's they turn to for advice, and not the munchkin fuckwits who have "conflict of interest" plastered all over their foreheads.
    and the ridiculous thing is that the favorite flame trolls shoot my ideas down with is that i'm condescending n00bs. as though i'm mullycoddling them. uh huh. 'school of hard knocks' is the "cult of personality" of jumpgate. funny how it's been THE reason for the complete lack of "willing suspension of disbelief" in favor of, "love it or fuck off"
Look, when one gets down to brass tacks, JumpGate has been crippled with self-serving agendas from the "cult of personality" types who think 'Leadership' and 'Accountability' = disconnect to the point where basic day to day enjoyment of the game has been overlooked when it comes to patching in THE NEW TOY (the fact the storyline is just talking heads heralding in the patch just released is symptomatic)
    raise your hands anyone who thinks a manta addition to the flux simulator is more important than the new toys being FM'd?
oh, and speaking of current FMs, how about that TRI mission on the US server. anyone here really believe the GMs would tone down the aweful flux spawn rates near core stations after it's completed? nope. not me...You know, if ND hadn't have eliminated flux spawns ALTOGETHER near quantar core station (jan 2001) i'd have never, EVER, have even started to enjoy this game. Maybe it's just me, but having the PvE option shoved down my fucking throat while i'm enjoying snuffling around a sector near my core station is anethema. Bet you dollars to donuts those fucking moron GMs haven't even gotten the damn 'Flux spawn' tools from ND yet, and once they do they'll have no goddamned clue beyond, "oh, but flux spawns will encourage the 'escort' career and n00bs just need to ask...besides more flux = more cooperation" (ie. no fucking clue)
    anyone else mystified by the GM stupidity levels? personally, i'd reregister on US server if they'd eliminate flux spawns in core sectors altogether and have jellyfish exclusively spawn in adjacent sectors to core stations. But, that won't happen because - dollars to donuts - that TRI FM only heralds some form of progress along the "ND is still working on that custom flux tools for GMs"...or, more likely, that TRI FM is focused on a single sector (probably some bullshit storyline about pulsar or somesuch)
offtopic unfortunately, there's so many agenda-ridden shit that just ruins the game. Like keeping /give after the thief tool was coded (btw, don't know whether it's actually in play yet)...oh, and how about the massive promise (bullshit) given to me by Scorch about mission improvements. I mean, they take an idea that is tuned to small changes that would jury-rig an IMPROVEMENT and poo-poo it by saying they have something in the pipe that's even better. But, are they sincere? no. not ever. not once have i seen them not use that same bullshit, "we've got something better in the pipe" every goddamned time like a broken record about any reasonable suggestion under the sun that might help improve this game. (after many many moons i realized ND has this idea we're all a bunch of know-it-all one-up-manship whiners who're addicted to their narcissistic game)
    the hypocrisy is what made me puke...sure, i'm arrogant and condescending, but then so is 100% of the human race, damnit...hell, even Mother Teresa was probably a bitch at times. But, what bugs me is ND (and TG/MG) attitude that just reeks of "cult of personality"
irony how G.W.Bush replaced "mayday" with "loyaltyday" an international worker's holiday to celebrate US labour union victory against oppression many hundreds of years ago can be so whitewashed out of history that a US president can replace a mysterious holiday with what amounts to a "bleet"

irony indeed when we realize that 'Choice' in this game called JumpGate amounts to little more than "love it or fuck off" to the point where even hardcore PvP players become so nerfed off the face of the planet they become more divorced from the game than a rank n00b, despite all the patch priorities being focused on the former. (go figure; chaos theory anyone?)
    no. better description would be 'Game Theory'. anyone read up on the "Prisoner's Dilemma"? fine state of affairs that is when compared to JG, eh?
ontopic *shrug* I want to know where the new hotspots are after POS changed the dynamic of squad warfare; I want to know who the NPCs are - their raison d'etre; I want to see storyline opportunies picked up by ThemisGroup/MightyGames from spontaneous stuff that hits a nerve in the community...stuff that can build on a faction(s)' backhistory as it pertains the conjunction of gameengine/community/officialevents; I want to see the GMs realize that routine mundane noncombat stuff really is rewarding in an exploratory way for folks wanting backdrop and atmosphere that doesn't attempt to bite them on the arse; i want to see official storyline developing around the GAME ENGINE route mission templates and focus on why some are less popular than others; I want to see official storyline/events as the bridge between the developers and the community (and not rely on the damned forum moot sessions); I want to see my hopes and fears for JumpGate be defined through official storyline; Finally, i want to see Faction Missions be something more than, OMG NEW PATCH ENABLING! something that reinforces current storyline arcs intermixed with patch enabling - those storylines being tweaked in factional distinctive directions not by having a ruleset forced on players, but playerevents being described in such a way as to SPOT the faction nurture those traits that are common among a faction's pilots that stand out as factionally distinct...traits that the players exhibit. (not the damn jossh blurbs) GM_Moll isn't blind, unfortunately i doubt the game engine state of nerfage would allow her to see more than squad hissyfits.

on that point, can anyone answer me whether or not the twats in charge of FM coding have fixed it so that FM commods don't reappear? that's another thing contributing to me staying away from this game (beyond /give and flux spawn stupidity among other stuff that's been neglected since beta6 in favour of OMFG NEW PVP TOY)

hey, you know what's really funny? reading bullshit like this. don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining you whores.
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