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Ye Olde Diablo Dupe Cheat

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2003 5:17 pm    Post subject: Ye Olde Diablo Dupe Cheat Reply with quote

FS_mR_kAt wrote:
There is an arty hack program that duplicates arties in your inventory. (I traded someone an ab4 once and saw him make a copy of it before my eyes). I reported the hack to ND on the boards 4 or 5 months ago... I never got an official reply. I heard that the latest version of JG fixes that hack but I could be wrong. Even if that is so I bet there are hundreds of tows in EU full of ab4s and other arties left over from before the fix.
Patroklos wrote:
This hack was employed on the US server by a handful of TDP pilots. You ask em for an arti and 30 seconds later they'd have one for you. This of course stopped voluntarily after Savant's cheating ultimatum, so I'm not sure if it is still possible.

plus this thread has Luke's favorite conspiracy theory proof that MG is teh 3v1L
Luke wrote:
I said I can't be sure of the source of them long after Ira Dei was gone. At the time I was 100% positive they were provided by MG and that our roleplay was given by MG. Afterall we had IRC sessions with MG GM's about our roleplay and I remember our leader asking them for more arties (not sure about the response). It was my understanding that the whole thing was ran by MG (arties, free accounts, discussions with GMs). After Ira Dei was deactivated they denied everything hence my later statement that I couldn't be sure where they came from.

Sadly TDP still are fully artied a year later and they die all over the place. Having talked to some of them I find it hard to believe they were in on the duping thing or on what's going on now. However some of them are definitely cheating and it naturally puts the blame on innocent squad members. I guess if you fly with known cheaters and have results that seem improbable to achieve legaly you have to suffer the consequence and be declared a cheater yourself.

US arti hunters might get a kick out of Dark Paths leaders explanation of why they have so many arties: "2nd I hear it takes 10 hours with 4 pilots to pretty much get 1 full set each. DP members, my self included have been doing arty hunting group efforts." There you go folks 4 pilots, 10 hours and you have 4 sets of engines, shields, ab4's, cm4s and ab3s or eb3s. For those that don't know, they spawn the same on EU as US. Aint EU grand?
absol wrote:
this thread is so funny it hurts. there were a similar set of threads not so long ago. i honestly don't understand why there is the need to comment on these things so often. if you play on the US server, then great. if you play on the EU server, then cool too. who cares which one you think is 'the best'? isn't it obvious based on the one you play on?

ans Luke... congratulations on reacting like a total child. that's what i call spitting the dummy and it makes laugh so hard when i see it. you make accusations, the accused actually appears to say his piece and all you can respond with is "no, i am better and i killed you and your friends more often than me".

ah... i'm still wiping the tears from my eyes. thanks for the laughs.
Luma_Morod wrote:
Yep. Every time i read about EU on the US forum i get the feeling that either there is a lot going on in here that the average player isn't aware of, or those guys have a deep lust for conspiray theories.
Jammeth wrote:
Maybe the excessive artifacts can be solely attributed to those pilots that are killed but don't die (Yes, it does happen.). These pilots then return, not with a new arti-set, but with the same one they were killed with. Jade Falcon, for example, are reported to use this exploit and probably do use it. In addition, it seems feasible that some players are using a type of 'infinite radar' hack to arti-hunt.

I sure love my olde reply to this whole thing. lol
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