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Hugo-Rune's EP2 Mining Guide to POS' ore silo

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2003 7:07 pm    Post subject: Hugo-Rune's EP2 Mining Guide to POS' ore silo Reply with quote

Hugo-Rune wrote:

Right, after much swearing and getting blown up during Anarchy I have finally managed to make a full breakdown of the various ore types after processing in a POS ore silo and worked out how it works.

Selling Ore
You get standard station prices for selling ore of the various types, same as if you sold it at any of the Faction Stations

Processing Ore
Each of the ores processes down into a smaller amount of commodities.
Common Metals=44%
You receive NO money for processing ore, just commodities!!

Selling Commods on POS
The POS market only works with whole numbers, no decimals, so if you sell fractional amounts of commodities to your POS you receive the money equivalent value. Whole units are stored in your POS market and must be shipped off station to get rid of em.
e.g. Sell 2.5 units of Titanium = 2 units in POS market and approx 5000c cash. Depending on where you sell the commods you may make a small profit over selling the ore directly to make cash.

Roid Breakdowns
The following figures are quoted as a percentage of the ore processed. Each roid contains different amounts of each of the ores so you will need to work out what you get out of each roid on your own :D
e.g. if you process 100 units of Common Metals Ore you will get 7 Aliminium, 4 Barium, etc as outlined in the list below.

Common Metals Ore
Aluminium 7%
Barium 4%
Chromium 1%
Copper 2%
Iridium 2%
Iron 18%
Magnesium 3%
Molybendum 2%
Titanium 3%
Zinc 2%

Precious Metals Ore
Gold 3%
Palladium 5%
Platinum 1%
Silver 7%
Vanadium 2%

Semi-Fluxor Ore
Carbon 1%
Erbium 2%
Gallium 5%
Germanium 15%
Indium 2%
Phosphorous 2%
Silicon 20% (WOOHOO!!)

Radioactive Metals Ore
Cesium 4%
Plutonium 1%
Radium 2%
Uranium 8%

Ice Ore
Boron 3%
Cobalt 2%
Helium 1%
Lithium 5%
Nitrogen 1%
Water 60%
Xenon 1%

With Heavy Miners, making cash and supplying stations with tier 1 commods should not pose too much of a problem.

Happy rock licking everyone :D
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