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New Pirate Registry and other things in next patch

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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2003 2:24 pm    Post subject: New Pirate Registry and other things in next patch Reply with quote

Hello Everyone,

As we approach the end of the week we are wrapping up a series of fixes into a patch that is planned to go live on Monday the 26th. Included in this next patch are bug fixes to player station docking permissions functions (mostly related to squad mode), fixes related to bounty problems (will be documented in fixes.txt), some armor related bugs have been fixed, and other miscellaneous fixes related to the radar as well as many minor fixes I can't recall of the top of my head.

Along with these fixes we have added a couple new features/changes:

*A slash command for player station owners which will return a list of all of your custom prices and how many free price slots you have. Along with that a bug which causes multiple entries of the same type of item into your custom price list has been fixed with this next patch.
*Market modules will be upgraded to be worth 500 units of floor space instead of the current limit of 200. (I can't comment on any storage changes yet, we're still discussing this amongst ourselves).
*Some minor improvements to the rendering code which will very slightly improve rendering speed. While this step will be subtle, framerate increase and graphics enhancements are an ongoing priority for us.
*Squadmates will be allowed to 'steal' cargo from squadmates without incurring any penalties.

*Cargo traps will strip almost all of the armor and shields from a ship instead of instantly destroying the ship completly.After discussing this some more with players we have decided to put off going with this change indefinately.

Now for what we at the office here are so excited about right now, a new pirate registry. Between the 26-30th of this month we are planning on having the pirate registry go live. This will basicly allow players who wish to play as pirates the ability to steal cargo without incurring a PR hit below 0 (but you lose all of your PR points down to 0 when you switch to pirate registry), however non-pirate players will be able to freely attack players using the pirate registry. Along with that ability, we have plans to add a handful of other special pirating features, some which will be 'secrets' for players to find and others which we will announce as they near completion.
You can expect to see additional information regarding the pirate registry posted here next week as we begin to roll some of these features out.

I'm being rushed out the door as I write this so I'll have to wrap it up, but I will be updating you all on these and other upcoming plans as frequently as I can.

See you in the game!


And Istvan's reply:
Although Josh posted above our intention to patch on Monday, Scorch just reminded us that Monday is a federal holiday in the U.S. and that the Netdevil office will be closed.

I will ask Josh if he still intends for us to come into the office to test and build the current (1.0071) patch, which is close to completion. However, it might be prudent to expect this next patch late on Tuesday, and push back slightly the relevant dates for the upcoming "Pirate Patch".

Thanks for playing!
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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2003 4:31 pm    Post subject: Re: New Pirate Registry and other things in next patch Reply with quote

market modules giving 500 space. oh thank god for sanity! But, i nearly had a coronary while reading that cargo traps "rethink"...pirate registry? Blink blink. someone pinch me because we still have no "self-defense" and we still have /give...

NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT was good for monty python, but is this the gong show? no. I'm not excited about this - i'm downright skeptical.

Personally, if it was me, pirate would be the only ones capable of USING the burglar (not to mention bombs would be never nerfed and /give would be history)
    but enough of this crap; where the flying fuck is squad war tools?!!?!? excuse me for living, but piracy played 2nd fiddle to squad battles any day of the week...
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