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BestProfitCalculator now integral comm line command

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2003 11:47 pm    Post subject: BestProfitCalculator now integral comm line command Reply with quote

GM_Istvan wrote:
The new /profit command is for selecting TRI station runs only. It will not include POS inventories at this time.

It does take tax into account, using real-time information at the time you issue the command to CargoNET. Note carefully: beacon changes and other production and hauling events that occur while you are in-flight with your cargo are not - and cannot be - taken into account.

I would like to hope that by making high-profit cargo run selection more easily accessible to the casual player, more people might decide regular cargo runs are more fun and useful than farming to generate money. Certainly, making repeated flights to rack up the cash has to be more interesting than sitting around in-station for a few hours, waiting.

I'll discuss the mass and destination options with Josh. The command is about as complex to use right now as we probably want it to be, though. The external calculators have long represented a good idea for functionality that the game has needed, and I'm excited that Josh was able to integrate the concept into the game code.

Other efforts to adjust and support the game economy are still in the works for the future.

*shrug* since i ain't playing the game anymore i can't comment on the utility, though i can venture a guess that this will help alot of folks realize how non-gardening JumpGate really is. (or should i say, how lousy the micromanagement concept is)
    think alot more folks will realize how closely the economy matches "Freelancer"...speaking of Freelancer you can escort a convoy but you can't see them at the bar, they come and go with the same cargo both ways and the price listings don't reflect whether or not the convoy reaches it's bogus destination...and you certainly can't randomly meet and team up with a convoy in the bar. That is, unless you want to listen to cheesy dialogue ad nauseum..."oh yer new here aren't you? well, we don't run the place but we have an understanding with TRI. Twiddle yer thumbs for awhile then join us in a farming convoy"
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