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social commentary on recent events (US server)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2003 4:05 am    Post subject: social commentary on recent events (US server) Reply with quote

hey folks! i know alot of you are a bit demoralized at the recent flame fests and RP highjinks of late. i'm just going to take some time to post my thoughts on insights i've gained while attempting to find some redeeming points to all this pathetic whinging.

Now some folks, with problems differing OOC/IC**, seem to focus too much on their own personal opinions and facts and perceptions and ignore their own ignorance stemming from this microfocus...for the focus causes an ignorance of what the community consensus is regarding their opinions' utility.

let me say that another way: Doplganger's and ISU's ability to contribute to JumpGate's community (regardless of their oftboasted charitable contributions of nonpersistent and haphazard nature) is one of conflict for conflicts sake. which is, if one looks at the definitions, pure griefing.

Ridgeway himself has come under UMEC classified scrutiny many a time over suspicions his motives are far from charitable and hardly in the best interests of JumpGate's community...Doplganger & clones have been publically lambasted by =MACK= leadership to the same tune. These peoples' redeeming attributes and ability to add to everyone's enjoyment of JumpGate is sadly outweighed by the one fact they seem to ignore even while boasting about their multiple accounts: more people have left directly because of folk like these than could ever possibly be counteracted by their much bragged about 2nd accounts.
    though, please understand that these are just two of many folk like them that have managed to weedle their way into prominence by exploiting the game engine and claiming it's "the way it was meant"...this prejudice against community consensus has in itself become what NetDevil see's as a fair "representation" of JumpGate's clientelle. (you'll note the circular logic beginning at ND and circling back on itself...not healthy)

    That's the main reason i refused to join the TP/EP program, and it's also the main reason i loathe f5:help*** for the f5:chat it's always been. (for those of you not in Beta, this has been the culture since beta6 began)
so...since we can't very well ban these fools without banning scores more...what Utility is ThemisGroup and NetDevil making of these pair of fools? well, to tell you the truth, in this culture of "vigilantism, farming and quake in space" it's only practical to applaud TG's recent attempt at Dynamic Real Content, because otherwise there's nothing much to go on...what i mean to say is that it's better for TG to experiment and deliberately learn from a losing proposition than to ignore it. (happened before, it will happen again)
    personally, GM_Moll is doing the best she can with what seems to interest what's left of the playerbase...hopefully the attention given sparks insights and lessons learned by the community as well as the officials...insights and lessons that might help to turn the tide of despair many of us who've quit feel because of the direction patch priorites have always seemed to be biased towards.
*shrug* in conclusion, i hope that i can use what i've learned today to improve my understanding of IC/OOC.

references are
GM_Istvan (and comments directed at the llama's responses)
The GBS clone economic exploitation cum-storyline griefing
The Aman FF gear blockading exploitation cum-storyline griefing

**-Essays on OOC/IC insights
***-Essays on f5:help and JG's core problem
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